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Hayley begins her episode of “Wave”  and explains that she was raised in Pine Valley and what the show is about.  Adam explains that he came to Pine Valley because his company was shooting a film about Erica.  Erica explains that she didn’t always appreciate Pine Valley, but realized that everything she wanted was right there.

Joe explains that he has been in town for 40 years and that is where he met Ruth.  Ruth and Joe explain that they are retiring to Florida, but that Pine Valley will always be their home.  Tad talks about how the Martins found him when he was 9 years old and that they took him in.

Brooke talks about riding to town on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle.

Krystal says that she came to town to meet her new son-in-law and that it finally hit her that this was home.

Ryan says that he didn’t want to come to Pine Valley, but he fell in love with a woman and with the town.

Jesse explains that Pine Valley wasn’t his kind of town, but he met the girl of his dreams.  Jesse says that he loves Pine Valley because it gave him Angie.

JR talks about leaving Pine Valley and meeting Babe in San Diego and then realized that everything he needed was in Pine Valley.

Brot talks about not wanting to go anywhere after Iraq because he didn’t think he would fit in anywhere.  Brot says that he now thinks about Pine Valley as his home.

Opal says that she loves everyone in Pine Valley, then corrects it to say almost all of the citizens.  Palmer says that Opal knows that she loves him.

David says that he has saved the lives of countless Pine Valley citizens and that he plans on taking his last breath right there.

Jake talks about leaving Pine Valley and coming back and that he thought he was going to grow up to be his dad, but it never quite worked out.  Joe talks about when Jake was a little boy.

Zach says that he is a very different man than he was when he blew in town 6 years ago looking for revenge.

Erica talks about her troubles and says that she had firm ground to stand on because she had Pine Valley.

Hayley starts talking about marriage.  Erica admits that she was married 10 times.  Adam says that he was married 13 times, if you count Erica twice and Liza three times.

Zach and Kendall talk about their marriages and Kendall brings up having a big ceremony with their friends and family.

Opal talks about all the beautiful weddings they have had in Pine Valley.  Opal says that a Pine Valley wedding guarantees some drama along with the cake and champagne.  Opal says that Nina and Cliff’s marriage was picture perfect until Greenlee blew it sky-high.  Jackson says that his daughter always knew how to make an entrance.

JR talks about losing Babe and then meeting Marissa.  Scott says that he isn’t even dating anyone right now.

Angie talks about marrying Jesse when they were so young.  Jesse says that they should rename Pine Valley “Love Capital of America.”  Frankie introduces his wife, Randi.

Brot says that he is sure the right lady is out there.  Natalia says that she will be cool with it if she never finds Mr. Right.

Krystal says that she has been married 3 times since she has been in Pine Valley.  Liza says that she came back to Pine Valley for her daughter, Colby, and that romance doesn’t really fit into her picture.  Tad says that he isn’t going to tell who he is interested in on national television.

Adam says that he is actually married to the only woman he ever really loved.  Annie says that she thinks that she is the only person who could have saved Adam that night.

Jake says that he never would have believed that Amanda would have been the love of his life and his wife.  Amanda talks about faking a sore neck, just so Jake would massage it.

Erica lists all of the last names she has had.  Ryan says that he doesn’t believe that you can only have one soul mate.  Erica says that someone told her that she should write a soap opera about her life and call it “All My Husbands” but that she has loved them all at the time.  Ryan says that maybe he has already fallen in love again and Erica says that she is counting on it.

Hayley starts talking about the family part of Pine Valley.  Maria and Mateo talk about their big family.  Mateo talks about having four sisters and says that he misses it.

Ryan talks about his childhood and says that he never wanted children.  Emma runs over to him and Ryan says that now he can’t imagine life without his kids.

Annie says that she wanted to be the mom that hers never was and that her daughter will be spending more time at the mansion.  Adam says that family is the most important thing to him.  Palmer says that Adam eats his young.  Colby talks about picking a major and says that she is thinking about psychology with an emphasis on family therapy or circus management.  JR introduces Little Adam to Hayley.  JR says that he hopes he hasn’t scarred Little Adam for life.

Erica says that she sees her mother, Mona, in her children, especially Bianca.  Kendall and Bianca talk about having Erica Kane as their mother.  Bianca says that she owes almost everything she is to Erica.

Tad says that the Martins have a plan to be fruitful and multiply until they take over the world.  Tad says that he is proud of all of his children.

Amanda talks about her parents and says that she hopes that she can give Trevor all the things her dad gave her.  Jake says that it doesn’t matter that Trevor is David’s son because he is one of the best things to happen to him.  David says that his children, Trevor and Marissa, will never know just how much he has done for them.

Jesse and Frankie talk about all the time that Jesse was away.  Randi says that she never knew what a family was, but now the Hubbards are her family.  Natalia talks about her family.

Scott says that he had the greatest dad a kid could have.

Hayley starts talking about the losses of Pine Valley.  Erica talks about the last time she saw Myrtle before she passed away in her sleep.

Tad admits that he still talks to Dixie all the time and that it took a long time for him to accept that she is really gone.  Palmer says that he misses Dixie.

Opal says that she is proud to be Jenny’s mom.  Greg says that Jenny was his high school sweetheart.

Brooke talks about her daughter, Laura, being killed by a drunk driver at 8 years old.

Krystal says that Babe was half of her heart and always will be.  JR talks about Babe dying in his arms and that he was angry that she didn’t fight harder to stay with Little Adam.

Ryan talks about losing Greenlee on their wedding day. 

Mateo says that he misses his sister.  Maria starts talking about Julia and then asks if she can take a second.

Adam starts talking about Stuart, but says that he can’t do it. While her dad stares at the painting of him and his brother as children, Hayley puts her arms around him.

Bianca says that she still thinks of Pine Valley as home and that there will always be a special place for her there.  Lily talks about MIT being harder to navigate than Pine Valley because of her Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Jackson says that the Pine Valley school system took Lily in and mainstreamed her.  Maris says that she still reads the “Pine Valley Bulletin”  online and that she wants to go home when she sees certain things.

Hayley talks about the hope in Pine Valley.  Jake says that Pine Valley loves the history, but that they are all about moving forward.  Jake, Jesse, Angie, Krystal, David, Joe, Ruth, Tad and Ryan talk about the tornadoes that swept through town.  Ryan says that everyone came together to help until everyone was accounted for and that he was proud to be a part of that.

Adam says that he and Erica were trapped in the tunnels at the mansion during the tornadoes.  Erica talks about trying to get Kendall to wake up after the tornadoes, but she wouldn’t.  Kendall says that it is a miracle that she is there.  Erica says that Bianca gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the rubble from the storm.  Bianca says that Gabrielle might be the strongest of the Kane women when she grows up.

Hayley says that Pine Valley deserves to be the Best Town in America.  Tad, Jake, Liza, JR, Adam and Erica talk about why Pine Valley is all they see in their futures. 

Erica says that everyone in Pine Valley feels a connection because Pine Valley is like a big home with a lot of rooms.  Joe says that in the end, everyone comes together.  Erica says that the door is always open.

Creator Agnes Nixon utters the famous words:  “The great and the least, the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in tragedy and triumph, you are all my children.”

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