AMC Update Monday 1/18/10

All My Children Update Monday 1/18/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan asks Erica what marketing campaign she wants to go with and she says that she doesnít want to go with any of them.

Amanda suggests that Jake might be Trevorís father.  Jake says that they went through that when she first got pregnant and it turned out to be Davidís.  Amanda says that maybe Trevor wasnít actually born prematurely and Jake says that it would mean that Amanda conceived earlier.

Marissa says that it is possible that Trevor is JRís son.  Marissa says that JR has to take a paternity test because they have to figure out if Trevor is his son.

Greenlee says that something is dragging David down and she knows it is more than devotion to his son.  David tells Greenlee that Trevor isnít his son.

Erica tells Ryan that her heart isnít in Fusion anymore because all she can think about is the starving children in Africa.

Madison introduces an abused woman to Frankie and assures her that he can help her just like he helped her.

David admits to Greenlee that he just recently found out that he wasnít Trevorís father.  Greenlee asks how David could let everyone think that Trevor is his son when he isnít and David says that Trevor still feels like his boy.  Greenlee asks David who Trevorís real father is.

JR and Marissa talk about what happened with him and Amanda.  Marissa says that Davidís DNA is being tested right now and that JR needs to get tested right away.

Trevor calls Jake ďDada.Ē

Frankie and Madison compliment each other about their help at the Miranda Center.

Randi interrupts Erica and Ryan by saying that there is a call on line 3 for Erica.  Randi, Ryan, and Val talk about Ericaís change since she went to Africa. She's no longer happy doing business as usual and wants to make a positive change in the world.

Amanda starts talking about being rid of David and then apologizes to Marissa.  Marissa says that she knows what David put Amanda through and there is no reason to apologize.  Amanda asks Marissa how she and JR will react if Trevor turns out to be JRís.

David says that he doesnít know who the father is, but it is probably Jake.  Greenlee tells David that he needs to tell Jake and Amanda the truth, but he says that he isnít going to tell them a damn thing.

Madison and Randi talk about Fusion.  Madison suggests that Fusion should do a whole line of cosmetics where the profits went to a charitable cause and Randi says that Madison should pitch it to Erica.  Madison says that Randi should pitch it because she has been there longer and that she will stand behind Randi.  Erica asks what they are talking about.

Marissa tells Amanda that Jake has been Trevorís father from the beginning and that a DNA test canít change that.

David tells Greenlee that Trevor is saving him and might be his last chance.

Madison pitches the whole idea and says that it was Randiís idea.  Erica says that she likes it and suggests that the profits should go to the Miranda Center and that they should open some more Miranda Centers around the country.  Randi asks Madison about telling Erica it was her idea.  Madison says that she owes a lot to Randi and that throwing a little credit her way is the least that she could do.

JR promises Jake that Trevor will always be his son because Jake loves Trevor unequivocally.  Jake thanks JR and says that he is a good man.

Marissa says that everyone told her that she was crazy to believe David, but she did.  Amanda says that she believed David too and it almost cost her Jake.  Marissa asks if Amanda thinks that David knew that Trevor wasnít his.  Amanda says that it seems insane to think that David would fight for a child that way that wasnít his own.  Marissa reminds Amanda that is what Jake has been doing and Amanda says that it may never be over because David may never give up.

While discussing his actions against the people of Pine Valley, David admits to Greenlee that he is a monster.

Ryan tells Erica that the numbers arenít as bad as they thought.  Erica tells Ryan about the new idea that was pitched to her by Randi and Madison.

Angie asks Frankie to tell her what happened with Amanda when she first got pregnant.  Frankie says that Amanda was sure it was Davidís and asked him to make it look like it was JRís. 

Greenlee says that now she understands what has been haunting David.  Greenlee says that David will never find happiness until Amanda and Jake know the truth about Trevorís paternity.  David tells Greenlee to call and tell Jake and Amanda how he has destroyed their lives.

Erica and Ryan talk about the new idea.  Ryan says that they will make it work. 

Greenlee says that David saved her life and she canít blow his apart.

Angie says that it is virtually impossible that David is Trevorís father.  Jake says that it means that either he or JR is Trevorís father.

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