AMC Update Thursday 1/7/10

All My Children Update Thursday 1/7/10


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Bailey knocks on Liza’s door and tells her that she needs her help. Bailey tells Liza that Damon was fired from the casino and got arrest from hitting another employee as he was leaving. Liza goes to bail Damon out of jail; he is not happy to see her at first, but he later ask her if she can get the charges dropped. Tad questions Bailey about Damon, and their life. She is truthful and tells him that they are having a hard time and that their life is not what she expected. Liza returns home with Damon. Tad asks Damon if he misses his band; Damon tells him that he had to give up the band for his family. Liza asks to hold Stuart. Tad reminds Bailey to tell Liza what she told him. Bailey tells Liza that she misses her, and Liza responds in-kind.

Erica and Ryan are attempting to make love, but Opal interrupts them by knocking on the door and yelling at Erica. She tells Erica to get to Ryan; Opal walks into the room and realizes that Erica is in the middle of doing what she recommends so she leaves the room. Ryan and Erica try to resume their lovemaking, but the moment has been lost since the interruption. Ryan and Erica talk about their sexual timing; he wants to pick up where they left off and she wants to wait and let things happen.

Greenlee wants answers from David about her Pine Valley love ones. David tells Greenlee that Ryan took her death badly and has since been focusing on his kids. Kendall and Zach have worked out their differences, and Jack and Erica are at it again. Greenlee is told that Annie is still in Oakhaven. Greenlee wants the surgery now, because she wants to be home by Valentine’s Day. She does not want anyone to know she is alive until she is walking again. David visits Greenlee’s surgeon and he ask the doctor and Nurse Gayle to lie to Greenlee about everyone’s current situation. He wants Greenlee’s fantasy protected. Greenlee talks to the surgeon about her dreams of Ryan. She has a positive attitude, and believes that her surgery will be successful. She tells the doctor that she wants her old life back.

Jake wants to go to Gloster to keep an eye on David. He gives Amanda his true feelings about David’s sickness. Amanda believes that David is dying, but Jake believes that he is faking his illness. Jake tells Amanda that David dying is a hoax. He tells her that she falls for the lies because of her good heart. Jake plans to go to Gloster, even though Amanda does not want him to. Krystal asks Jake to cancel his trip since Amanda does not agree with it.

Tad tells Bailey that she should treat Liza better since she has been great to Bailey. Bailey feels bad about taking Trevor away from Liza. Bailey talks about the hard times she is having with Damon and Trevor, but what she really misses is spending time talking to Liza.

Erica orders room service for one and Ryan goes home but thinks about Erica. Erica and Ryan have flashbacks of their time together. Ryan brings in Erica’s room service tray to her surprise. They were waiting for each other so that they can finish their movie together.

Amanda and Trevor visit David at Wildwind; He tells her he plan on leaving for Malaysia for treatment of his blood disorder. He would like for Trevor and her to come with him but has since decided that he must seek treatment alone. David tells Amanda that he will come back to Pine Valley, then says goodbye to Amanda and Trevor.

Greenlee asks nurse Gayle if she likes David. Nurse Gayle tells her that she really like doctor Hayward. Greenlee than ask her if she is in love with David. Nurse Gayle tells her that it doesn’t matter how she feels about David, because he likes playing a hero to his women and she does not need saving.

Jake attempts to leave but opal recommends that they all stay put. Amanda arrives at Tad’s home with Trevor. Amanda tells Jake that David went to Malaysia. She does not think Davis is returning to Pine Valley.

David leaves for Malaysia on a private airplane.

Greenlee sees a future picture of Ryan and she; She walks into a room and Ryan is happy to see her and cannot believe that she is alive.

Ryan and Erica are at her hotel room in the afterglow of lovemaking.

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