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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/20/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Tad and Liza wrap up their night at the Philharmonic and she says that she would invite him back to her place, but the heat is up.  Tad says that there is nothing wrong with the heat in his house, but the man cave isn't the most romantic place in the world.  Liza says that the man cave sounds perfect.

Krystal says that she is glad they finally made it to the movie and Rob says that they will have to do it again soon.  Krystal suggests they go inside for a nightcap, but Rob says that he should get going because he has a big meeting tomorrow.  Krystal says goodnight and goes inside.  Rob knocks on the door and kisses Krystal when she opens the door.

JR asks Marissa what happened and she says that David admitted everything to her and now she knows that he is a monster.

David stops at Jake and Amanda's house to apologize and Jake starts hitting him.  Amanda begs Jake to stop.

Natalia and Brot order coffee.  Natalia says that she thinks the caffeine will give her a second wind so she can nail the guy.  Brot says that the burglar is very risky by doing one break-in after another.  Natalia and Brot hear a burglar alarm call come in from Wildwind.

Marissa says that she was stupid enough to think that David would never hurt her since she is his daughter.  JR says that in David's twisted world, everyone's fair game.  Marissa says that she doesn't understand how David could have done those things.  JR says that Marissa started having doubts when they were waiting on Trevor's DNA results and that this can't really surprise her after everything that David has pulled.  Marissa says that it doesn't surprise her and that she can't understand how she can still care about David.  Marissa asks what is wrong with her and JR says that he has the same thing with Adam.  JR says that if you love your father too much, it will ruin your life.

Amanda convinces Jake to stop strangling David.  Amanda tells David that she didn't do it for him and asks if he is dying.  David admits that he is not dying.  Amanda says that they would have never tested Trevor's DNA if David hadn't lied about being sick and then they would have never known the truth.  Amanda tells David that he has nothing there and he leaves.  Jake says that David needs to suffer just like they did and Amanda says that David will spend the rest of his life alone and miserable, but Jake says that it isn't enough.  Jake says that David came there to stay in the middle of their lives for as long as he can.  Jake says that he is going to sue David for the damages he caused to their family, but Amanda asks Jake to let it go.  Jake says that they need to stand up for themselves, but Amanda says that she just wants it all to be over.  Jake says that he does too and that is why David has to go away for good.

Tad says that he thinks everyone is sleeping.  Liza talks about before when they had to sneak around in the dark.  Tad and Liza walk in on Rob and Krystal making out on the couch.

Natalia and Brot talk about the differences in this burglary than the rest.  Natalia calls in for a fingerprint specialist to come to Wildwind.

Krystal says that she and Rob came back from the movie and fell asleep watching the news.  Tad contradicts her story and points out that the TV isn't on.  Krystal asks why Tad and Liza were tiptoeing around.  Tad says that the heat is off in Liza's building and he thought she could crash on the couch, but now it is occupied.  Krystal says that she is feeling a bit beat right now and that the couch is Liza's.  Krystal walks Rob out.  Krystal asks Liza who she thinks she is fooling, but Liza says that her heat really is off.  Tad gets a call from Amanda telling her what happened between Jake and David.  Amanda tells Tad that David left and she tried to get Jake to drop the subject, but he took off.  Tad says that he will find Jake.  Liza asks what happened and Tad says that Jake had it out with David again.  Jake shows up at Tad's and Tad tells him that Amanda is worried.  Jake says that they need to get rid of David.

David gets home and asks Natalia what Jake accused him of this time.  Natalia says that they are there because the burglar alarm went off and the intruder broke the lock.  Natalia and Brot hear a stolen vehicle report at the Chandler Mansion.  Natalia says that she will be expecting a call from David letting her know if anything is missing.

JR says that when you are a kid, your parents are like superheroes, but in the end you realize that your parents are human like everyone else.  Marissa asks if she should forgive David and JR says that she should for David being human, but not for him being evil.  JR and Marissa kiss.

David dresses his facial wounds.  David picks up a picture of Trevor and tears up.

