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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/6/10


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

While Tad sits at ConFusion trying to enjoy his large salad, Jake arrives and places on the table in front of him a vial of a clear liquid, an experimental unapproved compound being tested in Southeast Asia, which David is claiming to be using to treat his "fatal" disease. Jake and Tad give the evil doctor credit for always being one step ahead of them and don't buy for one second that he is actually dying. As they wonder what Hayward is actually doing in Gloucester, Mass., Liza shows up with a restraining order for Tad to stay at least 800 feet away from Gayle's bar and David. Although Tad doesn't care, Liza is upset that her name also appears on the order, because now she can be charged with aiding and abetting the break-in at Nurse Gayle's bar. Tad tells her she can walk away anytime, but he can't afford to and will return to Gloucester to find out what David is doing. Afraid for his brother, Jake offers to do the deed for him, because David can't stop him, but Liza fears it will drive another wedge between him and Amanda. Jake just hopes that catching David in a mistake will protect his wife. Discouraged that they're not listening to her warning, Liza leaves.

Amanda arrives at the hospital pushing Trevor in his stroller and talks with Angie about how much fun it was to take part in Hayley's documentary. Approaching them, David complains about the make-up folks not making him look good on camera, but Angie disagrees and thinks they made him look almost lifelike. She actually thinks he looks a little too healthy for someone who's supposed to be dying, so he must be faking. When he brings up his gift to her, Angie expresses her disdain at his underhanded methods of keeping other people under his control, because that's not her management style. Amanda then approaches David and confronts him about his whereabouts the other night when he lied to her about where he'd gone. Realizing that she ratted him out to Tad, David accuses Amanda of stabbing him in the back while he was just trying to protect her by keeping her in the dark about his illegal drug trafficking. Denying he has anything else to hide, David informs Amanda that Gayle dropped the charges against Tad, and he just wants to be left alone to enjoy the short amount of time he has left. Whining that he thought Amanda was different than the other people in town who wish him dead, David goes to meet the surgeon who will perform Greenlee's operation, so she can walk again.

As Erica sits in her room at the Yacht Club staring at her blank TV, Opal arrives all excited about the TV show, but her friend is too afraid of Ryan's comments to have actually viewed it. Opal can't believe that the indomitable Erica Kane is actually insecure in her new relationship. Erica explains that she told Hayley she'd like to fall in love again, and now wonders if Ryan shares that feeling, because when they were together the other night, he didn't ignore his ringing phone. Opal thinks she really doesn't want to find out, since Erica deleted the program, but then a messenger brings her a copy of it, so she shows Opal the door. Meanwhile, at his penthouse, Ryan is also sitting in front of his blank TV when Corrina brings Emma downstairs on their way to a sleep-over with a friend. When Emma asks if he's going to watch Hayley's documentary without him, Ryan lies that he messed up and didn't record it. Ryan agrees when Corrina suggests that maybe someone else recorded it or it will reair another day. After Corrina and Emma leave, Ryan receives a copy of the documentary with a note from Hayley and goes to Erica's where they begin watching it together. Both of them claim they missed recording it as they wait for their scenes to air. Then they smile after hearing that each has fallen in love again. As Ryan begins kissing her, his phone rings, but he takes it out of his pocket, drops it to the floor, and returns to kissing Erica.

When Gayle goes to check on her, Greenlee wakes up and asks for David. Gayle assures her he's only a phone call away. Greenlee really wants to get better so she can return to her family and friends. She then dreams that she appears on Erica and Jack's doorstep, shocking them that she's alive and well. Jack asks where she's been, but she claims it doesn't matter, because she's now home where she belongs. To her question about how he is doing, Jack credits Erica with helping him pull his life back together, even though things haven't been the same without his daughter, so Greenlee assures him everything's going to be perfect now that she's there. The medical equipment beeps in Greenlee's room as she continues dreaming of her return to town. After enjoying cookies with her father and Erica, Greenlee uses the doorway to surprise Kendall and Zach who say they've had a tough year but worked through everything together, because losing her made them aware of just how easy it is to lose someone you love.

As her dream visit continues with the Slater family, Greenlee is happy to hear of how well Bianca and Reese are doing in Paris, and she can't wait to return to Fusion. She refuses to discuss Ryan, however, because she wants to see for herself if their love really is forever. After Kendall informs her that Zach and Reese have no feelings toward each other, she encourages her to go toward her future, so Greenlee goes through a doorway to Ryan who's standing in his penthouse staring outside. Just as she remarks on how beautiful the moon is out tonight, Ryan turns around and calls her name, but David wakes her out of her dream to introduce her to Dr. Clayton, who wants to make her dreams come true. While Nurse Gayle gives Dr. Clayton a tour of the facilities, David cautions Greenlee not to put too much stock in dreams, because there are bound to be surprises. As Ryan continues making out with Erica, Greenlee challenges David to tell her that Ryan's not looking up at the moon with Emma right now wishing she were with them, that her death didn't bring Jack and Erica back together, and that Kendall won't be waiting with open arms to welcome her back. Looking down at Greenlee, David doesn't have the heart to tell her she's wrong on all counts.

Angie runs into Madison at the hospital as she prepares to get a check-up and supports her idea of attending her father's sentencing, hoping that it will bring her closure. Although Angie offers to get her appointment rescheduled, Madison can't bring herself to go to court again. Angie helps Madison understand that she always tries to please the men in her life no matter how awful they treat her. When Angie inquires about her mother, Madison explains that she lives in Florida, a shallow socialite who is embarrassed by her daughter. Liza informs Madison that her father is going to jail but will be paroled in less than a year, which gives her time to get stronger and rebuild her life without a man telling her what to do. Before she leaves the hospital, Madison accepts a referral from Angie to a woman psychologist who can help her deal with her past and build a better future.

Jake cautions his brother to be more sensitive to Liza's feelings if he's interested in a romance with her, then agrees to let him know when he's going to head for Gloucester. As he turns to leave, he spots Amanda who's been listening to their conversation. Believing David's story, Amanda asks Jake to back off, but he shocks her by revealing that he really wants to see David dead for everything he's done to them. Fed up, Amanda shouts for him to stop talking like that in front of the baby and have some compassion for a sick man, but Jake just wants to unmask David for the manipulator he is. Amanda then threatens to end their relationship if he persists on going after David.

Tad surprises Liza in her apartment when she returns home and apologizes for putting her in a lousy position. When Tad suggests she take off if he goes too far, she assures him she will never do that, then gazes at him through squinty eyes. Over the meal he brought, Liza mentions the things she finds attractive about Tad and wishes he would stick around as they begin kissing.

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