AMC Update Friday 1/15/10

All My Children Update Friday 1/15/10


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal asks Tad if the phone ringed, because she is expecting test results for Marissa from the hospital. Tad tells Krystal that Liza is coming over for lunch and Krystal tells him that she will make herself scarce. Pierre, the painter comes over to Tad’s house to paint the basement. Damon comes with him. The hospital calls to tell Krystal that Marissa’s test results are in.

Liza comes to the hospital to see Bailey; Colby sees her and thinks that she is there for her. Colby sees Bailey and acts jealous. She acts snotty with Liza as well. Bailey goes to lunch at Tad’s house; she goes upstairs and put Stuart in a crib. Damon sees Bailey and they go upstairs to check on Stuart. Tad warns Damon that he is working. Liza thinks Tad for hiring Damon and Pierre. Pierre finds Damon with Bailey and attempts to fire him. Tad gets him to change his mind and credits Damon with getting Tad to paint his entire house. Pierre thanks Damon; Damon thanks Tad for his help.

Adam tells Annie that he is not leaving the hospital and he is having a family meeting with JR, Colby, Scott and her. Annie panics and thinks that Adam is getting rid of her. Annie apologizes to Adam for causing his heart attack. Annie does not understand when Adam tells her that he is having family business; she relaxes when he tells her he is having a family meeting and she is invited. JR and Marissa arrive for the test results; Amanda and Jake arrive as well. Colby ask JR to help her with Annie and he tells her he have enough on his plate with Marissa and Lil A. JR sees Annie and asks her if she used a stripper pole on his dad. Adam tells his family that he is getting a pacemaker, which is why he is having a family meeting. Adam asks his family to put aside their differences and work together. He asks them to embrace each other. He suggests that Colby make her own life.

JR cannot wait to get Marissa and Lil A’s test results. Amanda is concerned because Trevor could have David’s blood disease. Jake tries to quiet Amanda by telling her that Trevor was placed into her life for a reason and she will not lose him. Marissa tells JR that she does not understand why David did not tell her that she may be at risk for the blood disease

David has called Amanda three times and cannot understand why she has not returned his calls. He lies and tells Amanda that his treatments are going find. Greenlee overhears David conversation and ask him about his disease when he enters the room. She also wants to know why he lied to Amanda about being out of the country in a different time zone. Greenlee ask David why is he obviously lying. David tells Greenlee that he has a secret and she wants to know what it is. Greenlee figures out that David wants Amanda to worry and he is pretending that he is dying. Greenlee tells David that he is diabolical. David wants forgiveness from everyone; Greenlee tells him that he does not deserve it nor will he get it.

Angie gives Jake the results of the test and everyone is OK. Jake notice the result cannot be correct unless Marissa or Trevor is not David’s child. With an eighty-five percent of passing on the disease one of David’s children would have the disease. The only other explanation is that David is lying about dying or about being Trevor’s father. They decide to take Jake, David, Marissa and Trevor’s DNA to compare the results.

David is out of town so Jake gets DNA from his locker; Jake finds David’s brush.

Krystal tells Tad that Trevor broke up her marriage to David and saved her from a life of hell.

Marissa tells Jake that Trevor may be his child; she asks what if David is not Trevor’s father.

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