AMC Update Friday 12/18/09

All My Children Update Friday 12/18/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

David is having his party at the Yacht Club, and announces to everyone that he is dying from a rare blood disease. The crowd does not believe him, but Marissa gets upset. Marissa asks Krystal if she knew about David’s illness and Krystal tells her that she did not know. Adam was mincing words with David and Liza asks him to stop, because he just escaped going to prison. Tad tells Liza to chill and not get caught up in David’s mess.

David asks for everyone’s attention, because he wants to give out gifts. He gives the following gifts: Jake and Amanda will get full custody of Trevor immediately. He promise Adam that he will not pursue custody of Lil A if he does the same. Annie gets nothing, because according to David she has everything she ever wanted. He gives Angie the password to his computer, which has files on Pine Valley’s citizens. David gives Krystal the bulk of his estate after providing for his children. Liza asks David for her gift and he gives her a package while instructing her to open it at home. Tad refuses to take a doomsday gift from David. Krystal apologizes to her date for taking him to a weird party.

Marissa is upset over David’s pending death after losing her foster parents in a car accident; she is also upset because she was not told in private that her father was ill. She thinks that as David’s daughter, she should have been told in private. JR tries to soothe Marissa. She wishes that David had done the right thing and told her about his illness. Marissa tells JR that her life is like a bad TV movie, because her foster parents died, Krystal sold her as a baby, Her twin died, and now her biological father is dying. David tells JR that he knows he has cancer, but JR tells him that the cancer is in remission. David looks confused, because he saw JR’s file and knows different.

Zach and Kat arrive at the warehouse and Aidan hits Zach on the back of the head; Zach falls to the floor. Kat ties up Zach, then leaves. Aidan apologizes for the bump on Zach’s head. Aidan tells Zach that Kendall is in love with him and no longer loves Zach. Aidan accuses Zach of turning his back on Kendall, which is why she is with him. Zach wants to know what is it that Aidan wants. He agrees with Aidan saying that Kendall may have lost faith in him but not her children, her mother, or her friends. Aidan wants to shoot Zach, because Kendall will be in grief, and grief brings people together. Zach tells Aidan that Kendall needs her family and friends, and if she has only Aidan he will never be enough. Zach tells Aidan that if he cares about Kendall, then let her go before someone gets hurt. Kendall is in a locked room trying to escape. She picks at the lock with a clothes hanger. Kat unlocks the door to Kendall’s room.

Jesse arrives at the party and asks Angie who is the host. Angie tells Jesse that David is dying. Jesse accuses David of staging a hoax in a desperate attempt to get Amanda’s attention. Amanda supports David. Neither Jake nor Tad is buying David’s story. David is asking for everyone’s forgiveness. Amanda is proud of David. Angie asks Tad if David is faking and he answers, yes. Angie cannot believe that David would lie to Marissa and hurt her.

David tells Amanda to spend the holidays with Jake and Trevor, so Jake takes her home. Jake shows Amanda a Christmas tree with playing cards and miniature beer bottles on it t5hat lights up. Amanda laughs at the tree, because it is not traditional with classic decorations. Jake did not plan for Amanda and the baby so he got a tree for a guy. Amanda and Jake are on the sofa nude, and the Christmas tree is blinking on and off.

David goes to Marissa’s room and apologizes to her. JR wants to give Marissa and David a few minutes alone, but David wants to apologize to JR as well. David tells them that he should have supported their marriage, and he promises to share the remainder of his life with Marissa and JR.

Adam is not convinced that David is dying, since he is a master manipulator. Annie confesses to doing some evil deeds, but she wants Adam to believe in David since he could be dying.

Aidan starts to hit himself on the head, and he tells Zach that he cannot think. Zach escapes from his ropes, then he pushes Aidan’s head on a box, then pull the gun on Aidan. Aidan dares Zach to shoot him, and Zach aims his gun as Kendall runs into the room to stop him. Zach asks Kendall if she is all right, and she says she is now. Zach and Kendall hug each other.

Tad wants Liza and he to toast the fact that they did not receive a gift from David; Liza tells Tad that she did get a gift. He advises her to throw the gift away. She opens the gift and finds pictures of DA Willis, in bed with a judge, in the nude.

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