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Frankie asks Randi to play hooky, but she says that she canít because she will already be in enough trouble when Erica finds out how late she is for work.  Madison says that Randiís secret is safe.  Frankie asks what Madison is doing there.  Madison says that she came to see Erica, but she isnít in.  Randi says that it is impossible because Erica is never late.  Madison says that something must have come up.

Ericaís phone rings.  Erica realizes that she missed the call from Fusion and that she is running late for work. 

Jake asks Amanda why she was pacing the room last night.

Greenlee asks David if the surgery worked so that she can walk back into Ryanís life.

Ericaís phone rings and she answers telling ďRandiĒ that she is fine.  Kendall asks what is going on and Erica says that she just had to handle some things outside the office, but things are all right.  Kendall tells Erica that she can always call Ryan for help when the problems start to mount up and offers to call Ryan, but Erica says that she will get in touch with Ryan herself.

Madison says that she will come back to see Erica another time.  Frankie asks how Madisonís therapy is going and Madison says that the woman Angie recommended has been very helpful.  Randi asks where Madison is going from there and Madison says that she might find a job and support herself.  Randi says that they could use an extra pair of hands at Fusion, but Madison says that she isnít qualified for anything like that.  Frankie thanks Randi for trying to help Madison and Randi says that she still feels guilty for sending James to her.  Randi says that she might have had an ulterior motive because if Madison took some of her workload, she would have more time for breakfast with her husband.  Frankie says that Randi has to do everything to change Madisonís mind because he is a little under the weather too.

Erica says that she told Kendall that she would take care of Fusion, but it is a mess.  Ryan suggests that he should help her.

Amanda says that she was worried about Trevor coming down with something.  Jake says that Trevor was fine and Amanda says that she is a worried mom. 

David tells Greenlee that her heart stopped and that she was revived.  Greenlee asks if Dr. Clayton fixed her spine.  Dr. Clayton says that he finished the surgery and that they have to see if the stem-cell therapy generates new growth.  David says that the next course of action is patience and Greenlee says that patience is an overrated virtue.  Dr. Clayton says that patience is a tool and Greenlee needs to learn to use it.  David tells Greenlee that healing requires rest and tells her to close her eyes and relax.  David asks Dr. Clayton what the real prognosis is and Dr. Clayton says that if Greenlee tires to rush her recovery she will never walk again.

Randi tells Madison says that she could start with something like answering the phones or filing.  Erica shows up and Randi suggests that Erica give Madison a job.  Erica says that she could use an additional assistant for when Val is inundated.  Erica asks Randi to mobilize the masses because she and Ryan have a big announcement. 

Jake takes pictures of Trevor and Amanda tells Trevor to get used to his picture being taken.  Amanda calls David and tells him that Trevor woke up with a new tooth.  Amanda tells David to focus on his treatment in Malaysia so that he can spend more time with Trevor.

Erica announces that Ryan will be helping with Fusion for a while and then tells everyone to get back to work.

Amanda tells David that she has to go because something has come up.  Jake confronts Amanda about sneaking a call to David when he is only a couple of feet out the door.  Amanda says that she wasnít sneaking a call and admits that David was the one who called the night before.

David tells Greenlee that she needs to eat to keep up her strength.  David fills Greenlee in on what has been happening in Pine Valley and the conversation changes to children.  David says that biology has nothing to do with being a parent.  Greenlee asks if David is saying that Jake is as much a father to Trevor as he is.  David says that he knows that Jake loves Trevor.

Gayle confronts David about telling Greenlee the truth about Trevorís paternity.  David says that he doesnít know what Gayle is talking about because Trevor is his son.

Greenlee dreams about being married to Ryan and spending time with Emma.  David wakes Greenlee up and says that she was crying.  Greenlee says that she was having the most wonderful dream and tells David that he was right because having a connection with a child is about opening your soul to another human being, not biology.

Amanda calls the hospital and asks for Jake, but is told that he is in surgery.  Amanda asks if Angie is on duty and the nurse says that she is with a patient.  Amanda says that she will be right there because she needs to speak with Angie and that it is important.

Frankie and Angie talk about Madison.  Angie says that Frankie needs to tell Randi not to push Madison into anything that she isnít ready for.

Erica tells Val to change her appointment time.  Val says that he is happy that Erica hired Madison because he hasnít had a day off in weeks.  Madison apologizes to Randi for stepping on her toes by being hired as Ericaís personal assistant.  Madison says that she would like to try to earn Randiís trust.  Randi says that Madison needs to impress Erica, not her. 

Amanda shows up at the hospital and the nurse says that Jake is free, but Angie isnít.  Jake asks if Trevor is okay and Amanda says that she dropped him off at Tadís.  Amanda tells Jake that Davidís disease is hereditary and that Trevor could die from it too.

Frankie brings Randi lunch and she thanks him.  Randi says that Erica hired Madison to be her backup personal assistant.

Madison walks in on Erica and Ryan kissing and apologizes.  Erica says that keeping this a secret will be harder than they thought.

Angie tells Amanda that malignant erythrotosis is a newly discovered disease, but that it is hereditary.  Angie says that they can run some tests to find out if Trevor has it too.

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