AMC Update Wednesday 12/30/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/30/09


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Adam invites Judge Robinson, who had declared Annie competent to stand trial, to the Chandler Mansion and gives him a wad of cash.  The judge thinks he's being bribed and refuses the money, but Adam assures him it has nothing to do with the custody suit for Emma, but rather he and Annie want to renew their vows and want him to officiate. Relieved, Judge Robinson quickly agrees to do the honors, but witnesses are required, so Adam searches for Scott and Colby, while Annie wishes there were a way that Emma could also be there.

At Ryan's penthouse, Erica doesn't understand why she feels so sad about Kendall's departure when she should be happy that her daughter is finally in a good place with her husband and children. Ryan consoles her and decides to occupy Erica with a passionate kiss.

While Jake worries about his brother who's in jail in Gloucester, Mass., because he broke into Nurse Gayle's bar while pursuing David Hayward, Amanda assures him that Liza will bail Tad out, and they'll soon be playing video games again in his man cave. Opal gets a foreboding feeling that worries Krystal, who is sitting with Trevor in her lap in the Martin living room.

Liza watches incredulously as Tad returns to Gayle's bar and picks the lock as soon as he's free again. When Gayle catches them trying to break in again, she threatens to call the police, but Liza tries to frighten her by accusing her of having a hand in Stuart Chandler's murder.

Meanwhile, David has moved Greenlee to a hospital room where he tries to keep her calm when she frantically asks for Ryan, thinking it's a year ago and they're about to get married. In order to prevent her from getting too upset, David administers more sedatives which enable Greenlee to keep on dreaming about being with Ryan.

Liza accuses Gayle of administering the drugs that caused Adam to kill his brother, but the nurse is not easily frightened until Tad threatens to make a citizen's arrest and tie her up until she tells them what David is up to.

In Greenlee's dream, she calls out to Ryan who takes her hand and smiles. Meanwhile, Erica and Ryan happily agree that they want to be together.

Colby sees Annie lighting some candles and thinks her new stepmother should stay away from fire and sharp objects. Annie claims she's allowed to use three matches a day. When Colby hears that her father is in the study with Judge Robinson, she berates Annie for slamming Ryan by bribing a judge. Laughing, Annie informs her that the judge is actually there to renew their vows and asks Colby to share in their happiness by attending the event.

While Opal fears catastrophe and disaster, Krystal suggests it's not going to be that bad. When Jake wonders what she ate that upset her so much, Opal claims it's something deep in her bones that's giving her a bad vibe and warning her that something is coming to Pine Valley.  All of a sudden, the tornado siren wails which causes Kathy to want to hide in the basement, fearing that the house will collapse just as The Comeback did. Although a TV reporter assures everyone that it was just a malfunction and not a real tornado, Opal believes it was a foreboding sign and gasps when the lights flicker and a helicopter approaches Pine Valley. She then has a vision of the helicopter headed straight for Emma Lavery.

Meanwhile, at their home, Ryan comforts Emma about the siren and convinces her to go get into her PJs so he can read her a bedtime story. Erica thinks Ryan is really good at making people feel safe, but the doorbell rings and Natalia and Brot arrive with a court order to take Emma to her mother.

Although Judge Robinson suggests that Adam and Annie have a real celebration with family, friends, and a minister, they want to celebrate tonight, despite everything.

Remembering the devastation of the tornado, Colby is glad that Scott hasn't gotten blown away, but she fears her dad is still going to get hurt and informs her cousin about their plans for that night. Colby thinks it's strange that her dad would ask him to be their witness in light of his relationship with Annie, but Scott assures her that's in the past, and he doesn't want to hurt his Uncle Adam like that. Wanting to protect her father, Colby asks Scott to help her get him out of his marriage to Annie, but before he can answer, Adam walks in and asks them to stand up for him and Annie.

Gayle insists that she and David are just helping each other, and he gets his meds delivered at her place, but Tad and Liza continue to hammer at her until David arrives and cautions Liza to be careful if she wants to become the next D.A. David asks to live his last few months in peace, but Tad accuses him of always making people miserable. Fed up with the harassment, David dares Tad to search the place or go to the police and have him arrested for transporting illegal drugs, but Tad does nothing but argue with him, until Liza pulls him away and insists they leave. After locking the door, David asks Gayle where she stashed all the equipment that he was using for Greenlee, and the nurse opens a small closet filled to the brim. David chuckles that even if Tad and Liza knew what they were looking for, they'd never find it. Still sedated, Greenlee dreams that she's marrying Ryan. Standing by her side, David and Gayle remark on how well their patient is doing. David worries how he's going to tell Greenlee that her whole life has changed.

Despite Ryan and Erica's protestations, Natalia insists on enforcing the summons. Ryan makes a desperate call to Liza for help, but she doesn't respond.

While driving back from Massachusetts, Tad screams at Liza for suggesting that he simply walk away and stop getting sucked in by David. When she wonders if Hayward really is dying, Tad insists he is not capable of telling the truth. Then he recalls all the awful things David has done to his family and is determined to follow his instincts this time telling him that something is definitely wrong and Hayward has an evil scheme which could cause someone else to die.

Worrying about Tad, Jake wishes he'd gone to Gloucester with him, but Amanda is glad he didn't, because then they'd both be in jail.

Remembering what happened the last time she had a vision of the Chandler Mansion, Opal is upset when Corrina informs her that Ryan took Emma there.

After delivering Emma to her mother, Brot asks Natalia if they should follow up on Erica's allegations that Judge Robinson is on the take, but she warns him to just take orders and be quiet. Annie welcomes Emma while Ryan confronts Adam about his methods of getting the little girl there. Adam is confident that nothing is going to happen to interfere with the night's proceedings. Ryan then notices that none of Adam's loved ones are in attendance. Once everyone's in their place, Judge Robinson begins the ceremony, but Opal bursts in shouting for everyone to stop. Although Erica suggests they listen to Opal's warning, Annie thinks they're just trying to ruin her night and implores Adam to make them leave. Opal tells Ryan she sees Emma surrounded by bright lights just as a helicopter descends on the Chandler property while the little girl stands on the terrace staring up into the sky.

As Jake and Amanda get close in a corner of the living room, Krystal suggests she leave them alone, though love to her is but a distant memory. When Amanda asks whatever happened to her architect friend, Rob, Krystal thinks he was frightened off by her complicated relationships and never called her again. Suddenly, Rob shows up at the door with flowers for Krystal and an invitation to ring in the new year together. Though she is hesitant, Jake and Amanda push Krystal out the door, so she can be just as happy as they are. While they cuddle up again, Tad enters and urges them to get a room  He then informs Jake and Amanda about David's excuse for being in Gloucester. Although Amanda and Liza think it's plausible, Jake and Tad don't believe it and vow to keep their eyes open until David makes a mistake, and they can nail him.

Ryan rushes to Emma's side, but she's transfixed by the huge size of the moon, which she feels she can almost touch.

When Greenlee regains consciousness and asks for Ryan, David informs her she was in an accident almost a year ago, and Ryan thinks she's dead.

Adam gets a message that someone has landed on his property as his doorbell rings. Though Opal urges him not to open the door, Adam is determined to find out who has invaded his home and kick them off to hell. As everyone stands behind him with their mouths open, Adam opens the door and exclaims, "Hayley."

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