AMC Update Friday 1/8/10

All My Children Update Friday 1/8/10


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Marissa looks at brochures on romantic getaways. JR comes home and wants to know what Marissa is reading. He looks at the brochures. Marissa tells JR that she planned the trip to Rio before she knew JR needed more treatment. JR and Marissa talk about the Chemo. Marissa tells him that the cancer will not take over her life. JR wants to postpone his treatment. Marissa wants him to start treatment. JR leaves and runs into Tad. Marissa and JR talk to his doctor. The doctor does not support the trip to Rio but understands a patient’s need to take a break from the chemo. The doctor tells Marissa not to push and to go on the trip with JR, then return for treatment. Marissa finds JR packing when she returns home. JR is excited about the trip. He tells Marissa that he is scared since his cancer has returned.

Annie does not want Colby to wear casual clothes to court. Colby tells Annie to go to hell and Adam warns Colby about addressing his wife like that. Colby walks up to Annie and tells her that her dad paid for child custody. She accuses Annie of planning to leave Adam as soon as she gets Emma back. Colby tells Adam that Annie is evil and she does not trust her, because Annie deserves a prison sentence. Adam knows that Colby will continue to taunt her. Scott tells her that she is terrified that she could lose Emma for good.

Liza and Tad are asleep on the couch; she wakes Tad up by beating on a pan with a spoon. He asks Liza if she is OK after her visit with Bailey and Stuart. Liza must focus on Ryan not losing his child. Liza jumps in the shower and yells at Tad to not think about joining her. Tad decides to take a look at Judge Robinson’s bank account to look for a large deposit from Adam. Liza tells him that there is no proof it came from Adam. Tad suggests that she see the judge and throw out accusations. Liza kisses Tad then leave to see the judge at the racquet club.

Ryan tells Erica she is beautiful and she tells him that it is a shame their relationship can’t last. She is afraid of people’s reaction to their relationship so they decide to keep their future relationship a secret by sneaking around. Ryan and Erica have coffee but he has to get home to pick up Emma for court. Erica promises to support Ryan. He kisses her goodbye. Opal knocks on Erica’s door. Opal thinks she messed things up with Erica and Ryan but Erica denies a relationship with Ryan. Erica tells Opal that she will keep her distance from Ryan.

Adam tells Colby that Emma will be apart of a new Chandler dynasty. Annie tells Scott that she is afraid of losing Emma. Scott reminds her that the judge has been bribed, but she reminds him that that there is no guarantee. Annie thinks out loud about schemes to Scott and he tells her to stop because her schemes never work. Scott tells Annie to believe in herself. Colby apologize to Adam and promise to support Annie. Annie and Colby play nice. Colby tells Scott that Annie was all over him when she and Adam entered the hallway, and they looked guilty. She tells Scott to pick a side. Scott supports Annie, and asks Colby to stop playing games.

Liza meet Ryan at his home to tell him that she wants to put Emma on the stand; Ryan does want Emma on the witness stand. Emma returns home and ask her dad if she has to answer the judge’s questions. Judge Robinson removes himself from Annie’s custody case, because he is afraid of being thrown off the bench. He tells Annie and Adam as they enter the courtroom. Annie panics since Emma’s custody is not a done deal.

Opal arrives at the courthouse and runs into Tad. She wants to know why he is there. He tells her that he supported Liza on Ryan’s case. Opal is excited that he and Liza are spending time together. Opal tries to fix Tad’s bed hair as he enters the courtroom, but he slaps her hand away.

Ryan testifies in court. He talks about Annie’s selfish desires and putting her needs over Emma’s. He talks about Annie putting Emma in danger. His mission is to keep his daughter safe, which is his reason for wanting Emma to stay with him. Annie gets on the stand and admits to not being a perfect mother because she was sick. She tells the judge that her heart is full of love for Emma. She tells how when she was lost and alone she would hear Emma’s voice and how she became well because of her daughter.

The judge tells the court that she is ready to make her decision.

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