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All My Children Update Tuesday 12/1/09


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Liza says that she is glad Bailey is home because she was starting to worry.  Bailey says that Liza doesnít have to worry about her and that she isnít staying.  Bailey says that she needs some time alone with her son to figure out what she is going to do.  Liza says that it can all be worked out and that Bailey doesnít have to leave.  Colby comes out and asks if Bailey is leaving.  Bailey says that she has to be a full-time mother to Stuart to see if that is what she really wants.  Colby asks if Liza is going to let her leave.

Amanda says that she has had to sacrifice everything for David and he asks what he can do for her.  Amanda tells David to make her husband come back to her and make the whole nightmare over.  David says that maybe there is a way for him to make it all up to her.  Amanda says that she isnít interested in any more of Davidís offers.  David says that he found something out and she will want to hear it, but Amanda hears Trevor fussing over the monitor and says that he needs her. 

Jake says that he has fought for Amanda and Trevor since he found out that she was carrying Davidís baby and asks what he is fighting for.  Tad says that Jake is fighting for his future with Amanda.  Jake says that nothing will change and that Trevor will always be Davidís son.  Jake says that a child doesnít need two fathers.  Tad says that Jake may be Trevorís only hope because someone has to counterbalance David. 

Amanda tells David that Trevor is burning up and asks if the nanny said anything.  David says that there was no fever earlier.  Amanda asks what is wrong with Trevor and David says that he wants Trevor to be seen by his pediatrician.  Amanda asks what David isnít telling her and David admits that he thinks it might be meningitis.  David tells Amanda to grab the diaper bag because they have to go.

Jake says that Amanda can be Trevorís salvation because he is out.  Tad says that Jake has to give it some time and Jake says that time doesnít fix anything.  Tad says that he and Krystal have a bond that nobody can take away: Their love for Jenny, and that is the kind of thing that will keep Amanda and Jake together.  Jake says that Trevor isnít his flesh and blood, but Tad says that Jake loves Trevor as much as if he were his flesh and blood and that he loves Amanda as much.  Jake gets a call from Amanda telling him that there is something wrong with Trevor and he says that he will be at the hospital.  JR shows up and Jake says that he will call Tad later.

Adam says that the chef does wonders with a can opener.  Scott says that Adam wonít be making friends with insults like that and Adam says that he wonít be there long enough to care if he makes any friends, but neither will Scott.  Scott asks if Adam really believes that Liza is that good.  Adam says that when he was married to her, he learned not to underestimate Liza.  Adam says that he is worried about Annie dodging the accessory charges against her.  Scott says that Adam and Liza will eventually find a way.  Adam says that it has to be a family effort, but Scott says that he is going back to Chicago to start over.

Bailey says that she has been thinking about this for a while and after seeing how Liza treated Damon, she knows it is the right time to do it.  Liza says that Damon is a walking heartache and Bailey says that it is her lesson to learn.  Bailey says that she needs to figure out if this is something she wants to do.  Liza says that Bailey and Stuart can stay there, while she and Colby move out, so that she knows they are safe. 

Zach asks why Kat is spying on him and Kat says that she was just curious about Zach slamming the door in her face.  Zach says that she doesnít know him or how he would react to something.  Kat says that she may not know Zach, but she knows Kendall.  Kat says that maybe Zach can find Kendall and talk some sense into her.  Zach asks what makes Kat think he wants to find Kendall and Kat says that it is obvious that he still cares.  Zach tells Kat to get out and she apologizes.

Adam says that he needs Scott there.  Scott says that it is best for everyone if he leaves town.  Adam apologizes for accusing Scott of sleeping with Annie and asks if he will stay.  Scott says that it isnít about an apology and Adam asks if Scott still has feelings for Annie.

JR says that he was looking for an excuse to swing by, since it was Thanksgiving.  Tad says that JR doesnít need an excuse.  JR says that it is nice to feel welcomed.  JR and Tad talk about how tough Christmas will be without Stuart.  Marissa and Little Adam show up.  Marissa asks if JR is ready to go home and he agrees, but Tad asks them to stick around.  Tad tells Krystal and Opal to come downstairs and announces that they are going to go pick out a Christmas tree as a family.

Colby asks Liza how she could give up her home to Bailey.  Liza says that at least there, she can keep close tabs on Bailey and Stuart and asks Colby to trust her.

