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All My Children Update Monday 12/21/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Liza shows Tad pictures of DA Willis with Judge Martha Sams.  Liza says that if she goes public with the pictures, DA Willis will lose his job and Tad says that it would be playing dirty.

Amanda says that she keeps thinking about how this will be the only Christmas that David will ever spend with his son.  Jake suggests that she should take Trevor over to Wildwind and spend Christmas with David, but she refuses and says that isnít what she is saying.  Jake asks what Amanda is saying and why she keeps bringing David up.

Marissa tells David that JR was determined to get better and is now in remission.  Marissa goes to read Little Adam a bedtime story.  David says that JRís cancer is back and asks why he is lying to Marissa.  JR says that he is ready to go back into his next phase of chemo and will go into remission and beat the cancer.  David asks why JR is keeping Marissa in the dark if he is so confident that he will beat the cancer.

Aidan tells Zach to pull the trigger, while Kendall begs Zach not to.  Zach asks if Kendall is all right and she says that she is now.  Kendall tells Zach that Kat called the police and that they will take care of Aidan.  Kendall asks Zach to put the gun down.  Aidan asks Kat how long she has been working with Zach.  Kat says that she wanted to help Aidan and Aidan asks why she worked with Zach.  Kat says that Aidanís obsession with Kendall went too far.  Aidan asks if Kat was jealous.  Kat says that she was scared and says that it had to stop.  Zach apologizes and Kendall says that it is okay because he is there.  Zach says that he wants to get Kendall out of there and she says that she has something to do first.  Kendall confronts Aidan and asks him if he lost Greenlee, Annie and then his mind.  Aidan says that Kendall took Aidan away from him.  Zach hears the sirens approaching and says that Kendall is safe.

Amanda kisses Jake and says that they should be doing that instead of talking about David.  Amanda says that she needs to get some mistletoe and Jake says that he will get a Santa suit and get her a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit.  Amanda asks if Jake is going to go down the chimney and he says that it would ruin the suit.  Amanda says that first thing in the morning, they will go get the mistletoe, Santa suit and take Trevor to the toy store to buy it out.  Jake says that it isnít happening because Santa came early.

JR says that Marissa needs a break and the least he could do is give her the holidays before he has to go back into chemo.  David says that JR is fighting a life-threatening disease.  JR says that he has already beat the cancer once and will do it again.  David says that JR could die at any moment, with or without the chemo.  JR tells David to stop trying to bond because their situations are nothing alike.  David says that he is trying to point out that he understands JRís position because he wanted to protect Marissa too.  David tells JR not to let Marissa get blindsided and to make sure she can go on without him.

Liza says that there is a lot you have to do before you can become the DA and there is no certainty that she would get the job.  Tad asks Liza how bad she wants to be the DA and she says that her dream is to have the power to make a real change.  Liza says that if she had been the DA, Adam would have never gotten the double jeopardy over on her and the outcome of Annieís trial would have been very different.  Tad tells Liza that if she uses the pictures of DA Willis, she will be destroying his job and his life and asks her if that is justice.

An officer tells Zach that they are done and tells Kat that she has to go with them.  Kat asks why and Zach says that they will get her a good lawyer and make sure she has immunity.  Kat asks why she has to go with the police and Zach says that she has to give a statement so they know what really happened.  Zach says that he is going to help Kat and that everything will be fine and she thanks him.  Aidan apologizes to Kendall and says that he canít forgive her for running Greenlee off the road.  An officer tells Zach that he and Kendall need to follow them to the station, so they can give their official statements, but Zach says that it can wait because Kendall needs a break.  Zach tells the officer to call Jesse because he will understand.

Amanda says that no presents are being opened on Christmas Eve.  Jake suggests that he will wait until she is asleep, wake up Trevor, open all the presents and then wrap them back up.  Amanda finds a present from David to Trevor.  Amanda lets Jake try to guess his gift.  Jake says that Amanda is just waving his gift around to remind him that he is supposed to buy her a present.  Amanda says that now Jake will have to wait until Christmas to find out what it is.  Jake tells Amanda that since she keeps thinking about David, she should just call him and invite him over for Christmas.  Amanda says that Jake is getting angry over nothing, but Jake says that the present is just a way to manipulate them.  Amanda says that David only has 6 months left and that he is trying to make amends.  Trevor cries and Amanda goes after him.  Jake fakes a call from the hospital and he says that he will be back as soon as possible.

