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All My Children Update Tuesday 12/8/09


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Colby asks if JR is going to testify against Adam and JR asks if Adam is worried.  Colby says that Adam seems to be pretty calm about it and asks why JR is all dressed up.  JR says that he is going to the courthouse to support Marissa, not for Adam.

Marissa leaves a message for Liza telling her to get to the courthouse.

Tad shows up at Lizaís.  Liza says that she doesnít want to believe that Bailey really took Stuart away.  Tad tells Liza that she is due in court any minute and that she has an obligation because she is a professional.  Tad tells Liza to get in the shower and that he wants her ready to go in 15 minutes.

Adam tells Scott to take the plea that the DA is offering.  Scott says that the charges will only be dropped if he testifies against Annie and it will be another nail in her coffin, but Adam says that it wonít be a problem because she isnít spending another day in prison ever.

Annie tells Adam that he should be in court preparing for Liza.  Adam says that Liza has it all taken care of and that Scott has taken a plea.  Annie asks what the DA is offering Scott, but Adam says that the details donít matter because they will all be getting off.  Adam says that Annie has to do everything he tells her.

Francesca tells Zach that Erica has been leaving him urgent messages and Zach tells her to lose the messages.  Erica walks up and says that she doesnít like being avoided.  Erica tells Zach that she saw Kendall.  Zach says that he doesnít need to know who fell into Kendallís bed this week, but appreciates the update.  Erica asks Zach not to talk to her like that.  Zach asks Erica why she came and she says that Kendall isnít herself.  Zach says that he canít help and suggests a psychiatrist.  Erica says that she canít help Kendall by herself and she needs Zach, but Zach says that he will never ask Kendall to come back.

JR says that he is there for Colby now, even though he hasnít always been.  JR says that if Adam goes home, he doesnít want to desert her.  Colby says that nothing ever feels like home or feels safe.  JR says that Colby has become an amazing young woman and that he likes it.  Colby says that she is still a work in progress.  Colby asks when JR is going to grow his hair out and he says that if she is going to insult him, it is time to go to the courthouse.

Liza tells Tad about the emptiness she feels when she thinks about Stuart.  Tad makes a joke about being a genie in a bottle and Liza asks if she gets three wishes.  Tad says that she does, but she has to make it quick because she is due in court.  Liza wishes for Adam and Scott to be found not guilty and Annie to be found guilty.

Annie says that it seems too good to be true.  Adam says that he has to go because he doesnít want to be late for his acquittal.  Adam leaves and Ryan walks in.  Annie asks what Ryan wants and Ryan says that he is there to keep an eye on her until the trial is over.  Ryan asks if Adam is using the trial as a smokescreen so Annie can break out.  Annie says that Ryan was a con man for too long and says that maybe Adam just knows that she will be found innocent.  Ryan says that he wants Annie to pay for what she has done.  Annie says that Ryan will have to watch out for Adam if he tries anything.  Annie says that she has a man who loves her in a way that Ryan never could.

Zach says that he is reacting the only way he can and Erica says that it isnít helping.  Zach says that he was deserted by the woman that he would have done anything for.  Erica asks how she can walk away.  Zach says that she doesnít because Kendall already has.  A cop comes up and tells Zach that he has been called to testify in Adamís trial and can be escorted to the courthouse.

Jesse brings DA Willis some more interviews with Zach.  DA Willis says that he is pursuing an idea that might work and will lay the groundwork for Annieís case.  DA Willis asks where Kendall is and Jesse says that things have turned domestic. 

Scott walks in and tells DA Willis that he has decided to take the plea deal. 

Marissa tells Liza that she was freaking out and Liza tells her to relax because the cavalry is there.  Colby asks if Liza can get Adam off and Liza says that she can for Colby.  Liza asks JR if they have his support.  JR says that he is there for Marissa because he knows that Adam will get a fair trial and that is all he wants.  Scott says that it is all he wants too and will be testifying in Adamís defense. 

A reporter asks if Adam has been dreading this day and Adam says that he has been looking forward to it.  Liza says that it is enough.

Adam asks Erica if she is there to wish him luck, but she says that she is there to watch him finally do the right thing. 

Liza says that Adam is very composed for a man on trial for murder.  Adam says that he has an excellent attorney.  Liza says that Adam has something up his sleeve and if he tries anything, she is leaving. 

The bailiff announces that court is in session.

Annie says that she would like to know what Ryan thinks he is doing.  Ryan says that he is only sticking around until the court adjourns to keep an eye on her.  Ryan tells Annie that Opal has Emma someplace safe and private.

Liza calls Scott to the stand.  Scott says that Adam was devastated when he remembered what happened.  Scott says that he loves Adam.  Liza asks how that is possible after Adam killed Stuart.  Scott says that Adam wasnít in his right mind that night and that he forgives Adam for what he did.  DA Willis questions Scott about his alleged affair with Annie. 

Liza calls Angie to the stand.

Tad asks if JR is okay.  JR says that it is tough for him to listen to Scott let Adam off the hook so easily and Tad brings up JRís cancer being back.  JR says that he isnít going to tell Marissa and tells Tad to save his breath. 

Tad asks Zach why he is there and Zach says that he is testifying.  Zach asks Tad if it was a good idea to tell Erica that Kendall is in LA.  Tad says that he warned Erica not to go.  Zach tells Tad to stay out of his business.

Angie tells the court about Adamís condition when he was brought into the hospital.  Angie explains that she tested Adamís blood and found a combination of un-prescribed drugs in his system.  Liza has Nurse Walkerís confession introduced as ďDefense Exhibit A.Ē

Ryan asks if Annieís plot to become a Chandler started in the attic with Adam.  Ryan suggests that Adam is setting Annie up to take the fall, but she says that it is ridiculous.  Ryan says that the old Adam Chandler is back and Annie will be his first victim.

Jesse testifies at Adamís trial about the investigation into Stuartís murder.  DA Willis asks Jesse if he worked alone to find the real killer.  Zach walks in and says that he acted on his own.

DA Willis calls Zach to the stand. Zach explains that he was determined because Kendall was in jail for something she didnít do.  DA Willis asks if Zach thinks it was possible that Adam knew the details the whole time and Zach admits that thinks it is very possible.  The judge announces that they are taking a break and then they will have closing arguments.  Liza apologizes to Zach and says that he had to destroy Willisí argument.  Zach asks everyone to stay out of his life.

Annie says that Adam is going to help her in a way that no other man has with great sacrifice to himself.  Annie tells Ryan that he can go because Adam will walk free from this and there is nothing he can do about it.  Ryan says that Annie will never get full custody of Emma, no matter what any jury says because she will have to kill him before he lets Emma go.

Liza asks the jury to give Adam forgiveness and mercy, while DA Willis asks the jury not to let Adam get away with murder.

Adam apologizes to Erica about Kendall.  Erica says that Annie could have prevented it, but is a monster.  Erica says that she will have a front-row seat at Annieís trial and hopefully her execution.  The bailiff comes out and announces that the jury has reached a verdict.

Francesca asks what the latest news on the trial is and Zach says that it doesnít matter because it is done.  Ryan walks up and tells Zach that Emma is still in the middle of this and she will lose whether Annie goes to jail or not.  Zach says that it is Ryanís problem, not his.

The judge asks the jury if they have reached a verdict and they confirm that they have.  The judge asks Adam to rise and the jury foreman starts to announce the verdict.

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