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All My Children Update Tuesday 12/22/09


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Tad asks Liza what the gift basket is for.  Liza says that she wanted to make sure Tad would save the yummy stuff for the kids.  Tad says that he would never give junk food to his kids because it is too yummy.

Erica orders the tree to be set up and Ryan shows up.  Erica says that she heard from Kendall and Zach and that they are on their way home and that Aidan has been arrested.  Ryan asks when Kendall and Zach will get home and Erica says that they still have time to transform the whole house and give them a magical homecoming.  Erica suggests that they do it together, but Ryan says that he doesnít belong there.

Angie asks Jesse if Madison is really sleeping in their guest room and Jesse says that it is hard to believe that Madison has been sleeping for over 16 hours.  Angie says that it is probably the first time in her life that Madison has felt safe.  Jesse says that he canít believe they are letting Madison stay there.  Angie says that they are the saviors of everyone in Pine Valley.  Natalia calls Jesse and tells him that they picked up James.  Jesse says that he will be right there and tells Madison that her father has been arrested.

Liza says that she got a call about representing James and Natalia says that he is in interrogation.  Liza introduces herself to James and asks how he got her number.  James says that he read about her defense of Adam and thought if she could get Adam off, she is his girl.

Kendall tells Zach that they keep talking about the past like it is over and everything is fine, but it isnít yet.  Kendall says that Aidan used their history against them.  Kendall says that she needs to know that when the plane touches down, something new will begin.  Zach says that it began when he put the ring back on her finger.

Erica says that Ryan is supposed to be there for Kendallís return-home celebration, but Ryan says that he is the last guy Zach wants to see right now.  Ryan agrees to help set up, but says that he is leaving immediately after. 

Opal tells Tad that it is time for him to make some moves of his own, since Krystal has taken a shine to the architect.  Tad says that the gift basket was a gift from Liza to the whole family and has nothing to do with him.  Opal asks why people always deny being interested in someone. 

Liza says that she doesnít know anything about Jamesí case.  James says that the officer told him that he was being booked for assaulting his daughter, but that he is innocent.  James says that he will still be innocent when he is released, which should be happening rather quickly.

Jesse leaves for the police station.  Angie says that she has a strong feeling that Madison will be tough enough to get through this, but Madison says that she isnít sure.  Madison says that if they go after James, he will destroy Angieís whole family.

Erica gets Ryan to do all the work decorating the house.  Opal walks in on Erica and Ryan in a close moment.

The captain announces that they have hit a storm and will be diverted to the nearest airport and that they wonít be making it to Pennsylvania tonight.  Zach says that he canít believe it and it canít be right.

Angie suggests that Madison is overreacting, but Madison says that her father will put her on the stand to talk about killing Henry and that he will make sure Randi and Jesseís covering it up will come out.  Angie says that she and Jesse have already talked about it and they arenít sending Madison back to her father.

Liza asks why James is so certain he will get off so easily.  James says that all she needs to know is that he is an innocent man.  Jesse comes in and says that James will need Liza because she is a very talented lawyer.  James says that his daughter is very sick, but Jesse says that according to Madison, James is the sick one.  Liza says that she will need to see a statement from the alleged victim.  James asks for a minute alone with Jesse.  James asks if Jesse likes his job and Jesse says that he loves bringing people down who think they are above the law.  James says that Jesse needs to enjoy it while he can because he will be out of a job before he knows it.

Liza tells Natalia that she needs Madisonís statement and asks what is wrong.  Natalia says that they just found the DA dead from crashing his car into a barrier.

Opal says that she got the boys settled in and apologizes for interrupting.  Ryan says that they were just hanging a wreath.  Kendall calls Erica to let her know that the plane was forced to land in Ohio.  Zach promises Erica that Kendall will be home for Christmas because they are renting a car and will drive the rest of the way.  Erica hangs up and Opal tells Erica to call Zach and tell him that they canít drive because she has a very bad feeling about Kendall being in a car. 

