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Erica comments on how supportive Ryan is and he says that she makes it very easy to get behind an idea.  Erica says that Ryan makes her feel extra alive and that is what she loves about him.  Erica then covers her tracks about saying "love."  Ryan suggests that Erica meant something else when she said it.

Colby tells Adam that he won't get away with sneaking any sweets this time and Annie agrees and says that he is going to listen to the doctors' orders.  Scott asks how Adam feels and Adam says that he feels a little odd.  Annie says that Adam should go to bed, but he says that he wants to take a shower.  Annie reminds Adam to be careful with the incision.  Scott says that Adam seems to be back to his impossible self.  Colby reminds Annie that the doctor said that Adam can't get excited in any way.

David tells Greenlee to call Jake and Amanda to inform them of his lies.  Greenlee says that she can't blow his life apart after he saved hers.  David says that Greenlee wants him to confess all of his latest sins to the citizens of Pine Valley.

Angie announces that it is impossible that David is Trevor's father.  Jake says that it means that either he or JR is Trevor's real dad.  Amanda asks when they will know who the father is.  Angie says that the results are in, so they are about to know.

Annie says that her sex life with Adam is none of Colby's business.  Colby says that she was just reminding Annie about what the doctors said.  Annie informs Colby that the doctors said that sex was up to Adam and how he was feeling.  Colby says that she is worried about Adam because he always tries to play a tough guy, but he just had a major procedure.  Colby suggests that Adam should be left alone at night until he gets used to the pacemaker, but Annie says that she isn't moving out of their bedroom.  Emma comes out and shows Annie something that she made.  Scott asks what Colby is doing and she says that she is trying to keep her father alive.

Erica continues to try to cover her tracks.  Ryan apologizes and says that he likes to see her squirm.  Ryan asks Randi to call down to Legal and get a meeting set up.  Randi agrees and wishes Ryan a happy birthday!  Ryan thanks Randi and Erica says that she didn't know it was his birthday.

Greenlee says that if Amanda and Jake find out the truth, they will never forgive David.  Greenlee says that David's only chance at forgiveness is to be the one to tell them the truth.  Greenlee says that David needs to tell them before someone else does.  David says that he doesn't care how Amanda and Jake feel.  Greenlee tells David that the only way he will have a relationship with Trevor, Marissa or Little Adam is to tell the truth now.

Jake asks Frankie for the results and Frankie says that he hasn't seen them because Angie outranks him.  Angie says that there is no doubt that Jake is Trevor's father.  JR congratulates Jake.  Jake and Amanda kiss.

Gayle says that David wasn't planning to go back tonight, but left without saying a word.  Greenlee says that David is going back to tell everyone the truth about himself.  Gayle asks how Greenlee is feeling.  Greenlee says that she is sore, but is getting there.  Gayle says that Greenlee has been recovering quickly and points out that it is almost February.  Greenlee realizes that it is Ryan's birthday.

Emma says that the drawing is for Ryan's birthday.  Annie says that she forgot about that and Emma says that she wishes he was there.  Annie says that she has an idea for a special surprise.

Scott tells Colby if she is trying to play up to Annie and lay low, suggesting that Annie is trying to kill Adam with sex isn't the way.  Colby says that Annie is playing a game and if they aren't careful Annie will kill Adam.

Erica says that they should do something for Ryan's birthday, but he says that birthday's don't mean that much to him anymore.  Ryan says that he should get back to Cambias and tells Erica that he will call her later.  Madison asks Ryan to look at the campaign, but he says that if Erica likes them, so does he.  Madison wishes Ryan a happy birthday and he thanks her.  Ryan gets a call from Emma wishing him a happy birthday.

Opal calls Erica and tells her to get over there now.  Erica says that it needs to be a simple dinner because Ryan's not big on celebrating his birthday.  Opal tells Erica to get there before Ryan gets back and hangs up.

Frankie goes back to his rounds.  JR says that Trevor is a lucky kid.  Jake says that he is going to take his wife and son home.  Marissa suggests that she and JR go home too, but JR says that he has something to take care of first.  Angie asks if JR is okay and Marissa says that he is, but she doesn't think he would have minded having Trevor as his son.

Erica says that Opal has set up a den of seduction, instead of the simple party she requested.  Erica reads the inscription on the cake and says that it sends the wrong message.  Opal says that she will fix it.  Opal tells Erica to give Ryan the birthday bash he deserves.

