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All My Children Update Monday 11/30/09


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Jesse says that he needs to talk to Zach about Kendall. DA Willis says that the charges against Kendall have been dropped and they have decided not to pursue charges for unlawful flight. Jesse needs to talk to Kendall and asks where she is. Zach says that what is left of her is in the bags.

Bailey made Liza some sandwiches and wrapped one up for her. Liza thanks her and says that the week has gotten insane. Bailey assures her that between her and Colby, Stuart is covered. Liza thanks her and says that she doesn’t know what she would do without Bailey. Liza apologizes to Stuart for working so much.

Tad tells Krystal that she is an awesome cook and that it was the best turkey he has ever had. Krystal says that she thinks she is going to pop. Krystal says that she thinks the second piece of pecan pie did it for her. Tad says that he feels like an anaconda that ate an aardvark. Tad says that as long as Opal keeps the kids busy upstairs, they have time to do something. Krystal thanks Tad for making it back for Thanksgiving dinner. Tad says that he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Jake says that there is nothing that Amanda could ever do that would make him stop loving her. Amanda apologizes and says that she slept with David willingly. Amanda asks Jake not to hate her.

Dr. Hines calls David and tells him that Trevor isn’t his son. Dr. Hines asks if David would like to do more DNA work to find out who the father is. David says that he is pretty sure he knows who it is.

Amanda tells Jake that she and David were late to the appointment at the clinic and ran out of gas and she knew it was their last chance to get pregnant or they would have to wait another month, but even that wouldn’t be guaranteed. Jake asks if that is Amanda’s excuse for having sex with David. Amanda tells Jake that it didn’t mean anything and was just a way to end the hell they are living in. Jake says that he doesn’t understand how she could not tell him. Amanda apologizes and says that she just wanted it to be over so that she could be with Jake and she felt trapped. Jake says that if it didn’t mean anything she wouldn’t have lied to him about it and asks why she lied to him. Amanda says that she did it because she knew he would be hurt and angry and asks him to say something. Jake says that David got what he wanted: he got Amanda because she gave in.

Tad says that it was one hell of a kiss and Krystal says that he is one hell of a kisser. Krystal asks about Tad’s trip and he says that Zach hired him to find Kendall and Aidan. Tad says that he found them and it wasn’t pretty. Krystal asks Tad what he really wants and he says that he wants to be happy. Krystal tells Tad to wait and shows him plans to build something new instead of rebuilding the Comeback. Krystal says that it will be a bar without booze and Tad says that he loves the idea. Krystal says that she doesn’t know what to call it and Tad says that with all the sugar and caffeine she will be shoving across the counter, she could call it “The Coma.”

Liza tells Bailey that she will be back later and leaves. Bailey tells Damon that it seems like he is spying on her or something and he knocks on the door. Bailey asks if Damon wants to see Stuart and Damon says that he can’t stop thinking about him. Bailey says that she has been trying to get him to go to sleep. Damon says that he is trying to figure out what comes next and Bailey says that she has been too.

DA Willis asks if Zach has done something to his wife and Zach says that he doesn’t know where Kendall is, but is packing up her stuff. Jesse asks Zach what is going on and Zach says that Kendall has chosen to be with Aidan now. Zach asks if Jesse has a favorite charity because some of the stuff is good stuff and then suggests that he should call the Miranda Center. Jesse asks Zach why he thinks that Kendall and Aidan are together now. Zach says that Jesse should find them and ask them himself because he is trying to get rid of everything that reminds him of her. Jesse says that they did everything they could to keep Kendall out of prison so she could come back to be with Zach and her boys. Zach suggests that Jesse should help him.

David asks what Liza wants. Liza says that she is representing Annie, Scott and Adam and needs some answers. David says that in this life, you don’t really want the answers. Liza starts talking about Adam being drugged. David starts rambling about children. David says that children can be snatched away in a heartbeat and Liza asks if something happened to Trevor. David says that he was talking about Liza’s baby and asks what she is doing there. David asks Liza if she realizes that risk she is taking by leaving her son with his biological mother because she could snatch the baby in a heartbeat. Liza says that she will come back to interview David.

