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All My Children Update Tuesday 12/15/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Erica asks if there is any word on Madison and Brot says that there hasnít been anything yet, but the APB is still in effect.  Brot says that he will keep Angie and Erica posted as he gets information.  Erica thanks Brot and says that she hopes James hasnít gotten to Madison yet.  Angie tells Erica about James claiming that Madison is unstable and delusional and Erica says that Madisonís bruises were very real.  Erica says that Madisonís condition is consistent with a victim of abuse, but Angie says that she knows Madison and that Erica doesnít.  Erica asks if Angie will help Madison.

Madison thanks Randi for helping her.  Randi says that Madison can stay there until she decides what she is going to do.  Madison asks if Randi told Frankie.  Randi says that she left a message saying that she was staying with a friend who needed help.  Madison asks why Randi is helping her.

Jesse says that all Frankie has to do is apologize and James will drop the charges.  Frankie says that he should have hit James again because he is abusive.  Jesse says that Frankie can stay out of jail if he will just apologize, but Frankie says that he canít this time.

Zach asks Adam if he has a plan to get Annie off.  Adam says that he is just a humble spectator in the halls of justice.  Zach says that Adam should sit back and let Annie take what is coming to her.  JR comes up and tells Zach to back off.  Liza tells Zach that he might get everything he wants.  Zach asks if Liza thinks that Adam would send Annie to prison and Liza says that she thinks Adam might send Annie straight to hell.

Annie serves Ryan with a summons.  Ryan says that there is no way that Annie is getting Emma on the stand.

Liza tells Zach that Annie is defending herself and isnít prepared, so it will prove that Annie is insane.  Zach asks about Adam and Liza says that apparently JR made Adam choose between his family and Annie.  Zach says that if Annie thinks that Adam has turned against her, there is no telling what she will do.

Annie says that she has to call Emma as a witness because she was there that night, but Ryan says that he doesnít care.  Annie says that everyone in town is against her and that she needs her daughter on the stand proving that she is a good mother and person.  Ryan says that Annie wanting Emma in the courtroom proves that she is neither a good mother or a good person.  Ryan asks if Annie wants Emma to be in the courtroom when she is dragged out in handcuffs, but Annie says that she doesnít think it will happen.  Ryan asks Annie not to put Emma through this hell because DA Willis will rip her apart, but Annie says that she needs Emma.  Ryan says that Emma needs to be protected and that he will do whatever he has to do to stop it.  Annie says that when the custody case starts and she is free, she wonít show any mercy either.  Marissa asks if Emma is going to testify and Ryan says no.

Jesse says that he understands that Frankie wants to take a stand, but reminds him that Madison framed Randi.  Frankie says that it doesnít mean that she deserves to be beaten up by her father.  Frankie asks Jesse if he is going to walk away.  Jesse says that if Madison is really in trouble, he will help her and asks Frankie to apologize. 

Randi says that she knows what it is like to be beaten by a man and end up in the hospital because that is how she met Frankie.  Madison apologizes to Randi for everything she has done.  Randi says that Madison must be hungry and that she is going to get something to eat.  Madison asks if Randi is going to tell Frankie and Randi says no.  Randi tells Madison to lock the door until she gets back.

Angie explains Madisonís crimes to Erica.  Erica says that many victims of abuse become abusers themselves and that would explain Madisonís behavior.  Angie says that an explanation doesnít undo the damage that Madison has done.  Erica says that she is worried that Madison doesnít have enough fight left in her to stop James.  Angie asks if Erica really wants to save Madison.  Erica says that she couldnít stop her father, but she will stop Madisonís.  Erica says that she wants to make sure she can do something to make a difference.  Natalia comes up and says that the trial is about to start and Angie is expected at the courthouse.  Erica asks Angie to let her know if there is any news on Madison and Angie agrees.  Natalia asks why Erica cares about Madison.  Angie says that she used to think that Erica was nothing but hair and makeup, but she said some extraordinary things.

Frankie apologizes for hitting James.  James says that he understands because Frankie was acting on Madisonís lies.  James asks if Jesse is still looking for Madison and Jesse says that they wonít stop until they find her.  James asks if he has to sign something to drop the charges against Frankie and Jesse says that Officer Wheeler will help him.

Marissa tells Scott that Annie fired Liza and is now representing herself.  Scott says that this canít be good. 

Liza tells DA Willis that Annie has outsmarted everyone that has tried to tangle with her, but DA Willis says that he knows everything there is to know about Annie and she is going down.