Marissa asks where David went.  JR says that David was tired and will call her tomorrow.  Marissa says that she is grateful to have some time with David before he dies.  Marissa asks JR if they can stay around there for Christmas, so she can spend part of the holiday with David and JR agrees.  Marissa gives JR his Christmas present early and announces that January 2nd they are flying to Rio for 2 weeks, while Krystal looks after Little Adam.

Liza says that she canít use the pictures to get the DA position.  Tad tells Liza that if she wants the job, she needs to do it the right way and tells her to forget the pictures.  Tad tells Liza that if she wants to do the right thing, she should take the pictures to Willis and give him a chance to explain.  Liza thanks Tad and kisses him.  Tad says that he likes the way she expresses gratitude.

Kendall says that she doesnít need to go to the hospital because she just needs Zach.  Zach asks if Kendall needs anything.  Kendall says that aside from her boys, she has everything she needs right there.  Zach says that he made a big mistake and that he could have stopped it.  Kendall says that Zach couldnít have known what Aidan was doing to her.  Zach says that he thought he knew because he tracked them to Ohio and saw her and Aidan, but it wasnít her.  Kendall says that Aidan set him up because he knew their weak spot, but insists that she was faithful.  Zach says that he didnít trust Kendall and she shouldnít forgive him for that.

Marissa tells JR about the things they can do on their trip and tells him to think of it as their honeymoon.

Jake tells Tad that he lied to Amanda.  Jake explains the situation to Tad and says that he couldnít stay there because Amanda was defending David.  Tad tells Jake to fight David by forgetting him.  Jake says that he doesnít know what David is up to and Tad tells Jake to pretend that David doesnít exist and make sure that Amanda knows how much she means to Jake.

Amanda talks to Trevor about him sleeping through the night.  Amanda tells Trevor that he can have one present early, and opens the one from David.

David asks Liza if she opened the envelope yet and she says that she has.  David asks what she is going to do with it and she says that it isnít any of his business.  Liza orders a drink and DA Willis shows up.  DA Willis asks what the emergency is and Liza suggests that they step outside.  David smiles as he watches DA Willis look at the pictures and DA Willis asks what Liza wants.

Marissa keeps talking about the trip and JR apologizes and says that they canít go.

DA Willis asks who else has seen the pictures and Liza says that she is there to give him a chance to explain before someone else sees them.  DA Willis says that it didnít last very long and they both decided to end it.  DA Willis says that the judge has put in for a transfer and he will never show up on her docket again.  Liza asks about the cases that Willis has already tried and he says that the relationship never entered the courtroom.  DA Willis says that he has worked too hard to let one indiscretion ruin his career and Liza says that she canít forget the pictures.  Willis says that Liza is blackmailing him to get his job, but she says that isnít why she is there.  DA Willis tells Liza to do whatever she wants with the pictures because he isnít going to roll over for her or anyone else.

Amanda calls David and tells him that Trevor wonít stop crying.  David tells Amanda to put the phone on speaker and starts singing to Trevor.

Kendall says that running off with Aidan was her choice because she didnít listen.  Kendall says that she ran away to save Zach and Zach says that he let her down.  Kendall says that he didnít let her down and he didnít break his promise because he promised to give her his heart and he did.

Marissa asks why they canít go to Rio.  JR admits that his cancer came back and he has to start chemo again after New Yearís.  Marissa holds JR while he cries.

David finishes singing to Trevor and Amanda thanks him.  Amanda tells Jake that she couldnít get Trevor to stop crying and he likes it when David sings to him.  Jake says that it is okay and tells her to put the baby down so they can go to bed.  Jake kisses Amanda.

Liza tells Tad about her confrontation with Willis and says that she is going to pretend she didnít see the pictures.  Liza puts the pictures one by one in the roaring fireplace, while Tad watches smiling.

Kendall says that the only thing that kept her going while she was with Aidan was feeling Zachís heart with her all the time.  Kendall tells Zach to be with her in the moment.  Zach says that there is something missing and puts Kendallís wedding ring on her finger.  Zach kisses Kendall.

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