Ryan shows up at the Chandler Mansion to see Emma.  Ryan tells Annie that Emma called him and wanted to see him.  Annie says that she knows and Emma informs Ryan that it was Annie's idea.  Emma asks if they can have cake and ice cream like last year and Annie says that she can have Lucretia put together a last minute birthday party.  Ryan says that he has to get back to work, but thanks Emma for calling him.  Annie asks if Ryan is okay and he thanks her for letting him see Emma.  Annie wishes Ryan a happy birthday.

Greenlee remembers spending Ryan's last birthday with him and Emma.  Greenlee sits in her bed and wishes Ryan a happy birthday.

Jake hangs up from talking to Tad.  Jake says that he has prayed for this moment every night and it is better than he ever hoped. 

Marissa says that family means more than it ever has to JR right now.  Angie asks how Marissa would have felt if JR had turned out to be Trevor's father.  Marissa says that she is relieved at how it turned out because their lives are already complicated enough.  Angie sees David walk in and says that it was a quick trip to Malaysia.

Annie asks if Scott thinks the doctors told them everything and Scott asks why they wouldn't have.  Annie suggests that maybe Adam had the doctors paint a rosier picture for them because he is sicker than he is letting on.  Scott says that Adam looks a lot better now that he has the pacemaker.  Annie says that the whole thing scares the hell out of her.  Annie says that she is worried about Adam, but Adam tells her that all he needed was a shower because he feels marvelous.

Ryan shows back up at Fusion and asks if Erica is still there.  Madison says that Erica left already and that Randi is wrangling with marketing.  Ryan says that he has to get home.  Madison asks Ryan if he was at ConFusion drinking and he admits that he was.  Madison offers him a ride home and Ryan accepts.  Ryan brings up Madison walking in on him and Erica.  Madison says that Ryan and Erica make a great team and she doesn't see why they would want to hide it.  Ryan agrees with Madison about not wanting to hide it. 

Greenlee remembers Ryan thanking her for making his birthday so much fun.  Greenlee yells for Gayle and says that her feet are tingling.  Gayle pokes Greenlee.  Greenlee says that it is the most beautiful pain she has ever felt.

Angie says that she will be in her office if Marissa wants to talk.  Marissa asks David if he went to Malaysia.  David admits that his illness was a lie and that Trevor isn't his son.  Marissa says that everyone already knows that Jake is Trevor's father.  Marissa tells David that she was worried that she and Little Adam could have that same disease and die from it too.  David apologizes and says that he was desperate.  David asks if Marissa can find it in her heart to forgive him.  Marissa says that she can't right now because she is too angry and he has too many other people to clear things up with.

Ryan gets home and finds Erica waiting with a surprise party.  Ryan looks at the cake and asks who "Fred" is.

Adam asks if he was interrupting something.  Scott says that he was about to go home and take a shower too.  Colby asks Scott what he and Annie were talking about.  Scott says that Annie is worried that the doctors didn't tell them everything.

Adam asks Annie what she is so worried about.  Annie asks if there is anything Adam is not telling her about his health and Adam says that he wouldn't hide anything from her.  Annie says that she wants to make sure Adam stays healthy and asks if he would like her to stay in the guest room tonight.  Adam asks why and she says that way Adam could stay relaxed and not get excited or anything.  Adam asks who put the idea into her head.  Annie admits that it was Colby, but that they are all just concerned.  Adam says that he wants Annie by his side every night because he can't live without her.

Colby sees JR and tells him to come in the house.  JR says that he only came to see the house and remember what it was like to have a father.  Colby says that she needs JR's help and asks him to come inside.

Jake says that Trevor went out like a light.  Amanda says that she is afraid to go to sleep because she doesn't want to wake up and realize it was all a dream.  Jake suggests that they should stay up all night and watch their son.  David knocks on the door and Amanda opens it.

Colby says that she needs JR and that they all miss him.  JR says that he can't because Adam has made his choice and that Colby can call him anytime she needs to talk because he will always be there for her.  JR tells Colby to go inside and get warm.

Adam tells Barry that he wants to update his estate planning and asks when they can get together.

Dr. Clayton says that they can start therapy in the morning, but Greenlee says that she wants to start now because the sooner she walks back into Ryan's life, the better.

Ryan says that it was great to see Emma smile, but he felt out of place at the Chandler Mansion.  Ryan says that he wanted to come home and go to bed so that his birthday would be over, but he found a comfortable place with Erica.

Amanda slaps David and confronts him about knowing that Trevor wasn't his.  David admits that he found out a couple of weeks ago and came there to apologize.  Jake knocks David down with a punch to the jaw.

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