Tad tells Jake to forget about David and move on.  Jake says that David showed up at his house to show that he is still in the middle of their lives and is willing and able to tear the family apart.  Tad asks Krystal to find Amanda and let her know that Jake is there and everything will be okay.  Krystal leave.  Jake asks Liza her opinion about dragging David through court.  Liza asks Jake if he really wants to put Amanda through a long drawn-out legal battle and Tad says that Jake wants to use the threat to drive David out of Pine Valley.

JR and Marissa make love while music plays.

Colby tells Natalia and Brot that she was getting ready for bed when she heard her car start.  Brot asks if anyone borrowed the car and Colby says that whoever took it had to have hotwired it.  Brot tells Colby to keep the doors and windows locked because there have been a lot of break-ins in the area.  Natalia and Brot hear a burglar alarm call come in from ConFusion.  Natalia says that they have to go, but that she will keep Colby posted on the car.

Jake lists all the charges against David and Liza says that they have quite a list.  Jake asks if a civil suit is going to be easier and Liza explains that with a civil suit you don't have to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.  Jake says that if the charges don't scare David off, maybe everyone knowing about them will.  Liza says that she will draw up the paperwork.  Jake tells Liza to let David know that it is happening tonight because he wants David gone by tomorrow.  Liza agrees and leaves.  Tad asks what Jake's plan is once he gets David out of the picture.

Krystal tells Amanda that Jake was pretty riled up, but Tad should be able to talk some sense into him.  Krystal says that Jake is fighting for his family and Amanda says that she is sick of fighting.  Krystal says that Jake won't rest until he gets rid of David.  Amanda says that she is scared of what David will do if Jake keeps pushing this.

David talks to Gayle about Greenlee and Liza shows up.  Liza confronts David about all of his crimes.  David says that he just recently found out the truth about Trevor.  David reminds her that once you fall in love with a child, it is hard to let go.  David tells Liza to get out unless she wants to tell him why she is there.  Liza says that she is representing Jake and that Jake is filing a civil suit against David.  David says that Liza can leave now, but she says that the situation requires a response.  Liza says that there is a way that David can avoid the suit and David asks if Jake wants him to leave Pine Valley forever.

Josh tells Natalia what happened at ConFusion.  Brot tells Natalia that Colby's car is in the parking lot out behind the building.

Marissa says that she feels like she can do anything with JR.  JR says that when Marissa is by his side he feels like everything will be okay.  Little Adam comes in and says that he had a nightmare that they were both gone.  JR says that he and Marissa will always be there to take care of Little Adam.

Jake says that all that matters to him is taking care of his wife and son.  Tad says that Jake has been wasting time on David that he can't get back.  Tad tells Jake not to let David keep him from moving forward with his family.

Amanda asks Krystal what will happen when they are not making decisions based on whatever David has thrown at them.  Krystal tells Amanda that her love with Jake is forever.

Liza says that David has nothing to stay in Pine Valley for.  David says that Jake can do anything he wants.  Liza asks David if he will consider leaving and David says that he wants Liza out of his house.  Liza squints at David and leaves.

Brot says that Colby was right about the perp hotwiring her car.  Josh comes back out and tells Natalia and Brot that the perp might have been looking for food since there are some cartons knocked over in the kitchen.  Brot shows Natalia something he found in the car and she realizes that there is blood on it.

JR says that they need a bigger place and to remember to lock their bedroom door.  Marissa says that one day Little Adam's nightmare will come true and they will both be gone.  JR says that he is going to beat this disease and they will have a long happy life together as a family.  Marissa says that it is time to give Little Adam a little brother or sister.  JR says that they should start trying as soon as he is done with chemo, but that they can have fun practicing until then.

Krystal gets home and Tad says that Jake has decided to let the lawyers handle David.  Krystal says that Amanda is afraid that she and Jake won't make it now that they have their whole life together.  Tad says that Trevor will pull Jake and Amanda through and Krystal says that nothing bonds two people like a child.  Liza watches Tad and Krystal hugging and leaves.

David tells Amanda that his feelings were real and that everything he did was out of love.  Amanda says that David really needs to leave now.  David says that he was desperate for a real family.  Amanda says that it never could have been real and that the last thing David deserves is to have a family of his own.  Jake comes home and asks what David is doing there.  David says that he is leaving town and didn't need Jake's threats to convince him.  David says goodbye.

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