AMC Update Thursday 1/21/10

All My Children Update Thursday 1/21/10


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is dreaming of kissing Greenlee. Ryan awakens and Erica is walking around in his living room dressed in his shirt with heels on. Erica goes upstairs to dress then Annie arrive with Emma. Ryan runs to the door as he recognize Emma’s knock. Annie notices that Ryan’s table was set for two. She asks about his guest, and he tells her that whom he sees is none of her business. Annie finally leaves, then Erica comes downstairs and tell him that she thought that Annie would never leave. Ryan starts to remember Greenlee when she gave him his coffee cup with the heart on it. He is using the cup for coffee now.

Annie is at the Chandler mansion and she asks Scott about Adam. Scott tells her that he does not know where Adam is. Annie is taking Emma to be with her dad, Ryan. JR runs into Adam at Confusion; Colby arrive and JR and she leave and go to the bar. Adam’s lawyer, Barry is at Confusion; Colby is concerned when she sees him. JR tells her that he does not care what Adam is up to, but Colby is concerned about her father’s estate. Adam signs papers. Annie finds Adam at Confusion, and tries to find out why he is meeting with his lawyer. Adam tells Annie that he is making changes to his estate. Annie wants to know why he is so secretive. Adam wants Annie to plan a dinner party with his family. He has something he wants to tell everyone. Adam goes over to JR at Confusion and tells his that he is invited to a dinner party at the mansion. He tells them that he has a big announcement to make. Colby convinces JR to attend the dinner party at the Chandler mansion.

Tad is at Confusion as well. Liza meets Tad and tells him that she is working to change Trevor’s last name to Martin. Tad wants to know what happened to her last night because she was supposed to return to his house. She tells him that she did return and saw Krystal and him having a moment. Tad explained that nothing was happening with Krystal. Tad and Liza are curious about David’s whereabouts as well.

Jake and Amanda are in bed; they are happy because they are finally rid of David. Jake and Amanda go to Wildwind to seek out David, but he has movers there packing his belongings. Amanda asks about them leaving the photos and they tell him that David wants them to trash all photos. Jake wants to know where David is as well. Jake tells Amanda that he does not trust David wants to know his whereabouts. Amanda urges Jake to move on, but he tells her he cannot. .

Greenlee tries to walk; she stands up on her on own as David walks into the room. David tells Greenlee that he apologized to everyone, but no one forgave him. She tries to get him to see the bright side. David tells Greenlee that he has left Pine Valley for good. Greenlee tells him that she needs him to return to Pine Valley with her as her support. David pushes Greenlee to walk. David tells Greenlee that if he does not leave town he will be dragged to court. Greenlee tells David that she needs him.

Madison and Randi are nervous because Erica has not shown up to tape her interview about Fusion’s new product. Erica finally arrives, and makes a commercial promoting her new green Fusion cosmetic line.

Annie is preparing for the dinner party; she prepares to move a plate of goodies to another table and falls into Scott’s arms. Adam catches Scott holding Annie, and tells them that he knows what his first order of business will be.

Ryan tells Erica that he wants to take her away for Valentine’s Day. Erica does not want to go away with Ryan on the anniversary of Greenlee’s death.

Greenlee tells David that she wants to be with Ryan, but she needs David as a safety net.

Jake looks out of his apartment window, then tells Amanda that he is waiting for David’s next move, and he needs time to change his habit.

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