AMC Update Thursday 12/10/09

All My Children Update Thursday 12/10/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Liza and Tad goes to Liza’s apartment. Colby comes downstairs with Stuart and tells Liza that Stuart and Bailey will be staying in Pine Valley. Bailey agrees with Colby, and tells Liza that she will be staying in Pine Valley, but she wants to keep her baby. Bailey, Damon and Stuart leaves Liza’s apartment, Colby is having a hard time with Stuart leaving and cannot understand why Liza is not having a hard time. Liza does not want Bailey to remain in Pine Valley, because she may run into them in the streets. Colby explained to Liza that she thought it would be better for her to have them stick around.

Ryan, Adam and JR are at Stuart’s grave; JR and Ryan try to convince Adam to drop Annie, but he wants Annie at the expense of his own children. JR used Lil A as a means to convince Adam to leave Annie. JR tells Adam he had cancer. Adam ask him how long has he known. JR tells him he wants to keep it a secret, and that he does not want to spend the balance of his life with Annie in it. He challenges Adam to make a choice; it is either Annie or Lil A, and he.

Opal thinks that it is time that Krystal and Tad make a real relationship or move on to other people. Krystal reminds Opal that she has broken Tad’s heart and that the only thing that they can do now is live together and raise the children. They cannot have a relationship as well. Opal pushes Krystal toward the architect, Rob since he asked her out. Krystal declares that she is not ready to date again.

Ryan and Erica talk about Zach wanting to erase every trace of Kendall. Erica does not want to keep Fusion afloat, because it is not her company. She wants to focus her time on feeding the hungry children. Erica tells Ryan that she does not care about Fusion. She wants to focus on her “Feed the Hungry” program. Ryan asks her to do him a favor and continue to support Fusion for a little while longer. Erica believes that Kendall has made a wrong choice by running off with Aidan and will regret her choices. She does not want to let life pass her by and be like Kendall and have regret. Erica finally remembers that Ryan is having problems with Emma’s custody hearing and she wishes him success with the hearing. Ryan tells her that he does not mind focusing on her. They hear a sexy song then he asks her to dance.

Marissa see through Scott and ask him if there is a plan to get Annie off. Scott suggests that she ask Adam that question. Adam overhears their conversation and invites Marissa to question him. Marissa questions Adam about his plan to support Annie. She tells Adam that they need to come up with a strategy and he tells her he already have one. He will speak from his heart and tell the court what type of person Annie is. Marissa thinks that Adam and Scott need to think more realistic. Scott asks if Adam is committed to get Annie acquitted, and Adam tells him that he loves Annie and want her acquitted.

Adam sees Colby at the mansion and he is concern that she is leaving him again, but she tells him that she wants to move back home. Adam tells Colby that he has a way to bring the family back together again, because the power lies within him.

Tad returns home to see Krystal making a gingerbread house; he offers to help her. She questions Tad about their relationship and he asks if she is interested in trying again. She tells him that they never work out. She also tells him that Opal thinks that they are short changing themselves by not dating. They make a deal to date other people.

Ryan and Erica are in they car when he kisses her had taking his eyes off the road; she yells at him to be careful and they veer off the road. Someone runs in front of the car and Erica gets out to chase after them. It is Madison and she has bruises on her face. She agrees to go with Erica.

Liza knocks on Tad’s door and tells him that she misses her friend, and she forgot to give him something. She kisses him on the cheek.

Krystal decides to take Opal’s advice and she calls her architect.

JR meets Marissa at Confusion and he tells her that he told Adam about his cancer and he gave Adam an ultimatum. Adam goes to the hospital to visit Annie, but she is asleep. He has a flashback of JR telling him that it is Annie or Lil A, and he.

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