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Jake realizes he can no longer worry about and care for a child that is not his, especially the offspring of David Hayward. Amanda thinks the only reason he's saying these things is because she betrayed him by having sex with David in the back of his car in order to conceive another child with him. Jake insists he's not trying to punish her and he is deeply in love with her. Amanda assures Jake that Trevor is his son and he is so much more of a father than David.

Dr. Hines sees that David has brought Trevor to the hospital and assumes it's for another DNA test, but David insists he is his father, now and forever.

During Tad's decorating-the-tree party, J.R. coughs up blood into his handkerchief but pretends he's just cut his finger when Marissa questions him.

While Opal's trying to reach Erica by phone, Tad informs her that she's in Los Angeles looking for Kendall.

After Zach kisses her, Liza is insulted that he's using her to get back at Kendall now that his marriage is over, but Zach denies it. Liza goes on a rant, accusing Zach of treating her like just a warm body that he can use to get even with Kendall. Then she urges him to go brood and sulk, but leave her out of his revenge plot.

Tad tells Opal a bit about Kendall running off with Aidan even though she's been cleared of murder charges, so Opal shares her cryptic premonition that Adam's confession is just the beginning of things, instead of the end. Everyone gathers around the tree as J.R. plugs in the lights which trips the circuit breaker and plunges the house into darkness. Opal shivers as she comments "Yeah. Here we go, right down the rabbit hole."

When Dr. Hines reminds David that he's not Trevor's father, he resolves not to let anyone take the little boy from him again and orders her to destroy the evidence she has and forget she ever knew him. He then reminds her that she has a job in California to get to and wishes her well.

Amanda continues to argue with Jake that he can be Trevor's father, but Jake feels it hurts too much and he's tired of pretending and fighting a losing battle. Amanda insists she doesn't want to be with David and wants Jake to stay with her, but he's determined to go away. Jake approaches Angie and informs her he's quitting. While Amanda sobs, Angie resolves to go after Jake and knock some sense into him.

Everyone's happy when Tad gets the lights back on as they admire the tree. J.R. wants to go home but allows Little Adam to stay for a sleepover with Kathy and Jenny. Tad proposes they make this their family tradition, because doing it without Stuart is just too hard. As soon as Marissa and J.R. leave, Amanda calls Tad and asks him to talk to Jake, but she doesn't hold much hope that he'll be able to change anything.

While Krystal serves the children cookies and milk, Opal gets a bad feeling as she looks at Kendall's picture on the front page of the Pine Valley Bulletin with the headline "Fugitive Cleared."

Zach wants Liza to work on getting him a divorce from Kendall and custody of Ian, but she has problems of her own and calls Zach a coward for not dealing with his wife directly. When Zach insists Kendall has nothing more to say to him after running off with another man, Liza realizes she has nothing more to say to him either and leaves.

Angie confronts Jake about running away from his problems and will not accept his resignation. She reminds him of his wedding vows and his need to stand by his wife through the tough times, but Jake just wants to save himself and slaps his ID tag into Angie's hand, then runs off.

When Liza goes to talk to Jake at his apartment, she runs into Tad who lets her in and listens to her tale about needing a place to stay close to Bailey and little Stuart. Happy for a sympathetic ear, Liza hugs Tad.

Back at home, Marissa tells J.R. she's never decorated a Christmas tree before, because her parents always put it up themselves and told her the elves brought it. Wanting to do the same for Little Adam, J.R. sends Marissa to look for decorations while he goes out to get a tree.

Krystal finds Opal laying out her tarot cards, getting a bad feeling about Kendall being hurt. Opal runs out to go tell Zach. Meanwhile, at his casino, Zach is getting drunk and won't heed Francesca's suggestion that he call it a night. While he downs another shot, Opal approaches him and warns him that Kendall is in danger, but he won't listen and insists that she consciously chose to abandon him and her family. As Zach is yelling at Opal to mind her own business, Jake rises to make him back off.

Amanda confronts Angie about her advice to tell Jake the truth and how it didn't help anything. Angie still feels it was the right thing to do and encourages Amanda not to give up and let David win. At that, David approaches and asks to speak with Amanda. When he offers to stay overnight with Trevor and let Amanda go home and rest, she refuses and insists on staying with her son.

At Jake's place, Tad hands Liza a drink then listens to her tale of woe regarding Zach and losing her baby to his biological mother.

J.R. tracks down Angie at the hospital and asks for a blood test since he's coughing up blood. Angie offers to draw it herself and put a rush on it so they can have the results the next day. David stares at J.R. and Angie with interest as they walk down the hall.

Jake admonishes Zach not to talk to Opal that way, but he continues to be belligerent, especially when Jake suggests he is responsible for his own misery. Although Opal wants them to stop fighting, Jake refuses to back down, so Zach throws him against a wall and knocks down a framed photo of Myrtle. Kneeling down, Zach picks up the picture and lovingly clears it of broken glass, sadly staring at his late friend. As Jake leaves, Opal crouches down next to Zach and expresses how much she misses Myrt, then she offers to be the same kind of friend to Zach and remind him not to crawl into a hole when things go back, but rather to be there for those who count on him, his children. As tears roll down Zach's face, he gets up, takes the picture, and leaves.

David takes some coffee to Amanda as she sits by Trevor's crib. When he tries to make small talk, however, she hisses at him to take it outside the room.

Liza asks Tad what he thinks of her situation with Bailey, and he agrees that giving her the apartment was a shrewd move. Liza hopes Bailey will realize that Stuart is better off with Liza, and she thanks Tad for being a good friend. When Jake returns home, he readily agrees to let Liza stay at his place, since he's leaving Pine Valley anyway. Tad urges his little brother not to run away, but Jake's made up his mind.

Out in the hall, Amanda yells at David to go back to his creepy old house and say there, because she's staying with Trevor tonight and is tired of hearing him gloating over his win. She has lost all respect for him, because of what he made her do, then she slaps David and threatens to start screaming if he doesn't get out of there. She then goes into Trevor's room and shuts the door.

While Chris Trapper sings "This Time," Jake packs his clothes while Amanda looks over her son in his crib. Marissa wakes up and sees J.R. decorating a tree, then joins him. Zach reads a story to Ian, while Liza picks up her luggage and leaves Bailey holding Stuart in her apartment. Through the glass door, David watches Amanda holding Trevor. As Jake packs his luggage, Tad sits shaking his head.

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