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Written by Mandy
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Liza asks if Bailey has decided and Bailey says that she wants to keep her son.  Liza suggests that Bailey should take a few more weeks to make sure, but Bailey says that she is sure.

David says that he doesnít want Amandaís pity.  Amanda says that she is trying to be a friend, but David says that he knows what she and Jake are up to.

Jake says that he went to talk to his wife.  Tad tells Jake not to write David off yet because he is still very dangerous.  Jake says that he thinks it is over, but Tad says that it wonít be over until David is in a box.

A private investigator tells Erica that Aidan used his credit card to make a reservation and that is where Kendall is, if she is still with him.  Erica asks the PI to give her the room number, but he says that Aidan hasnít checked in yet.  Erica says that she can take it from there because she can handle her daughter.

Kat says that she has been trying to reach Aidan for days.  Aidan tells her to calm down.  Kat tells Aidan about Tad threatening her and Aidan says that Tad would never have hurt her.  Kat tells Aidan that he needs to give it up and let Kendall go because she wonít fall for him like this.  Aidan says that Kendall isnít going anywhere, and neither is Kat.  Gunshots go off.

Liza says that there is no set time-limit on this and tells Bailey not to feel uncomfortable about staying at the apartment.  Bailey says that it isnít about being uncomfortable.  Liza asks if Bailey has thought about it on every level and Bailey says that she wants to raise her son.  Liza says that she wonít stand in Baileyís way if that is what she really wants.  Bailey asks how Liza could not be mad.  Liza says that they had a deal and asks how she could be mad.  Bailey says that Liza bonded with him and asks if there is anything she needs.  Liza says that she knew this was coming from the second that Stuart was put in Baileyís arms.

Tad tells Jake that David hasnít finished messing with him or Amanda, but Jake says that David isnít well and is finished.  Jake says that there were test results and medications and that he believes that David is actually dying.  Tad says that David will use every last minute he has to come up with a miracle cure.  Tad says that David will play the dying daddy card to try to pull Amanda back in.  Tad says that Jake canít afford to forget who David is or what he is capable of.  Jake says that he hopes David sticks around long enough for him to tear Davidís life apart.

David says that his time is almost up and that he knows that Jake is already planning a bon voyage party.  David says that he is going to lie down, so he can save his strength for what is really important: His last moments with his son.  Jake leaves Amanda a message saying that he wants the life they dreamt about and that she can meet him at the stables.

Aidan says that making Kendall forget about Zach wonít be easy, but he will go as far as he has to.  Kat says that execution at close range is too extreme.  Aidan says that he knows how to make Kendall fall in love with him.  Kat says that Kendall thinks that Aidan just shot her and asks what happened to him.  Aidan says that he wised up.  Aidan says that he needs Kat to play dead, so he can get back to Kendall.

Aidan checks into the hotel.  Erica comes up after he goes into the elevator and asks the desk clerk for his room number.  The desk clerk says that he canít give out that information and Erica asks if he knows who she is.

Liza tells Bailey to focus on Stuart and that she will be there for whatever support Bailey needs.  Bailey says that Liza has been a great friend and thanks her.  Liza tells Bailey to stop being guilty or torn, but Bailey says that she feels selfish.  Liza tells Bailey to never apologize for following her heart.  Bailey says that she wishes there was a way to do it without anyone getting hurt.  Liza says that she does too, but there isnít a way.  Bailey asks what happens next and Liza says that they will have to sign some paperwork.  Bailey says that Stuart is as much Lizaís son as her own, but Liza says that he isnít anymore.

Amanda asks Jake if he forgives her and he says that he would really love to try.  Amanda apologizes for everything.  Jake says that he thought David was lying about the blood disease, but he talked to Angie and she confirmed it.  Amanda asks Jake if he would still want her if David wasnít dying. 

Kendall tells Aidan to let go of her.  Aidan says that if Kendall doesnít cooperate, she will end up just like Kat.  Kendall says that she isnít afraid of him and Aidan says that he isnít afraid to use the gun.

Erica says that she canít wait to tell her friend Barbara Walters about the way she is being treated there.  Erica says that the hotel will never see her name or the name of any of her celebrity friends on their registry.  The security guard comes over and asks if there is a problem.  The desk clerk says that he can connect Erica to the room on the house phone.

Erica tells Aidan that she is in the lobby and wants to see Kendall immediately.  Aidan says that Kendall doesnít want to speak to anyone, but Erica says that Kendall can tell her that in person because she is waiting in the lobby.  Aidan hangs up and tells Kendall that Erica is in the lobby and if she doesnít go quietly, she will go one way or another.

