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All My Children Update Monday 1/4/10


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Greenlee asks where Ryan is and says that they are getting married today.  David tells Greenlee that she has been in an accident and has been asleep for almost a year.  Greenlee says that Ryan must be worried and that David needs to call him immediately.  David says that he let everyone believe that Greenlee died the night of the crash.

Adam complains about someone landing a helicopter on his property and opens the door to see Hayley standing there.  Hayley asks who Annie is and Annie says that she is Hayley’s new mother.  Hayley introduces Annie to Mateo.  Erica comes out and says hello to Hayley and so does Ryan.  Ryan introduces Emma to Hayley and Mateo.  Hayley asks what they are interrupting and Annie say that it is her and Adam’s wedding.  Adam explains that they are renewing their vows.  Erica asks if the boys are with them and Hayley says that they are there on business.  Hayley announces that Pine Valley has been voted “Best Town in America”  and that she is doing a documentary about Pine Valley to coincide with it.  Hayley tells Adam that she wants the first interview to be with him.  Adam says that they have a ceremony to finish and that any interview of him will include his new wife.

Liza meets with James and asks him who he is looking for.  James says that Madison came to see him and threatened him.

Jesse asks where Madison is and Frankie says that he hasn’t seen her.  Madison comes in and Frankie tells her that she doesn’t have to be there until they call her as a witness.  Madison says that she has to be there to try to save Frankie’s family.

Greenlee says that she wants Ryan.  David tells Greenlee that she drove off the road and crashed into an icy river, where he found her.  Greenlee asks why he didn’t tell everyone.  David says that everyone had already accepted the conclusion that she had died and he wanted to talk to her before he told anyone the truth.  David explains that he almost lost her on a couple of occasions and didn’t want everyone to go through losing her all over again.  David says that he started Greenlee on an experimental drug regimen and kept her hidden away so that he could save her life.  Greenlee says that she has to get to Ryan and asks what is wrong with her legs.

The judge starts the ceremony.  Hayley asks Scott if Adam has lost his mind.  Scott asks if they know Annie’s history and Mateo says that they did their research.  Hayley says that they wanted to be there for Stuart’s funeral, but they were on location in the middle of nowhere.  Scott says that Australia is a long way away and Stuart would have understood.  The judge pronounces Annie and Adam husband and wife.  Emma asks if she can hug Annie now and Ryan tells her to go ahead.  Hayley talks to Ryan and tells him that she is sorry about Greenlee.  Ryan says that it has been a rough year and that Hayley has a lot to catch up on.  Hayley says that she hopes he has found a way to move on.  Ryan says that he is working on it and Hayley asks if he is dating Erica.

Frankie asks Madison where she has been.  Madison says that she had to go retrieve a few things from her father’s house as a way to save Frankie’s family.  The judge announces that court is in session and James pleads guilty.  James apologizes to his daughter and promises that he will get help.  The judge accepts James’ plea.

Ryan says that he doesn’t know if he would call it dating because it is complicated.  Hayley says that she is in shock.  Ryan tells Hayley to give him a call and they will set up the interview.  Annie asks Ryan if Emma can stay for a little while and Ryan says that Emma is tired and needs to get home to bed.  Annie thanks Emma for being there.  Ryan says that he finds it to be quite a coincidence that the man presiding over Annie’s marriage to Adam is the same judge who is covering the custody hearing.  Hayley tells Erica that she would love for her to be the kick-off interview.  Erica thanks Hayley and says that she has to leave.  Erica asks if the documentary is about Pine Valley or a gossip piece about the people.  Hayley says that she isn’t after a sensational angle, but that she can’t help but notice that a lot has changed since she left.  Erica tells Hayley to call her publicist and set up something.  Adam tells Hayley that not many of the people are the same as when she left.  Hayley asks Adam if he is happy with Annie.

David explains to Greenlee that she has some bone fragments in her spine from the accident and that they did everything they could to relieve the pressure, but there was a lot of scarring.  David says that a neurosurgeon needs to take care of the scarring and reattach the spine using an experimental stem cell breakthrough.  Greenlee asks if there is someone in Pine Valley that can do it and David says no.  David says that he has discussed it with a surgeon who is working out of Sweden, but that he wanted to discuss the implications with her first.  Greenlee asks if she could be paralyzed for life and David says that the surgery could kill her.  David says that it is Greenlee’s decision to make, or she can call Ryan and talk to him about it.  Greenlee says that she couldn’t walk back into Ryan’s life just to leave again.  David says that Greenlee could call Ryan now and forget about surgery if she wanted, but it is her decision to make.

