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All My Children Update Monday 1/11/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Judge Halkirk declares that Ryan and Annie will have joint custody of Emma.

Amanda shows up to see Jake.  Jake gives Amanda something and tells her to read it, then destroy it.

Judge Halkirk says that since Ryan and Annie have failed to reach a shared custody agreement, she has come up with a schedule and that Emma will reside with each parent on a weekly basis.  Judge Halkirk says that Emma will spend the first week at Annie’s home beginning at 6pm tonight and announces that court is adjourned.  Erica apologizes to Ryan for the way things turned out.  Adam says that he wishes it was full custody.  Annie says that she hopes Ryan will try to get along better with her now, for Emma’s sake.  Ryan tells Annie to make sure she sticks to the judge’s terms.  Adam says that he and Annie will be there to pick Emma up at 6pm, but Ryan says that he will drop Emma off.  Erica tells Adam that Annie is using him and that someday he will wake up and see that and hopefully it isn’t too late for Emma.

Greenlee says that she needs to do the surgery now and needs it to be over.  Greenlee says that she needs to be back on her feet and rehabbed in record time because she wants to run home to Ryan.  Dr. Clayton comes in and tells Greenlee that they have a problem.  David explains that Greenlee’s blood counts are low and it puts her at a greater risk for infection.  Greenlee says that she doesn’t care about the risk and that she wants the surgery now.  Greenlee says that she will sign whatever they want to let them off the hook if things go wrong, but nothing bad will happen because she needs this to work.

Amanda starts reading Jake’s love poem out loud and Jake suggests that she should say it silently.  Amanda says that it is sweet and Jake says that he hates what is happening to them.  Jake says that he doesn’t want to fight anymore and that he realized he needed to crank it up a little bit in the romance department, starting with a poem.  A tuba starts playing and Jake says that he remembered when she said that she liked marching bands.

Colby says that she can’t understand why Liza let Annie win.  Liza says that nobody let anyone win and that she has no control over what the judge decided.  Colby says that Annie has Emma back now and who knows what she will do to Adam now.  Liza says that Adam can handle Annie and that there is nothing left for them to do, but Colby says that they will see about that.  Liza tells Colby not to get involved in the marriage because she could get hurt.  Liza tells Colby not to try to take on Annie because Annie is a hazard to the health of anyone who tries to get in her way.  Colby says that she will be the sweetest stepdaughter ever and that she has a surprise ending for this.

Adam says that it is a crime that the judge didn’t give Annie full custody of Emma.  Annie says that Emma is back in her life now and that is all that matters.  Annie says that she never could have done this without Adam and Adam says that he would do anything for Annie.

Ryan says that he doesn’t understand how the judge could make that decision, considering everything that was said and everything that has happened.  Emma comes out and asks what the judge said.  Ryan says that the judge decided that Emma should start spending time with him and Annie.  Emma asks if Annie is moving back there and Ryan says no.  Ryan explains that every other week Emma will be living with Annie at Adam’s house, starting tonight.  Emma asks if she can go pack.  Ryan tells her to pack and says that he will be up in a minute to help her.

Tad says that Liza can’t blame herself because Colby chose to get angry.  Liza says that Colby is angry with her because she lost Stuart.  Tad says that it is time for Liza to jump off the blame train.

Greenlee asks David to tell her about his life, so that she will be distracted from her spine.  David tells Greenlee that he and Krystal ended things when she found out that he was the father of Amanda’s baby. 

Scott congratulates Annie.  Annie thanks Scott and Colby for being there.  Colby says that obviously Annie has her act together and that she is excited that Emma will be spending more time there.  The housekeeper shows up and says that there is a delivery.  Annie says that she ordered a bunch of stuff for Emma’s room and asks Scott to help her with the boxes.  Adam says that he hopes that Colby’s feelings about Annie are sincere and Colby admits that she was jealous at first, but is now over it. 

Jake tells the tuba player to take a break and announces that everyone gets a drink on him.  Jake asks Amanda how limber she is.