Jake says that all he has ever cared about was having his life with her, but with David in the picture it was impossible.  Amanda says that if Jake only came back because of Davidís illness, then he is still controlling them.  Jake says that he is there because he loves her and nobody could ever change his feelings.  Amanda says that she needs to know that Jake forgives her.  Jake says that they both messed up trying to keep their family together and suggests that they should move on.  Amanda asks if Jake can really do that.  Jake says that he can as long as she isnít living with David and having his kids.  Amanda asks where they stand and Jake says that they are very close to having everything they want because of Davidís karma.

David tells Trevor that the medication will only make him seem sick, so that Amanda doesnít get suspicious.

Liza calls Tad and asks him to meet her at Jakeís apartment.  Tad says that he is already there and will wait for her.  Liza thanks him.

Erica asks Aidan where Kendall is.  Aidan says that Kendall is upstairs and Erica says that she made it perfectly clear that she wanted to see her daughter.  Aidan says that Kendall wanted him to tell Erica that she is embarrassed, but that Erica wonít understand.  Erica says that running and hiding is making everything worse.  Aidan says that Kendall also wanted Erica to know that she never meant to hurt Zach.  Erica says that seeing Aidan and Kendall together killed Zach and that the boys need their mother because Zach is in no condition to take care of them.  Aidan says that Kendall wishes she could be there for the boys, but she needs some time to figure things out.  Erica says that Kendall would never abandon her boys.  Aidan says that Kendall will come around and come home, but she needs some time.  Erica asks Aidan to tell Kendall that the boys miss her.

Aidan tells Kendall that he will take the gag off her mouth if she doesnít scream.  Kendall asks if Erica is dead and Aidan says that she will be if Kendall doesnít do as he says.

Amanda asks Jake if he could ever imagine having to say goodbye to his son on a DVD.  Jake says that he canít, but David having her film it is manipulative.  Amanda says that it was her idea.  Jake tells Amanda to always remember that David always has an agenda.  Amanda says that the disk was for Trevor, not as a way to play her.

David calls Amanda and asks her to come home because he canít get back upstairs and Trevor is crying.  Amanda says that she will be right there.

Jake asks if David needs Amanda.  Amanda says that Trevor needs her.  Amanda says that Trevor didnít sound okay and neither did David.

The security guard says that the guy in 601 must be big if Erica was after him.

Amanda asks what happened.  David says that it is a side effect of the medication.  Amanda asks if she should call an ambulance and David tells her to take care of Trevor.  Amanda asks Jake to stay with David for a minute and goes upstairs.  Jake asks David what he can do to help.  David says that he doesnít want Jakeís help, but Jake says that it is either him or the grim reaper.

Erica bangs on the door and tells Kendall that they need to talk.  Kendall says that she isnít ready to face anyone and asks Erica to leave.  Erica gets Kendall to open the door and offers to take her home.  Kendall says that she canít go home.  Kendall asks if Erica thinks Zach would take her back.  Erica says that he would, but Kendall says that Zach will never speak to her again, let alone forgive her.  Erica says that Zach has never stopped believing in Kendall and wonít now.  Kendall says that Erica is wasting her time.  Erica says that Christmas is coming and it is Kendallís chance to make up for lost time with the boys.  Kendall says that she thinks about the boys all the time, but they are better off without her because her life is a mess and she canít do it.  Kendall says that she doesnít want to break down in front of Spike and Ian, but she knows that she would.  Erica says that they can work through this together and tells Kendall to leave with her.  Kendall says that Erica is going home alone and apologizes.

Liza asks Tad to type the document giving Stuart back to Bailey.  Tad asks why he is doing this and Liza says that she doesnít want it to be a big deal.  Tad asks Liza why she is doing this and Liza says that she doesnít have a choice.  Tad says that she could fight, but Liza says that she wonít drag Stuart through a custody battle because she loves him.

Bailey tells Stuart that they canít stay there, so she better call his dad.

Jake says that Davidís heartbeat is dangerously low.  David asks if Jake is looking for something to hasten his demise.  Jake says that he is trying to find something to get Davidís heart rate up, so they donít have to rush him to the hospital.  David asks Jake not to badmouth him to Trevor.

Liza tells Bailey that as soon as this paper is signed, it will be like the adoption never happened.  Bailey says that Liza has done so much for her and Stuart, and there has to be something that she can do for Liza.  Liza tells Bailey to be a good mother.  Stuart starts fussing and Bailey tells Liza to get him, but Liza says that it isnít a good idea.

Jake says that he will never be talking about David at all because once he is gone, Jake will be the only father that Trevor ever knows.  David says that he canít do that, but Jake says that he will. 

Erica says that it is understandable for Kendall to be confused.  Kendall says that she is okay with Aidan.  Kendall says that she is nowhere close to being ready to go home.  Kendall says that she doesnít want any of her old life anymore and that she just wants to be free.  Erica says that she canít stand to see Kendall like this and Kendall asks Erica to leave.  Erica says that she will never give up on Kendall and leaves.

Kendall says that Aidan will never get away with this and asks why he is doing it.  Aidan says that she knows why he is doing this.

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