Annie says that Hayley’s documentary is a great opportunity for her to let everyone know that she isn’t  “crazy Annie Lavery” anymore and that she is now “Mrs. Adam Chandler.”  Scott says that it might be harder than Annie thinks because it will take a lot to fix Annie’s reputation.

Hayley hugs Adam and says that she hopes he can keep what happened to Stuart from eating him alive.  Adam says that he loves Annie very much because she protected him when everyone else in town was out for his blood.  Hayley tells Adam that they put Max in a boarding school in Utah because he got into some trouble.  Adam asks if there is anything he can do to help and reminds her that he is an expert on rebellious kids.  Hayley points out that JR wasn’t there and Adam says that JR has a new wife and it has created some problems.  Hayley says that she hopes Annie makes Adam happy.  Annie comes over and tells Hayley that her crew is asking for approval for the spot for interviews.  Annie asks Adam if she is just being paranoid because she feels like Hayley might have some kind of hidden agenda.  Adam says that Hayley isn’t out to get Annie. 

Angie asks what Madison said to James to get him to plead guilty.  Madison says that she blackmailed him by telling him that she would expose everything.  Madison says that this way Jesse and Randi won’t have to pay the price.  Jesse says that he was prepared to deal with the consequences of what he did that night, but Madison says that she couldn’t let that happen because she has hurt them all enough already.  Frankie asks what Madison is going to do now and she says that she is going to burn everything she gathered and then try to get her life back together.  Angie says that Madison doesn’t have to go anywhere to do that.

Ryan and Erica talk about the moon.  Ryan says that the judge who married Adam and Annie is the one who is in charge of the custody hearing for Emma.  Erica says that Ryan can use every connection she has because Adam isn’t the only one who has pull in Pine Valley.  Ryan thanks Erica. 

Greenlee lies in bed staring at the moon.

Annie asks Hayley if she doesn’t like her.  Hayley says that she doesn’t know Annie and doesn’t make snap judgments about people.  Hayley says that Annie wouldn’t be a part of the documentary if Adam hadn’t insisted.  Annie asks why and says that she has fought for everything she has, just like Erica and Adam.  Hayley says that now Annie has her looking forward to the interview.  Adam says that he hopes they are ready to get the show on the road because they still have a wedding night on schedule.  Colby says that she is glad Hayley doesn’t like Annie because it is her mission to break Adam and Annie up.  Hayley tells Colby to be careful.  Mateo tells Hayley that she can do this.  Adam asks Annie what is wrong.  Annie says that Hayley is like the rest of Adam’s kids: Out for revenge and to hurt him, but Adam says that he will make it work for them.

Madison thanks Frankie for believing in her when no one else did.  Frankie says that the important thing is that it is all over.

Ryan and Erica toast to each other.

David asks if Greenlee has called Ryan.  Greenlee says that she can’t because she can’t go back to him like this.  Greenlee says that if she goes back to Ryan, she wants it to be as the person she was before.  Greenlee tells David to call the surgeon and asks him to promise not to tell anyone that she survived at all if she doesn’t make it through the surgery.  David says that he will do anything she wants.

Angie asks if Frankie left.  Madison says that Frankie wanted to tell Randi how things turned out.  Madison says that she knows that she needs a lot of help and Angie says that they will help her get through it, if she will let them.

Hayley asks Annie what she finds so appealing about the community.  Annie says that it is Adam because he is the light in her life.  Hayley asks about Annie’s rough time in Pine Valley.  Adam interrupts and says that Annie is the embodiment of what it means to be Pine Valley and that Annie is a very special person.

David tells Greenlee that if she does survive the surgery and is able to walk again, things might not be the same.  Greenlee says that Ryan’s love for her never changes and that he will always be there.  David tells Greenlee that people do move on.  Greenlee says that Ryan tried that before and it didn’t work because he never will let go.

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