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Written by Mandy
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Zach says that he finds comfort in the dark.  Liza shows up and tells Zach that Kendall can come home, since Adam confessed.  Zach says that Kendall will never set foot in the house again.

JR tells Marissa that his father killing Stuart is old news.  Marissa asks him to tell her what he is feeling and JR says that he is feeling nothing.  JR says that he cut Adam loose, so he doesnít care, but Marissa says that he has to care because Adam is his father.

Kat asks who Tad is.  Tad asks where Kendall is.

Erica leaves a message for Tad letting him know that she is counting on him to bring Kendall home.  Erica asks David if there has been any change.  David says that he thinks it is time to say goodbye because even if Annie could fight, he doesnít think she could win.

Emma asks if she can say a prayer and Ryan says that she can.  Emma prays for Annie to wake up and asks God not to take her away.

Adam tells Annie to come back to him.  Annie wakes up and Adam runs out yelling for a doctor. 

Scott tells Ryan that Annie made it through the night.  Ryan says that he thought Scott was there to tell him something very different.  Scott says that he just came in to pray.  Ryan says that he should get back to Emma.  Scott says that his prayer is for death to finally bring Annie some peace.  Erica comes in and says that Annie is awake.

Annie asks where Adam is and David tells her to try not to talk.  David tells Annie that the cops are there with Adam waiting to take him to jail for killing Stuart.  Annie says that Adam will be another victim.

Jesse asks what the holdup is.  DA Willis says that the murder charges against Kendall will be dropped when she returns, but the charges connected to her escape are a different story.  Jesse says that it wasnít just a random prison break.  DA Willis tells Jesse to wait to arrest Annie and Scott because he has to review their roles.  Natalia asks Jesse if it is finally over and he says that their job is done.  Natalia says that she finally understands that there are some gray areas in police work. 

Kat says that she gets a lot of people in and out of there, but doesnít remember a Kendall.  Tad describes Kendall and Aidan.  Kat says that they were the lovebirds and that they used different names.  Tad says that this is ridiculous because he has been there before.  Tad asks Kat where Aidan and Kendall went and says that he really needs to know, but Kat says that he needs to let it go or there wonít be a happy ending for anyone.

Liza asks if something happened to Kendall.  Zach says that Liza was right about his marriage to Kendall being over.  Zach says that he never thought that Kendall would do that with Aidan again.  Liza reminds Zach that Kendall is his wife and Zach says that she is dead to him.

JR says that the holidays are coming up and suggests that they should pull Little Adam out of school for a few days and go on an adventure.  Marissa says that JR wants to run away and JR admits that he wants to get away from the media.  Marissa tells JR to stop acting like he doesnít care about Adam.  JR says that Adam chose Annie and he chose to walk away.  Marissa says that everything has changed now because Adam could go to prison for life.  JR says that he deserves to and Marissa asks if Adam deserved to lose his baby and maybe his wife too.  JR says that if the conversation is over, but Marissa says that she wonít be dismissed and she wonít let him dismiss Adam either.  JR says that it is too late.  Marissa says that if JR turns his back on Adam now, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

Ryan tells Emma to read the book and that he is going to talk to Erica.  Ryan asks if Erica has heard from Kendall yet and Erica says that Tad is looking for Kendall, but Zach is acting like he doesnít care about her anymore.  Erica says that something is terribly wrong and Ryan offers to go talk to Zach.  Erica says that she will keep an eye on Emma.  Ryan asks Erica to take Emma to see that Annie is okay before Corrina gets there and Erica agrees.

David tells Annie that her vitals are stable and that he is going to order a full battery of tests to find out exactly what happened.  Adam tells Annie that he heard her recording and knows now that her love was real and true.  Annie asks about the baby and Adam apologizes.  Adam tells Annie that she saved his life, but now he has to pay for what he has done.  Annie says that she will not let Adam go to prison.

Natalia suggests that she should take Jesse out to lunch to celebrate the end of the Chandler case.  Jesse says that a good man died for no reason, so it wouldnít be right to go celebrate.  Jesse says that the whole case was a big accident.  An officer says that the DA is on line 1 waiting for Jesse.

Marissa says that Adam has a lot to face up to, but at least deserves a fair trial.  JR says that Adam always wins.  Marissa says that Adam thinks he should go to prison and never come out.  JR says that he always goes crawling back to Adam.  Marissa says that this time, he would be going back to take charge and save the family.  JR asks how you would defend Adam shooting Stuart in cold blood.  Marissa says that you would argue temporary insanity because Adam wasnít of sound mind when he pulled the trigger and says that they can get the best attorney around.

Liza says that maybe Zach is just paranoid, but Zach knew it was only a matter of time.  Liza says that Zach and Kendall were good, but Zach says that they always are until theyíre not.  Liza says that Kendall is coming home and Zach agrees, but says that she wonít get forgiveness, her boys or him.

Annie says that Adam could recant and say that he was just upset about Annie and was confused, but Adam refuses and says that there can be no more lies.  Annie says that Adam canít give up now and Adam says that he thinks some time in prison might give him solace and help him understand what he did.  Annie says that Adam was being drugged and didnít know what he was doing, but Adam says that the result was still the same.  Annie says that Adam has been punished enough and she doesnít want him to suffer anymore, and neither would Stuart.  Emma comes in and says that Annie got her miracle.