Scott asks Annie if she might have went a little overboard, but Annie says that she has missed birthdays and Christmases with Emma, so she wanted to make up for it. 

Ryan tells Emma to let him know if she forgot something and he will bring it right over to her.  Emma says that she forgot the book that Annie gave her for Christmas.  Ryan goes to grab the book.  Emma asks if Erica is going to stay there while she is gone.  Erica asks why Emma wants to know and Emma says that she doesn’t want her dad to be alone.  Erica promises to keep Ryan company while Emma is gone.  Ryan comes back and tells Emma to make sure she wears her hat all week outside.  Erica says that she will walk them out and then she has a late night at Fusion.  Erica tells Ryan that he is a great father.

Colby says that Adam must have given Annie a new platinum card.  Scott says that he thinks Annie bought all the gushing that Colby did.  Scott says that there is no way that Colby will get Adam to turn on Annie, but Colby says that he will when he sees who Annie really is.  Colby says that she is going to open Adam’s eyes to the truth about Annie.  Scott says that Annie is a good person with flaws, like everyone else and that she loves Adam.

Adam tells Annie to relax because Ryan and Emma will be there on time.  Annie says that if Ryan is one minute late, she is calling the state police.  Ryan and Emma show up.  Ryan reminds Emma to wear her hat and jacket outside because it is cold and she promises.  Ryan says goodbye to Emma and Annie closes the door in his face.

Greenlee and David talk about Amanda and Jake being married.  Dr. Clayton comes in and asks if Greenlee is ready for surgery.

Jake has the limbo stuff brought out and says that he did all of this for Amanda.  Tad and Liza show up.  Liza says that she loves watching people limbo and Tad says that there will be no watching. 

Dr. Clayton says that Greenlee is out and asks David to step outside.  Dr. Clayton has his team help to roll Greenlee over.  Greenlee dreams about Ryan telling her that he would have waited his entire life for her.  Dr. Clayton begins the surgery.

Jake tells Amanda that he got his PhD in Limbology before he went to med school.  Amanda’s cell phone rings and she says that it is probably the babysitter.  Tad says that he can’t believe that Liza can move like that and she says that she will always bend over backward for him.  Tad tells Liza to be careful unless she means it.

Amanda asks David if they have started treatment.  David says that the nausea is pretty tough, but that he can’t sleep because of the meds and the crazy Malaysian heat wave.  Amanda tells David that she and Jake went out for a drink at ConFusion.  David asks Amanda to kiss Trevor for him when she gets home.  David says that he has to go because the doctor is there.

Emma says that she loves her new room.  Adam says that Lucretia whipped up a special welcome home cake and Annie says that they can have some after dinner.  Annie gives Emma a tiara and says that she is officially the princess of Castle Chandler and says that it has diamonds on it like a real princess.  Emma asks if they are real diamonds and Annie says that they are very close.

Erica says that she hopes Ryan is hungry.  Ryan asks what happened to her having to go to Fusion.  Erica says that Fusion can wait because Emma didn’t want Ryan to be alone, and neither does she.

Dr. Clayton begins Greenlee’s surgery.  Greenlee dreams about Ryan proposing and she flatlines.  Ryan tells Greenlee that he won’t ever let her go again.

Liza says that she can’t believe that Tad wouldn’t limbo.  Tad says that he would rather dance with her than a pole any day.  Tad and Liza kiss while they dance.

Jake asks why the sitter called if Trevor is okay and Amanda says that she is new.

David asks about Greenlee.  Dr. Clayton says that they nearly lost her, but she made it through surgery and the surgery was a success.  David thanks Dr. Clayton for saving Greenlee’s life.  Dr. Clayton says that Greenlee was gone, but something pulled her back and he isn’t sure it was anything he did.  Greenlee remembers Ryan saying that he will never let her go.  David asks how long Greenlee was without a pulse and Dr. Clayton says that it might have been several seconds, but the team started CPR immediately and everything worked out great.

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