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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/13/10


Written by Mandy
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Colby asks Annie and Emma what they are doing and Annie explains that Emma has to make a solar system for school.  Colby asks if she can help and Emma says that she can do Saturn.  Adam and Scott walk in talking about business and Annie asks them to take a break.  Adam comments on Colby helping Emma with her science project and Annie says that it is just like a real family.

JR says that he would drink lighter fluid if he thought it would help, but he isn't feeling any better.  Marissa suggests that they should go to the hospital, but JR refuses.  Marissa points out that JR could be having a reaction to the new chemo, but JR says that the doctors told him that the side effects will get more aggressive as his treatment does.  Little Adam comes in and asks JR if he is going to die.

Tad gets some snacks for the kids and asks Rob when the shop should be finished.  Rob says that the shop should be up and running in a couple of months.  Tad comments on how the candy shop sounds limited, when The Comeback had offered something for everyone.  Krystal says that she has been living in the past for long enough and that it is time for a change.  Tad asks if Krystal is ready for a change.

Amanda asks if Trevor has David's illness and tells Jake that she can't lose Trevor.  Angie says that they can run a cheek swab test to determine if Trevor has the illness or not.  Angie says that she can have the results back the next day and Amanda suggests that she doesn't want to know anymore.

Rob leaves and Krystal accuses Tad of sabotaging her relationship.  Krystal says that she will stay out of Tad's personal business if he stays out of hers.  Tad suggests that they should just tell each other all about their personal lives.

Liza stops to see Bailey and Damon.  Damon asks what Liza is doing there and she says that she got him a week's severance pay from the casino.  Damon thanks Liza and says that he doesn't need any favors.  Liza says that she didn't do it for Damon.

Adam suggests that Scott should tell Emma about the volcano he made for the science fair and Scott tells them all about testing his volcano out in the kitchen.  Scott says that he is still not allowed in the kitchen unsupervised and Colby says that she isn't allowed in there alone either.  Adam says that Colby almost burned the place down and Colby says that it was just some smoke damage.  Annie asks if Adam is okay and he says that it doesn't seem like a family without JR and Little Adam.

JR says that people get sick all the time and don't die.  Marissa says that the doctors are there to help everyone get better and Little Adam says that his mom went to the doctor and didn't get better.  JR says that the doctors couldn't fix her, but that he is going to be just fine.  Marissa suggests that Little Adam should go hang out with Kathy and Little Adam asks if they can go sledding.  Little Adam leaves to get his stuff and JR says that he hates lying to him.  Marissa says that they weren't lying to Little Adam and that JR is going to be fine.

Amanda suggests that they shouldn't do the test because Trevor is happy and healthy right now.  Jake says that they will always wonder and then Trevor will sense their fear.  Angie says that having that kind of worry hanging over their heads isn't good for Amanda or Trevor.  Amanda says that she is supposed to be the strong one, but she is scared.  Jake suggests that he can fill in for Amanda and be the strong one for a while.

Emma thanks everyone for helping her with her science project.  Adam asks Colby if she is leaving and she says that she has her own schoolwork to do.  Scott offers to walk Colby out.  Scott asks Colby to tell him that she isn't using Emma.  Colby says that she likes Emma a lot and would never use her.  Scott says that Colby is going to hurt Adam if she continues with her plan to push Annie out of his life.  Colby says that she is taking Scott's advice and backing off Annie.  Colby says that she is willing to give Annie a chance.

Liza asks Damon about his job search and he says that he hasn't found a job yet, but that he will.  Liza says that she is having a room painted and the guy could use an extra hand.  Bailey thanks Liza and Damon leaves to meet the guy.  Bailey asks Liza if the money was really from the casino and she says no.  Bailey asks why Liza is doing this when she doesn't even like Damon.  Liza says that Bailey and Damon deserve more than to just barely scrape by.

Tad and Krystal argue about who should share first.  Amanda comes in and asks to see Trevor.  Krystal says that he is upstairs.  Amanda heads upstairs and Krystal asks Jake what happened.  Jake tells Krystal and Tad that David's illness is hereditary.  Marissa comes in and suggests that Little Adam and Kathy can have a play date.  Tad tells Little Adam that Kathy is downstairs and he goes to see her.  Marissa asks what she walked in on and Krystal says that there is something that Marissa needs to know.

Annie asks if they are really a family now and Scott says that it felt like it.  Annie expresses concern about Emma's relationship with Adam and Scott tells Annie to give Emma time to come around to Adam.  Annie tells Scott that he needs to loosen up a bit and not be so serious.  Annie loosens Scott's tie and he backs away.  Emma and Adam come in with items to build their snowman.  Adam gets a business call while Annie is getting Emma ready to make the snowman.  Annie says that they can wait, but Adam tells her to go ahead and that it won't take long.  Annie tells Scott that she wasn't trying to make him uncomfortable and that she has no intention of breaking Adam's trust again.

