AMC Update Friday 12/4/09

All My Children Update Friday 12/4/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Tad meets JR at ConFusion and JR tells him that the cancer is back. JR wants to keep the secret from Marissa but Tad wants him to tell her. JR has decided to delay treatment of his cancer until Adam’s trial is over.

Liza allows Bailey to stay at her apartment, but she brings Bailey decorations she brought; she wants Bailey to put them up for the baby. Liza attempts to enter her home, but Bailey blocks her entrance while telling her that Stuart is sleeping.

Damon arrives and Liza talks to him about Bailey and responsibilities. Damon reminds Liza that she cannot take away his parental rights as the father of the baby. Damon tells Bailey that he has a job at the casino and he wants to take care of her and the baby. He has also shopped around for apartments. He wants to take care of the three of them. Damon tells Bailey that he will work at the Season Six Casino. She reminds him that he is a party guy; he reminds her that he is a dad now. He tells her that he has been reading parenting books. Bailey does not trust him because he has burned her more than once, and she will not let it happen again. Damon wants to keep baby Stuart; he wants to be with Bailey as well.

David is sleeping with Trevor. Amanda remembers the flashback of him telling her about dying. Jake has broken into Wildwind and is searching David’s cabinet for drugs and information; Amanda catches him. Jake was trying to find evidence of David’s illness and he took a bottle of medicine out of the cabinet. Amanda tells Jake that she has never seen David sick.

Scott rushes into Liza’s apartment to find Marissa. The DA wants to make a deal with him to go free if he testifies against Annie. He refuses to turn against Annie. Liza arrives and tells him to take the deal since it is the best thing for him. Liza reminds Scott of Annie’s deeds. Scott leaves to think about the deal.

Amanda talks to Jake at Wildwind and tells him that she understands his feelings, but she wants him to sign on again to their relationship. Jake leaves and Amanda offer to make David breakfast. David opens the cabinet then counts the bottles; when he sees that one is missing, he smiles. David feigns sickness and Amanda continues to fuss over him.

Tad and JR arrive at Jake’s appointment to see Liza and Marissa. JR and Marissa leave for lunch, but Tad stays with Liza. Liza tells Tad about Bailey and Damon. Tad suggests that she take Bailey to court, but Liza is convinced that she would loose custody of Stuart in court.

Jake arrives at the hospital to talk to Angie. He asks about his job and Angie tells him that she never started the paperwork to fire him. He shows Angie David’s medicine and asks her to research it. Amanda continues to baby David. He tells Amanda that she has won the fight and he will give up.

Marissa figures out that JR is hiding something. JR’s vision becomes foggy and he pretends to be upset that Adam and Scott are protecting Annie who should be locked up. JR and Marissa make love on the sofa. The doctor calls JR and tells him that he needs to start treatment right a way.

Jake tells Tad about David and says that he thinks David’s illness is real. Tad wants him to forgive Amanda, and he tells him to hate David not Amanda.

Bailey meets Liza at Confusion and tells her that she wants to keep her son.

Tad visits with Angie at the hospital; she tells him that the drugs David is using checks out. Tad tells her that he smell a copycat to something else that David has done.

Jake has brought into David’s illness and calls Amanda to tell her he wants to meet her at the stables.

David lays it on and says he will not be around for Trevor’s life. Amanda encourages David to make a video. He asks Amanda to stay while he films the video. David makes a video spewing false sentiments. He talks to Trevor then tell Amanda to turn off the video. David cuts off videotaping. Amanda tells David that he has a fever; she feels sorry for David, then she hugs him. David smiles while in her arms, because his plan is working!

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