Adam asks Annie if she is sure about defending herself and Annie says that it is the only way.  Annie says that something has happened and asks what Adam isnít telling her.  Adam says that everything is going to be fine.

Ryan says that they are going to get justice and Zach says that he is hoping for the death penalty.  Ryan says that he knows that whatever Annie gets wonít make up for what she did to Kendall.  Zach tells Ryan to forget about Kendall because he has.  Erica shows up and Zach leaves.  Erica says that Zach feels betrayed and abandoned.

Angie suggests that she and Jesse should go to the trial together.  Frankie says that he would be better if he knew that Madison was safe.  Frankie says that he needs to get home to see his wife and asks what he has to do to get out of there.  Jesse says that Brot will process Frankie out.

Scott says that Annie shouldnít be defending herself, but JR says that it is her choice and tells Scott to stay out of it.  Judge Whitman announces that court is in session.

Erica asks if Angie and Jesse have found Madison and Jesse says that they havenít yet.  Erica says that Jesse has to find Madison before her father does.  Angie says that there must be something they can do and Erica says that they can break the cycle of abuse.

James asks if Randi is there for her husband and says that he didnít press charges.  Randi thanks James and tells him that Madison is in room 16 at the Pine Cone Motel.  James thanks Randi and says that she did the right thing.

DA Willis and Annie present their opening arguments.  DA Willis calls Zach to the stand.  Zach says that his marriage is over because Annie let his wife go to prison for a crime that she didnít commit.  Annie asks Zach if his marriage being over had anything to do with his wife sleeping with Ryan.  Ryan tells the court that Annie told many people that their 7-year-old daughter killed Stuart.  DA Willis asks Erica if she saw Adam shoot Stuart and she says no, but if she had she would have turned him in.  Annie objects and Erica says that Annie was only there to steal her daughter.  Annie reminds Erica that she helped Adam take his grandson in the middle of a custody dispute.

Frankie says that they need to find Madison and get her to a safe place because even Jesse and Angie are coming around to believe that she was abused.  Brot comes up and says that the APB for Madison is still in effect, but the police canít touch James until there is an official complaint.  Randi admits that she told James where Madison is.  Frankie asks how Randi knew where Madison was and Randi admits that she was with Madison the night before.

Colby tells the court that she and Adam got along great before the murder and DA Willis asks what changed.  Colby says that Annie moved in and controlled Adam.  Annie gets Colby to admit that she didnít drive Colby out of the mansion.

JR says that moving out of his fatherís house was the hardest thing he has ever done, but he didnít have a choice.  Annie says that she has no questions for JR and DA Willis rests his case.  Annie asks for a recess and the judge agrees to give them a ten minute recess.

James tells Madison that she has to stop running away because he was worried about her.  Madison swears that she didnít tell anyone and James suggests that they should go home and forget about it all, but Madison says that she doesnít want to go home.  James says that it is too bad because Madison has embarrassed him for the last time.  Frankie comes in and tells James to get away from Madison.

Randi tells Jesse that he needs to help and tells him where Madison is.  Randi admits that she told James too and apologizes, claiming that she believed him because he seemed really worried.  Erica runs off and Natalia goes after her, while Jesse calls it in.  Randi apologizes and says that she really believed James.  Angie says that Randi wasnít the only one, but it looks like they were wrong.

Jesse says that Zach was really good on the stand and Zach says that he isnít going to hang around to find out if he made a difference or not. 

JR says that Annie defending herself is going better than he thought.  Liza says that Annie took a recess so that she can talk to Adam.  Marissa says that Annie is in trouble if her only witness is going to bury her.  JR says that Adam knows what is at stake and will send Annie to the wolves.

Adam tells Annie to put her on the stand and he will prove how much he loves her.

Zach gets a call from Los Angeles.

Judge Whitman tells Annie to call her only witness and she says that she has another witness and calls herself to the stand.

Frankie asks Madison how she is doing and James says that Madison is fine and that he wants to help her.  James says that if Madison wants to go with him, she needs to say it now.  Frankie says that anyone could see that Madison is scared of James and James asks Madison to tell them the truth.  Madison says that she made it all up and that her father never hit her.  Erica tells James to take his hands off of Madison and asks Madison if her father hurt her.

Annie testifies and says that she will not be calling Adam to the stand.  Annie rests her case, but Adam says that he is a witness and needs to be heard.  Adam tells the court that he realized that he shot Stuart as soon as he pulled the trigger and JR says that Adam canít do this.  Adam says that he was the one who covered up Stuartís murder and that Annie is innocent on all charges.  JR says that he canít believe this and Ryan says that it is ridiculous.

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