Colby shows up to see JR and tells him that Annie is toast.  JR warns Colby that Scott is on Team Annie and won't be any help in breaking up Adam and Annie's marriage.  Colby asks JR if he is drinking again.

Marissa asks if she could die like David.  Jake explains that she will get a DNA test done and they will have the results tomorrow.  Marissa asks about Little Adam and Jake says that he will be tested too and hopefully will be fine.  Kathy comes in and asks if they can go sledding and Tad agrees.  Jake and Tad step outside to watch the kids.  Jake says that Trevor could be next if David is really dying.  Jake says that he would gladly put up with David for the rest of his life if Trevor was okay.

Marissa tells Krystal about Little Adam asking if JR was going to die and says that Little Adam can't lose another parent.  Krystal says that there is a good chance that Marissa didn't inherit the disease and that she is not going anywhere.  Marissa asks if it is statistically possible that both she and Trevor could be in the clear and Krystal says that it is a question for Angie, but Amanda says that they already know the answer.

Liza tells Bailey that she came back to Pine Valley to reconnect with her daughter and start a family, but now she is all alone.

JR tells Colby that he isn't drinking, but will take a breathalyzer if she wants.  Colby says that she believes JR, but he hasn't been acting himself lately.  JR says that he just has the flu and can't seem to shake it.  Colby says that JR should hit up Lucretia for her magical soup.  JR says that he won't be stopping by Adam's any time soon and Colby says that she will steal the recipe.  JR asks how Colby is going to get in the kitchen unsupervised when she practically burned the house down.  Colby says that Adam said the same thing earlier and there were no flames.  Colby says that Adam missed JR and that once she boots Annie out things can be different, but JR says that there is no going back for him and Adam.

Angie asks who wants to go first and then says that she knows nobody wants to be there.  Jake says that they might as well get it over with.  Marissa asks Krystal for some tea and Krystal leaves to get it.  Tad says that he guesses Marissa hasn't told JR what is going on and she says that JR has enough on his mind right now.  Tad tells Marissa to tell JR what is going on and not make the same mistake he did by not telling her about his cancer.

Angie says that she will call Jake and Amanda as soon as the results come in.  Amanda asks what Angie isn't telling them.  Angie says that she consulted with a hematologist and 85% of patients diagnosed with malignant erythrotosis pass it on to their children.

Bailey says that she doesn't know how Liza can look at her after she ruined Liza's plans.  Liza says that Bailey had every right to want to see her son.  Liza says that Colby moved back in with Adam to protect him from his new wife.  Bailey tells Liza not to give up on Colby.

Annie tells Emma that they have to come up with a cool name for the snowman.  Scott starts rattling off names and Emma says no.  Annie, Scott and Emma come inside to warm up and Adam asks if the snowman is finished already.  Emma tells Adam that Scott started a snowball fight and Adam says that it sounds like fun.  Annie tells Emma that it is time for bed.  Emma tells Adam goodnight and goes upstairs.  Annie says that she knows one day Emma will love Adam as much as she does.

Amanda says that she is going to put the baby down, but Jake says that Trevor is fine and they need to talk.  Jake says that even if Trevor has the genetic marker, it doesn't mean that he will die, but Amanda says that if he has it, Trevor will die before he should.  Jake tells Amanda that they have time to find a cure before it hits Trevor because it didn't hit David until late and Marissa is showing no symptoms.  Jake says that if Trevor is sick, he will devote every second of his life to finding a cure for their little boy.

Krystal suggests that she should round up something to eat.  Tad tells Krystal that she doesn't have to be strong anymore because Marissa isn't there.  Tad reminds Krystal that they don't know if the disease is for real.  Tad tells Krystal that if she needs anything, she can ask.  Krystal says that she is going to go check on the kids.  Tad asks if Krystal ever kisses the architect and Krystal tells him goodnight.

Marissa gets home and tells JR what she found out about the blood disease that David has.  Marissa says that she went to the hospital for some tests and that they will have to do the same for Little Adam.  JR asks why she didn't tell him on the phone.  Marissa says that JR has enough on his plate right now and JR says that it is a good thing he has his appetite back.

Adam asks Scott to grab the reports off of his desk in the study.  Annie apologizes to Scott and says that she thought Adam was alone.  Scott says that he was just leaving.  Annie says that she didn't want Adam to feel neglected by how focused she has been on Emma.  Scott watches Adam and Annie through the terrace door.

Colby asks what Liza is doing there and Liza says that she was hoping they could talk.  Colby says that she has everything under control and they hear a scream.

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