Amanda asks if David can see anything and he says no.  David asks Amanda to stay with Trevor while he goes to look for the doctor.  Amanda tells Trevor that they will make him all better and Jake walks in.  Amanda says that they are waiting for the pediatrician and Jake says that he will stay as long as necessary.

Adam says that he practically pushed Scott and Annie together and of course they bonded while they were keeping the secret.  Scott says that it doesnít change what he needs to do next.  Adam says that he needs Scottís help to get his family back and asks if he will stay.

Bailey thanks Liza and says that she will take care of the place.  Liza says that she is going to start packing.  Bailey says that it is getting late and she doesnít have to do it tonight, but Liza says that she doesnít want to drag it out.  Colby says that she can stay at Corrinaís until Liza talks to Jake.  Colby says that she will start packing.  Liza asks if she can hold Stuart and tells Stuart to be good for Bailey and that she will miss him.  Liza gets a call from Zach asking her to come over immediately.  Colby asks if Liza wants her to start packing.  Liza says that she has an emergency and asks Bailey if she can come back for her things.  Bailey says that is fine.  Liza tells Colby to go to Corrinaís and that she will call later.

David starts to fill Jake in and Jake says that he gets it.  The pediatrician, Dr. Evans, asks for some time with Trevor.  David, Amanda and Jake step out of the room.  David says that there is something he wants them to know.  Jake says that Trevor is a tool to David and that it is all a game to him.  Jake says that he doesnít think that David loves or deserves Trevor.  Amanda tells them to stop.  David says that Jake doesnít deserve Amanda and Amanda yells at them to stop.  Jake says that he shouldnít have come there.  David says that Jake is right because Trevor will never be his son.

Tad, Opal, Krystal, Marissa, JR and the kids bring the tree in the house.  Krystal says that she is going to get the ornaments and Marissa goes to put a kettle on for some hot chocolate.  JR says that the tree is going to need some help, but Tad says that Little Adam must have been channeling Stuart when he picked the tree.  JR starts coughing and JR says that it is just cold out.  JR says that he was thinking about Stuart and Marissa asks if JR was also thinking about Adam.  Krystal comes downstairs with the ornaments.

Liza shows up to see Zach and he says that he wants her to handle his divorce.  Liza says that Zach should wait because he might feel differently in the morning, but Zach says that all he needs is some help with the legal aspect of things and that if she doesnít help him, someone else will.  Liza asks if Zach has talked to Kendall about it and he says that he doesnít need to.  Liza says that Zach doesnít know if this is what Kendall wants and Zach shows Liza his proof: Kendallís wedding ring. 

Adam asks Scott to give him a couple of months and Scott agrees, but says that he is moving back into the gatehouse.

JR says that Marissa was right about Adam, but he doesnít miss him.  JR says that he misses what could have been, but that he is just chasing fantasies.

Tad and Krystal talk about the children.  Tad says that they will make sure they are there for the kids and Krystal asks what is going on in Tadís head.  Tad says that he is just making sure and tells her to get back to work.

David apologizes to Amanda for what happened with Jake.  Amanda says that she just wants her baby to be all right.  The pediatrician comes out and says that Trevor has an ear infection and should be feeling better by tomorrow.  David thanks the doctor, while Amanda goes to be with Trevor.

Aidan asks Kat how it went and she says that it was a little uncomfortable.  Kat says that Zach kicked her out and then caught her watching him, but she covered.  Aidan asks how he reacted and Kat says that Zach was really upset and has packed all of Kendallís stuff.  Aidan says that he didnít expect to have to chloroform Kendall. 

Tad tells everyone that all they have left to do is put the angel on top.  JR starts coughing again and Marissa asks if he is okay.  JR says that it was just cold in the tree lot and he will be okay in a minute.

Amanda tells Jake that it was just an ear infection.  Jake asks Amanda not to call him next time because he canít do this anymore.  Amanda asks if Jake is doing this to punish her and he says that he canít see himself raising Davidís children.

Kat asks how Aidan is going to stop Kendall from going home.  Aidan says that he just needs more time to convince Kendall that it is just them against the rest of the world and she will fall in love with him like planned.  Kat asks if Aidan will kill Kendall to keep her from leaving him.  Aidan says that he is late and has more to do.

Liza asks Zach how he got the ring and Zach says that it doesnít matter.  Zach says that Kendall doesnít have it anymore because she doesnít want it.  Liza tells Zach that he has had enough, but he says that he wants more than enough.  Liza tells Zach not to do this to himself because he is better than this.

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