AMC Update Thursday 12/17/09

All My Children Update Thursday 12/17/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Tad sees Krystal dressed and ask where she’s going; Krystal tells him that she has a date. Liza comes over to take Tad to a party. They received an invitation to the party, but the host’s name is absent. Tad convinces Krystal to change her plans and come with Liza and him to the party that will be at the Yacht Club. Liza and Krystal talk about Adam and Annie’s court victory. Liza tells Krystal about the lost of baby Stuart. Liza tries to forget that Stuart is gone by keeping busy.

Everyone is curious about the hosts since his/her name is not on the invitation. Adam is not interested in attending the party, but Annie is tempted to attend. Adam gives Annie a jeweled necklace and beautiful new dress from under the tree to wear to the party.

Zach is in Los Angeles in Aidan’s old room. He talks to the hotel manager and asks him questions. Zach tips the hotel manager; the manager tells Zach about Kat being a visitor to the room. No one ever saw Kendall. Zach starts to imagine what went on in the hotel room Aidan occupied. The events that happened are replayed. Zach now believes that Kendall is being kidnapped. He also plays his conversation with Aidan in his mind. Zach searches the hotel room thoroughly.

Aidan has taken Kendall to a warehouse. Kat arrives at the warehouse and Kendall realizes that Kat’s death was staged. Kendall asks Aidan to tell her his plans, but he remains quiet. Aidan gives Kat a gun and tells her to watch Kendall. Kendall tries to get Kat to help her but her request falls on deaf ears. Kendall knows that Kat does not care about her but she ask her to care about Aidan. Kendall talks to Kat, and tries to get her to see her point of view. Kendall tells Kat that she got through to Zach and he will be coming for Aidan and anyone else trying to help Aidan kidnap her. Kat tells Kendall that the events happening with her was not supposed to happen the way they are happening. Kendall asks Kat to untie her and let her go.

Erica talks to Ryan about Zach receiving phone calls that he thinks are from Kendall. She tells Ryan that Zach is in Los Angeles and will finish his business with Aidan. Ryan wants to know what Zach means by saying he will finish it. Erica saw Kendall is in Los Angeles but now she thinks that Kendall was forced to say the things she told Erica. Erica wants to call the police, but Ryan tells her not to call the police.

Jake and Angie arrive at David’s party, but are disappointed by the lack of attendance. JR thinks that his father is the host of the party and he says so out loud. Adam overhears JR as he walk into the Yacht Club and he tells him that he is not the host. Jake believes that they are in an Agatha Christy mystery. Marissa tells Adam that he traded his family for a vicious little tramp. David finally tells everyone that he is their host.

Kat tells Kendall that she doesn’t see what Aidan sees in her. Kendall tells Kat that she does not love Aidan and will go to her grave with Zach’s name on her lips. Kendall does not understand why Aidan is behaving the way he is, because she has not led him on. Kat tells Kendall that Aidan is sure he can make her fall in love with him. Kendall tells Kat that Aidan is in a place where no one wins and everyone suffers. Aidan sends Kat away and tells her everything is arranged.

David’s guests want to leave and they call his party sick. David apologizes to everyone individually. Everyone get the same present, the gift of David’s death. When people start to leave Amanda sticks up for David and tells them that David is sincere; she orders everyone to stay and listen to David.

Zach calls Erica and Ryan answers her cell phone. Ryan asks Zach to be careful because Aidan can be dangerous. Zach speaks to Erica and ask her to stay away from the police. Zach promises to bring Erica’s daughter home to her and back to her kids. Zach tells Erica that he does love Kendall. Zach opens the door to the room and Kat is prepared to walk in. She attempts to run, but Zach grabs her then asks for his wife.

David asks his guest not to leave before they their gift. Everyone ask David what gifts will he give them. David finally tells them that he is dying.

Erica and Ryan went shipping and did not go to the police.

Zach and Kat arrive at the warehouse and Aidan cold cocked Zach on the back of the head. Zach falls out onto the floor.

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