AMC Update Thursday 12/3/09

All My Children Update Thursday 12/3/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda arrives home to find David rummaging through a cabinet full of drugs. He notices that she is still angry. He asks about Trevor and she tells him that Trevor is fine. She is angry because her husband has left. Tad goes over to Wildwind to see Amanda about Jake. Tad accuses David of renting out Amanda’s womb to build a family. He sends Amanda after Jake. Amanda tells David that she will take Trevor and leave Wildwind. David becomes desperate, and tells Amanda that he is dying and asks her to stay another six months, because he will be dead in six months

Damon comes over to visit Bailey after Liza leaves. Damon wants to know where the dragon lady, Liza is. He talks to Bailey about raising Stuart; he also talks to her about the cost of raising a baby. Bailey goes for a walk with the baby in order to think.

Ryan comes to the hospital to see Liza. He enters Annie’s room while Liza is in conference with her; he wants to know why Liza is handling Annie’s case. Liza tells him that Annie will plead guilty and serve time in prison in order to save Adam and Scott. Ryan enters Annie’s room; he bugs her about telling the truth about Stuart’s murder. Ryan asks Annie to sacrifice herself for Emma and allow Emma to stay with him. Annie asks Ryan what crime is she guilty of; Ryan cannot believe her question. She does not think that she has done anything that warrants being in jail. Liza doesn’t know that Annie has something up her sleeves; she plans on changing her testimony in order to save her own hide. Ryan wants Annie to drop the custody hearing. Annie agrees to drop the hearing if, or when she goes to jail.

Marissa is happy because she is assisting Liza with Adam’s case. JR meets her at the courthouse to discuss her contribution to his father’s case.

Colby brings street clothes for Adam and JR to wear to the arraignment hearing. She tells Adam that she and Liza moved out of their apartment to allow Bailey sometime with Stuart, because they are in danger of losing the baby. Colby gives Adam her phone so that he can call Annie. Adam tells Annie that he will see her after the trial. Colby comes to the hearing to support her father. She sees JR and he invites her to sit next to him.

Jake meets with his father, Doctor Joe Martin to tell him that he is leaving town. Dr. Martin tells Jake that he is proud of him and how he took care of Amanda and baby Trevor. Jake tells him that love is not enough. Joe tells Jake that he will retire and move out of town. He had wanted Jake to take up some of his duties at the hospital and follow in his footsteps.

Amanda calls David a liar and accuses him of telling another lie in order to keep her at Wildwind. She does not understand why he wanted to have a second baby if he knew he was dying. He explains that he wanted Trevor to have a sibling and he wanted to carry on his family legacy. David tells Amanda that he has a blood disorder; he gives her his patient file to support his claim. He wants Amanda to stay at Wildwind with Trevor. Amanda leaves to find Jake so that she can tell him about David.

Adam and Scott are arraigned. The judge set Scott’s bail for $15, 000 and he plead not guilty of conspiracy to murder after the fact. Adam pleads not guilty to murdering Stuart Adam speaks to Stuart’s kindness and gentleness. He tells the court that he wants justice for his brother’s death. Liza tells the judge that her client’s accounts are frozen and he has surrendered all documents. The judge set bail at $250,000. Colby congratulates Liza for a job well done.

Tad uses his key to enter Jake’s apartment. Tad tries to convince Jake to stay in Pine Valley, but he leaves.

Bailey is in the park with Stuart when Jake arrives. They recognize each other; he asks how her arrangement with Liza is going. Bailey tells him that she cannot leave a beautiful baby like Stuart when he needs her. Jake thinks about Trevor.

Liza returns to Annie’s hospital room and find Ryan talking to Annie. Annie will be arraigned in her hospital room. Judge Whitman and the DA arrive.

JR gets the results from his blood test at the hospital, and is told that his cancer has returned. He leaves the hospital in disappointment.

Adam is anxious to see Annie. Scott is amazed at how rude Adam is to everyone around him. He warns Adam about Annie. Annie’s bail is denied and she is ordered to remain in the hospital until she can be released to county lock up. Annie turns on Liza; in order to get Liza to represent her she pleads not guilty.

Jake returns home to find Tad still at his apartment. Amanda arrives and hears Jake tell Tad that he cannot allow David to raise Trevor alone. Jake needs to be around to protect Trevor. Amanda is happy. Amanda tells Jake that everything has changed, because David is dying.

David tells Trevor that he is sorry that he lied; David promises that he is not going anywhere and neither is Amanda.

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