AMC Update Thursday 1/14/10

All My Children Update Thursday 1/14/10


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Annie yells from the living room. Scott and Colby runs in from the hallway and see Adam lying on the floor. Adam tells them that it feels as if someone is standing on his chest. Adam decides that he does not want to go to the hospital but Scott tells him that the paramedics have already been called. Liza arrives to see Colby. The paramedics arrive but Annie is not dressed; she wants to go to the hospital so Colby gives her a jacket to cover her baby doll pajamas she is wearing.

Colby reminds Scott that she told him that Annie would try to kill her father so that she would inherit his money. Liza accompanies Colby to the hospital. Liza came over to the mansion because she was worried about Colby’s obsession with ousting Annie to Adam. She does not want Colby consumed with anger. Adam arrives at the hospital and is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Annie gave Adam a sexy dance, which made him excited; the dance is dangerous for a man Adam age.

Greenlee wants to know why David has not told Ryan that she survived her accident. David explained that he did not want to get Ryan’s hopes up only to have them crushed again. He wanted to tell Ryan about Greenlee but the timing was never right. Greenlee tells David that she feels he is withholding something from her.

Madison comes into Erica’s office and tells her that she can be gone in two minutes if her being in Erica’s office makes her uncomfortable. Erica realize that Madison thinks she is getting fired so she tells Madison to relax because she is not getting fired for catching Ryan and she together. Erica tells her that the kiss between Ryan and she was a kiss between friends. She tells Madison that if rumors spread about she and Ryan it could be damaging. Madison promises that she will not tell anyone about seeing Erica kissing Ryan. Madison asks Erica if she is OK with her volunteering at the Miranda Center because she wants to contribute. She also tells Erica that it is none of her business, but if love is real and mutual it should not be hidden. Randi asks about Madison’s meeting and Madison tells her that she was not fired.

Ryan goes to ConFusion to wait for Erica. He sees Opal when he walks into the club and tries to pass her by, but Opal catches him. Opal talks about Annie winning shared custody of Emma and she tells Ryan that he is not alone because he has Erica. Ryan tries to stonewall her and make her believe that Erica and he are just friends. She tells Ryan that if she were with a hunk like him, she would not keep it a secret. Ryan asks Opal for a reading of the cards. Opal tells Ryan that he will receive a call from someone in his past; she tells him that the person will be returning to his life soon.

Greenlee tells David that she is getting feelings in her feet. He calls the surgeon who is not sure that Greenlee is feeling anything at this time because of the swelling after the surgery. Greenlee attempts to call Ryan, then David walks in to ask if she was trying to call someone. Greenlee is curious as to why David did not notify Ryan that she had survived the crash. David makes a lame excuse. David and Greenlee play cards, then she asks him to test the sensation in her legs. David wants to wait because it is too soon. David pricks her heel and she tells him that she fell the prick. The surgeon is not that impressed because it is too soon to tell if the surgery is successful.

Adam’s heart is regulated so that he does not go into shock. The doctor wants to know what he was doing when the heart attack occurred. Annie tells Frankie that Adam and she renewed their vows and was celebrating their honeymoon; Frankie’s eyebrows raise up.

Scott scolds Annie about sexing up Adam with his bad heart. Annie saw Scott peeking in the window looking at them; she accuses him of being jealous. Annie sends Scott home. Colby suggests that Liza leave as well since she is not related to Adam. Liza tells Colby that she is there for her, not Adam. Annie hears them arguing and Colby pretends that Liza is jealous of her new stepmom. Annie tells Colby that Liza does not belong at the hospital. Adam fills Annie in on his condition. Colby finds Liza and apologizes for her behavior. She was rude to Liza in order to make Annie believe that she is on her side. Liza is afraid that Colby will lose herself trying to trap Annie.

Erica joins Ryan at ConFusion and he tells her about his reading. Ryan tells Erica about Opal’s prediction and she tells him the person from his past will be Kendall because she called. Ryan and Erica take a walk and he leaves his phone on table. Greenlee calls Ryan but get his voicemail; she does not leave a message. Ryan returns to his phone and acknowledge to having missed one call. Erica and Ryan look at the moon; Ryan raises his eyebrows and his face has a disturb expression.

Frankie comes to Fusion and ask for Randi. Madison appears and he congratulates her on getting the job, but he cautions her about doing too much. Randi appears and he asks her out for a burger. They leave Madison at Fusion.

Scott returns home and remembers Annie giving Adam a lap dance. He sees flashbacks of their interaction while he was peeking in the window. He remembers Annie accusing him of being jealous. He kicks the stool in anger.

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