The nanny asks if David is okay and he asks her to bring him Trevor.

Jake asks how long Amanda has been sick and she says that it has been a few days. Jake says that Amanda neglected to tell him and is probably pregnant, which is the only reason she told him that she slept with David. Amanda says that she told Jake because she just couldn’t keep lying to him. Jake reminds Amanda that the deal didn’t include her having sex with David. Amanda says that the results will be the same and asks Jake to try to understand. Jake says that conceiving through artificial insemination doesn’t mean having sex in the back of a car. Jake says that Amanda betrayed him and them. Amanda says that it was a mistake and Jake says that he can’t live with that for the rest of his life. Amanda asks Jake not to leave.

Damon talks about how Stuart looks like Bailey. Liza walks in and asks what Damon is doing there. Liza tells Damon to get out before she calls the cops and asks Bailey why she let him back in. Bailey says that Damon wanted to see Stuart and that he cares about the baby, but Liza says that Damon only cares about some fast cash. Bailey says that she thought so too, but Damon was just freaked out. Liza tells Bailey that Damon tried to extort money the last time he was there by offering to lead Bailey on to get her to leave Stuart if the price was right, but Bailey insists that Liza is lying. Liza says that Damon is trying to use Stuart and Bailey and she isn’t letting it happen. Bailey asks why Liza waited to tell her and Liza says that she didn’t want to see Bailey hurt because she still has feelings for Damon. Liza tells Bailey that the smartest thing she can do is forget Damon and focus on getting her life back. Bailey leaves and Stuart starts crying, so Liza comforts him.

Tad asks how he can help and Krystal says that he did by giving his approval. Jake walks in and announces that Amanda decided to make a baby with David the old-fashioned way.

Zach says that all of Kendall’s stuff is out. Jesse says that Zach and Kendall are meant to be together. Zach asks if Jesse wants a cocktail. Jesse says that Zach still loves Kendall. Zach says that Jesse can either stay and have a drink or go home. Jesse says that Zach needs to admit that he still loves his wife and Zach admits it, but that he is going to find a way to cut her out of his heart and get on with his life. Rachael comes in and says that Ian wants his dad. Zach tells Rachael to take a break and she thanks him. Jesse tells Zach that they will talk tomorrow and leaves. Zach says that he knows Ian wants his mom to read the story, but it is going to be his job from now on and suggests that Ian should read the story to him.

David says that he never considered the possibility that Trevor wasn’t his and tells Trevor that it is time for bed.

Krystal says that it isnít all Davidís fault and Jake says that it is both David and Amandaís faults.  Krystal says that she warned Jake and told Amanda not to move in with him.  Tad says that Jake has to get Amanda out of the house as soon as possible and break the contract.  Jake asks how you forgive something like this.  Krystal says that if Jake walks away from Amanda right now, he will be giving in, just like he accused her of doing.  Krystal leaves to check on Jenny.  Jake says that he had to force the truth out of Amanda and Tad says that Amanda is afraid that she is going to lose Jake or that David will find a way to use it to get Jake to give up.  Tad asks if Jake is giving up.

Amanda tells David that Jake walked out on her because she told him what they did.  Amanda says that it was all for nothing because she isnít even pregnant.  David replies, ďOf course youíre not.Ē

Kat shows up at Zachís house to drop off Kendallís wedding ring and says that she thought he might want it, but he says that she was wrong.

Liza says that she is glad Bailey is home because she was starting to worry.  Bailey says that Liza doesnít need to worry about her and that she isnít staying.  Bailey says that she needs time alone with Stuart to figure out what she is going to do.

Zach goes to throw Kendallís stuff away and find the envelope containing her wedding ring by the front door.

Jake says that he never wanted to give in to David.  Tad tells Jake to fight for Amanda.  Jake asks what exactly he is fighting for and Tad says that Jake is fighting for his future with Amanda.  Jake says that nothing will change, including the fact that Trevor will always be Davidís son.

Amanda says that this is what David wanted and David asks what he can do for her.  Amanda tells David to make her husband come back to her and make the nightmare be over.  David says that there might be a way he can make it all up to her.

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