Liza calls Tad and tells him about the DA.  Liza tells Tad that she is at the police station and he says that he will be right there.  Tad tells Liza not to say a word to anyone about anything.

Jesse reminds James that he handed over all of the incriminating evidence.  James says that he can make the copies public at any time.  Jesse says that recordings can be doctored and that the DA trusts the job he has been doing.  James says that if Jesse takes this any further, the evidence will be tainted by Jesseís corruption and the case will be over before it begins.  Jesse reminds James of what he has done and James says that he kept Madison in protective facilities.  Jesse says that he will make it his lifeís work to bring James down, along with his good name and James says that Jesse will regret the decision.  Jesse says that if James really had the tapes, he would have used them by now. 

Kendall talks to a woman at the rental counter.  The woman says that she is trying to take her nephew home for Christmas, but her credit card was declined.  Kendall asks Zach if they can help the woman out.

Opal tells Erica to tell Kendall to find another way home.  Ryan suggests that maybe Opal knew somehow that the plane wasnít going to make it and that was the bad feeling.  Opal says that he could be right and asks Erica to tell Kendall and Zach to be extra careful.  Erica agrees.

Jesse says that James is going down for assault and false imprisonment.  Jesse tells Liza to get her client ready because he is going to have the DA arraign James.  Liza says that Jesse will have some trouble arranging that.

Angie tells Madison that she has called to order food and that she will be back in 10 minutes.

The woman tells Zach that she doesnít know what to say because it is unbelievably kind of them.  Zach tells the woman not to worry about it because they are all trying to get home.  Kendall gets a hug from the little boy and tells him to have fun.  Zach then rents a car for them.  The rental agent tells them that the only car left isnít outfitted for snow and has no 4-wheel drive.  Zach says that he has driven in snow before and that they will take it. 

Liza tells James not to kick her out during an interrogation.  James says that it was more like two team captains finding out where they stood.  Liza says that she doesnít think she likes James, but he says that she will like his checks and asks when he will be arraigned.  Liza says that there is a situation at the DAís office and it wonít be until after the holidays.  James says that he doesnít like the idea of spending Christmas Eve in jail, but Liza says that there is nothing she can do.  Tad shows up and asks if Liza is okay.  Liza suggests that they should get out of there.

Jesse gets home as Angie is returning with the food.  Angie asks how it went at the station and Jesse says that James is trying to play hardball.  Angie walks in the apartment and calls for Madison.

Kendall asks Zach how much further they have to go and he tells her it will be a couple more hours and that he can wake her up when they get there, but Kendall says that she will stay up and keep him company.  Kendall tries to call Erica to find out how the boys are doing and realizes that the battery is dead.

Angie says that Madison isnít there and Jesse asks if Angie thinks she freaked out and ran.  Angie says that Madison was more worried about them than herself.

Natalia asks what Madison is doing there.  Madison says that she just talked to Jesse and he wants Natalia down at the holding cell.  Natalia thanks Madison.  Madison goes in to see James and tells him to plead guilty to the abuse.  Madison tells Jesse to let his lawyer do all the talking and leave the Hubbards out if it or she will expose all of his dirty deals to the world.  James asks if this is a negotiation and Madison says that it is an ultimatum.

Tad tells Liza that what happened to the DA was just a freak accident.  Liza asks why she feels so guilty and Tad says that he is sure it wasnít her fault.  Liza gets a call from the mayor and thanks him.  Tad asks what is going on.  Liza says that the mayor wants her to run for DA.

Emma points out that Santaís favorite cookies are the same as Ryanís.  Ryan asks Erica if Kendall and Zach are home yet and she says no. 

Opal asks Erica to call the highway patrol and have them watch out for Kendall and Zach because the storm in Ohio is really bad.

Zach says that the road is deserted and they arenít getting out of the ditch without chains.  Kendall says that they will never make it home in time now and Zach says that they will see it through until morning.  Zach says that hopefully the snowplows will be out driving.  Kendall asks Zach to tell her a Christmas story and he makes one up about her making it home to her boys for the best Christmas ever.

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