AMC Update Friday 12/11/09

All My Children Update Friday 12/11/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Erica arrives at the Miranda Center and asks about the young lady she brought to the center the night before. She and Ryan almost hit the lady as she ran across the street. Erica speaks to the lady and finds out that it is Madison North that she rescued. Madison reminds Erica that her husband tried to prosecute Kendall; she apologizes for Henry North’s behavior. Madison tells Erica that she rather not speak to her father, and she has nowhere else to go.

A homeless man walks into the police department to tell them that he witnessed a murder. He tells Brot that someone ran in front of a ladies car and was hit. He tells them that the lady got out of the car and she was beautiful like a movie Star; he cannot remember her name. Marissa recognized the man and says he comes into the station often with wild stores so that he can get a glazed doughnut and free coffee.

Tad visits Liza at Jake’s apartment. He brings a plant for Liza to make her feel better about losing Stuart. Liza gives Tad a kiss on the cheek, then leaves. Jake tells Tad that Amanda overheard him telling David that he is glad he is sick and she has not spoken to him since. Tad tells him to play David’s game and appear to be sympathetic. If Jake softens to David, then Amanda will soften to Jake. Tad advises Jake to reach out to David.

JR meets Marissa at Confusion; he believes that Adam will choose him over Annie. JR is happy because it is Christmas time and he has fond memories of the Chandler’s Christmases that he shares with Marissa. JR tells Marissa that Annie needs to go to prison. Liza arrives to talk to Marissa. Liza has decided to dismiss herself from Annie’s case. Marissa tells Liza that JR is giving Adam an ultimatum to get rid of Annie or his children. Marissa suggests that Liza throws Annie case so that Annie can spend time in Jail; Liza is shocked that Marissa would suggest such a thing to her. Marissa blames her behavior on the David Hayward in her. Liza tells Marissa that she will not ambush Annie in the courthouse.

The security guard tells Annie that Mr. Chandler is waiting in the hall to see her. When Scott comes into the room, Annie is disappointed; Annie was hoping that Adam was the person waiting to see her. Annie tells Scott that he should leave because she does not want Adam to catch them together. Annie is afraid that Adam is trying to avoid her, and she is worried about Adam. Scott reminds Annie that she needs to start taking care of herself. In order for her strength to return, he suggests that she take a walk down the hallway. Annie is holding onto Scott as she walks down the hallway; they are teasing each other when JR arrives at the hospital. JR accuses them of carrying on.

Amanda is babying David who plans to go to work late, because he is not feeling well. David asks Amanda to get his medical bag so that he can take his medicine; he gives himself a shot. David is obviously playing to Amanda’s sympathy. Amanda advises David to take a leave of absence from work and spend quality time with Trevor. David reminds her that his time with Trevor will be a farewell. David will consider taking the time off if Amanda is apart of the family time with Trevor. Amanda reminds him that she is with Jake not him. David tells her that it is important that Trevor spends time with his parents while he still can.

Jake arrives at David’s house holding the plant that Tad gave to Liza. He tells David that the plant is a peace offering. David accepts Jakes’ apology then he apologize to Jake and Amanda. He tells Amanda that Jake apologized to him. David tells Amanda and Jake that he deserves to die for all of his manipulations. Jake offers to support David, then he and Amanda kiss. She asks Jake if he is for real.

Annie foresees Adam sitting on the witness stand testifying against her so she calls Liza and asks to meet with her. Annie wants to know details of Adam’s testimony for her trial. Liza prepares to meet Annie and she tells Marissa to grab Annie’s files from her home and meet her at the hospital. Tad runs into Liza before she leaves Confusion. Tad tells Liza that he gave her plant to Jake to take to a sick friend, since she did not seem interested in it. Marissa runs into JR leaving the hospital and ask why is he there. JR pretends that his visit is with Annie. Marissa tells him that Annie’s case will be short and sweet. JR tells Marissa that he will spend time with his family when Annie is locked away.

Frankie Hubbard arrives at the Miranda Center to volunteer and he is asked to check on the new patient. He goes into the patient room and sees Madison lying on the bed.

Erica Kane walks into the police station and the homeless man points at her and accuses her of hitting a lady with her car. Erica looks on in shock.

Liza tells Annie that Adam plan to win the jury over by telling them how much he loves Annie. Annie fires Liza and tells her that she will be her own attorney.

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