Tad asks Kat what she was saying about a happy ending.  Kat says that the more time Kendall spent with Aidan, the more she relied on him and she was insanely attracted to him.  Tad asks if Zach was there.  Kat says that Kendall found out that someone else confessed and got upset and didnít want to go home, so she took off with Aidan when he promised that she would see her boys again soon.  Kat says that Aidan and Kendall got Tadís email about Kendallís husband and hit the road.

Liza says that no matter what, Kendall is coming home and is going to need to see her children.  Zach says no and Liza reminds him that legally he canít keep Kendall away from her children.  Zach says that the boys deserve better and tells Liza to go home.  Liza tells Ryan that he should turn around.  Zach tells Ryan that he isnít bringing Kendall home.  Zach says that he isnít surprised by what has happened: different guy, different bed, same Kendall.

Annie says that she is coming home to be with Emma.  Annie says that Emmaís love and Adamís love is what made her wake up.

Erica says that Annie is all right and tells Adam that she is sorry about the baby.  Adam thanks her and says that she must be relieved because Kendall is probably on her way home now.  Erica says that they are trying to find Kendall.  Adam says that he is the reason for Kendallís suffering and is taking responsibility for everyone who was punished by that evening.  Erica tries to convince Adam to get away from Annie, but Adam says that no one will ever destroy what he has with Annie.

Liza asks Marissa what this is about.  JR says that they want Liza to represent Adam and Marissa says that Adam needs a real advocate who doesnít have a personal agenda.  Liza says that Adam has hurt a lot of people and JR says that if Adam goes to prison, it will rip Colbyís heart out.  Liza asks JR what makes him think that Adam would let her defend him.  JR says that Adam respects Lizaís opinion.

An officer arrests Adam.  Corrina shows up and Erica takes her to Emma.  Annie tells Emma to go with Corrina and that she will see her soon.  Erica tells Annie that she should leave town and start over.  Annie asks if Erica really thinks she would abandon Emma and Erica says that she knows Annie would, especially since Adam going to prison means that Annie will never get Emma back.  Annie says that Adam has something to fight for now: their future.  Jesse walks in and Annie says that she isnít going to say anything against her husband.  Jesse says that he is there to arrest Annie as an accessory to murder.

Zach says that Kendall was drawn to Aidan, kind of like she was drawn to Ryan.  Ryan tells Zach not to go there and Zach tells Ryan to get out.  Ryan asks Zach what he is going to do if Kendall comes back.  Zach says that he will not let her see Ian if she comes back and suggests that Ryan shouldnít let her see Spike either because the boys deserve better.  Ryan punches Zach and Zach gets right up. 

Annie asks if Erica was giving her all that crap about starting over when she knew that Jesse was on his way.  Erica says that she didnít know, but is thrilled.  Erica tells Annie to be careful in her cell because you never know who might stab you in the back.  Annie asks how she can be an accessory and Jesse explains that she covered for Adam when she knew he was guilty.  Annie says that she wants a lawyer.  Scott asks Natalia what her father is doing.  Natalia says that he is arresting Annie for the same thing she is arresting Scott for: Accessory to murder.  Natalia reads Scott his rights.

Adam asks what Liza is doing there and Liza says that she is there to represent him.  Adam says that he is grateful for her help and says that he wants to win so he can get back together with Annie.

Erica tells Ryan to call her because it is important.  Tad tells Erica that he knows where Kendall is, but she doesnít want to come home and he was going to tell Zach, but changed his mind.  Tad tells Erica that Kendall is having an affair with Aidan.  Erica says that she is sure Kendall will come home and smooth everything out with Zach.  Tad says that Kendall knows that Adam confessed, but has chosen to stay with Aidan.  Ryan walks up and says that Zach has chosen to scorch the earth.

JR says that he thought after the pills were out of Adamís system he would start thinking straight again, but he is as crazy as ever.  JR says that Adam needs to end this and cut Annie loose.  Adam says that what he and Annie have is real and he is going to beat the charges, so he can spend the rest of his life with her.  Scott comes in and Adam asks if he was arrested.  Scott says that he and Annie were both arrested.

Tad says that he looked through the computer that Aidan was using and found maps and driving directions for Los Angeles.  Tad says that he doesnít think it is a good idea to search for Aidan and Kendall and that when she is ready, Kendall will come home and give everyone answers.  Tad says that Kendall canít stay away from her kids forever.  Ryan and Erica thank Tad.  Tad leaves.  Ryan says that it has to be killing Kendall to be away from the boys and she will be on her way back soon.  Ryan suggests that they let Zach handle this, but Erica says that she is going to Los Angeles to find out what is going on.

A man shows up at Zachís house with a delivery.  Zach says that he didnít order anything, but the man says that it is a Thanksgiving turkey and they usually leave it with his wife.  Zach pays the delivery man and goes inside where he sits looking at a picture of him and Kendall.

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