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Tad asks why David would want to go to Gloucester on Christmas.  Jake says that there are probably reasons that David doesn’t want them to know and Tad says that it probably has to do with the fatal disease that David is faking, but Amanda says that he isn’t faking it.  Kathy comes out and tells them Merry Christmas.

Erica says that they were afraid that Kendall wouldn’t make it home for Christmas.  Zach says that they could call it a miracle.  Erica asks what happened because it was like they fell off the map.  Zach says that they got stuck in the snow and slept the whole night in the car.  Kendall says that it was part of the night and asks who wants breakfast.  Erica tells Kendall that she made it home safe and sound to see her boys for Christmas and asks what is wrong.  Kendall asks if Erica can ever forgive her for the way Kendall hurt her.

Emma asks if Ryan is holding Greenlee’s ornament.  Ryan says that it is and that what is important is that they still have memories of Greenlee.

David tells Gayle that they don’t have to keep Greenlee in a coma anymore because she has made a remarkable recovery.  Gayle says that they thought that before and we were wrong because the drugs wore off and Greenlee went nuts when she woke up.  Gayle asks what makes David think this time will be different.  David says that he has a gut feeling that the time is now.

Kendall says that Erica did so much to help out and then got pushed away in the cruelest way in Los Angeles.  Erica says that it is all right, but Kendall says that it isn’t.  Kendall explains that at the hotel room, Aidan had a gun and she thought that he had just killed someone.  Erica says that Kendall must have been so terrified and Kendall says that she was terrified for Erica’s life.  Kendall apologizes for all the things that she said and explains that Erica had to get out of there or Kendall really believed that Aidan would have killed her.  Zach brings out breakfast and Erica and Kendall thank him.  Zach asks the boys if they are ready to look at the presents.  Kendall asks how she can ever show Zach how grateful she is that he kept his promise and never gave up on her.  Erica says that Zach did it because he loves Kendall.

Tad, Jake, Krystal and Opal spend Christmas with Ruth and Joe.  Joe announces that they are officially moving to Florida next week.  Joe asks where Pete is and Opal says that he is in Switzerland spending the holidays with Palmer.  Tad and Jake argue about Gloucester.  Tad says that they don’t have a choice, but to let it go.

David says that Greenlee is willing herself back to life, even though everyone who supposedly loved her wrote her off without a second thought.  David explains to Gayle that everyone who “loved” Greenlee betrayed her and that he told her about it when she came to.  David says that he let everyone believe that Greenlee was dead because they deserved to suffer like she did.  Gayle points out that Greenlee never woke up.  David says that he is going to give Greenlee her life back and when he does, she will learn the truth about the people she gave her love to.

Ryan gives Emma a gift from Erica and suggests that they should write her a nice thank-you card.  Annie shows up to see Emma and says that they can be together whenever they want.  Emma says that she has a present for Annie and Annie tells her to go get it.  Annie asks when Ryan was planning to tell Emma that she was a free woman.  Ryan says that he was never planning on telling her and asks Annie what is in the bag.  Ryan asks if the bag is something to take him out so that she can run off with Emma again.  Annie says that she no longer has to go to extremes to get what she wants because she is a Chandler now.

JR and Marissa show up at Tad’s.  JR introduces Ruth to his wife, Marissa.  Joe says that JR and Marissa can visit him and Ruth in Florida any time they want and Colby tells JR to bring extra sun block for his head.  Tad says that he got something for Joe and gives him a red thong.  Tad says that it is a joke and that the real present is that he wants to fly Joe and Ruth up in the summer for as long as they want to stay.  Tad tells Joe about the tip about David and says that his instincts are telling him to check it out.  Tad says that he wants to, but he can’t run out on the girls.  Joe says that it sounds like Tad would be doing it for the girls and suggests that Tad should make his apologies and leave because nothing is more important than protecting the people you love.

Erica says that she is going to leave and let Kendall enjoy the rest of her Christmas with her family.  Zach walks Erica out and Erica asks how she can repay him for saving her daughter.  Zach says that he loves Kendall and will always keep her safe.  Erica asks about the miracle/strange dream that happened.  Zach says that in this dream, he made a wish for Kendall to have a new start and Kendall made the same wish for him.  Erica kisses Zach on the cheek and leaves.

Gayle asks if David loves Greenlee.  David says that it isn’t what Gayle is thinking and that he owes it to his brother, Leo, to protect the woman he loved.

Kendall and Zach argue about whose snowman was better.  Kendall says that both snowmen were great.  Kendall and Zach talk about how their miracle could have been a message for them: Be happy with what you have.

Jake tells the kids that “Santa and his Buddies” is in the DVD player and ready to go on.  Amanda apologizes for overreacting and Jake says that he understands her instinct. 

Tad asks Krystal to watch the kids for him because he has to make a quick trip out of town and that it is very important.  Krystal says that she will get the girls to save a couple of presents to open when he gets back.  Tad says that he got something for Marissa and asks Krystal to make sure she knows it is from both of them. 

David asks what Greenlee is thinking.  Greenlee dreams of dancing with Ryan.

Annie opens the frame that Emma got her.  Annie suggests that she and Emma take a Christmas picture with Adam to put in the frame.  Annie gives Emma a “Princess Emmaline” book that she made.  Ryan tells Emma to give her mother a kiss and say goodbye.  Ryan asks what Annie’s plan is.  Annie says that she just wants her daughter in her life and that they can come up with a way to make it work.  Annie says that there is no reason they can’t act like adults.  Erica walks in and says that it would be a first if Annie acted like an adult.

Jake tries to talk Joe and Ruth out of moving to Florida.  Jake realizes that he can’t convince them to stay and hugs them.

Amanda tells Jake that Florida isn’t that far away and that Trevor will love to visit the beach.

Tad watches David at a bar in Gloucester, while country music plays.

Ryan tells Annie that it is time for her to go.  Annie says that Ryan may hate her, but will work with her because he has to.  Annie leaves and Ryan says that Annie is right. 

Zach and Kendall make love in front of the roaring fire. 

Gayle tells everyone that it is closing time.  David enters Greenlee’s room as Tad goes out the door.

Erica says that she believes Ryan can beat Annie.  Erica tells Ryan to go be with his daughter and she will wait.  Ryan kisses Erica and then goes upstairs as she admires the Christmas tree.  Erica picks up the broken green butterfly ornament and it pricks her finger.

Greenlee remembers being with Ryan when he proposed.  Greenlee envisions herself in front of a large mirror in her wedding gown.

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