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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

David tells Amanda that Jake wonít find out unless one of them tells him.  Amanda tells David never to touch her again.  Jake comes up and calls David a bastard.  David suggests that Jake should just kill him because it would solve all their problems.  Jake agrees that he should.  Amanda tells Jake to stop and not hurt David.

Erica tells Adam that Annie lost a lot of blood and had to be rushed into emergency surgery.  Adam asks what Erica is trying to tell him.  Erica says that Annie made it, but is in a coma and probably wonít survive.  Jesse and Erica ask if Adam is okay.

Scott tells Annie that she made it through surgery, but needs to wake up.

Zach stands outside the boarding house and watches Aidan make love to a woman who looks like Kendall from behind.  Kat tells Aidan that Zach took it hard and took off like a bat out of hell.  Aidan says that he couldnít have done it without Candy.

Jake asks if Amanda is protecting David and she says that she doesnít know what she is doing.  David tells Amanda to tell Jake that he forced himself on her because that is what Jake wants to hear.  Jake asks Amanda if something happened at the clinic and says that he sees it in her eyes and hears it in her voice.  Amanda swears on Trevor that David didnít rape her.  Angie comes in and asks what is going on.  Jake apologizes for the disturbance.  Angie says that the hospital isnít a playground and reminds David that he has a patient in ICU.  David apologizes for the misunderstanding and leaves.  Angie asks what happened and Jake says that it wonít happen again.  Angie says that it wonít because she is sending Jake home.  Angie says that as much as she would like to see David get his butt whipped, it canít happen in the hospital and asks Amanda if she wants to go after Jake.  Amanda says that Jake thinks that David raped her, but he didnít.

Erica asks if there is somewhere that Adam can lie down, but Adam tells her to stop treating him like a drooling invalid and leave him alone.  Jesse tells Erica and Ryan that he will handle this.  Ryan asks about Adam and Erica says that he is insisting that he is fine.  Ryan asks if the news about Annie shook him up and Erica confirms it.  Erica says that she canít believe that Kendall can finally come home.  Ryan asks if Erica has gotten word from Zach yet.  Erica says that she has left a few messages, but hasnít gotten an answer.  Erica says that she is going to try to track Zach down.  Ryan says that with Annie in the hospital, he should be with Emma.

Scott talks to Annie about the things she has told him and says that he sees her for the strong, loving woman that she is.  David walks in and asks how Annie is doing.  Scott says that he has been talking to Annie, hoping that she will wake up.  David apologizes and tells Scott that there hasnít been a change.  Scott says that he doesnít understand because women have miscarriages all the time and donít go into comas.  David says that most women donít lose as much blood as Annie did and she is still in a coma because her brain was deprived of oxygen.  David asks if Scott has contacted Adam yet.  Scott says that he hasnít, but has tried.  David tells Scott that Adam confessed to Stuartís murder.  David says that Scott must not be surprised.  Scott asks David to do something for Annie as a last request.

Krystal tells Jake that Trevor went down about 20 minutes ago.  Jake asks for an ice pack and Krystal asks what David did now.

Angie asks if David hurt Amanda.  Amanda says that David didnít rape her and that she had sex with him willingly, since it was her idea.  Angie asks why Amanda would do that and Amanda says that she needed to get pregnant.  Angie says that she thought the conception was supposed to be through artificial insemination.  Amanda says that it was, but they ran out of gas on the way to the clinic and she panicked.  Amanda says that if Jake found out, she could lose him.  Angie says that if Amanda tries to hide it from Jake, she will lose him.

Candy says that they swore it would be safe.  Aidan says that no one got hurt and Candy says that he pulled a gun.  Kat tells Candy to keep her voice down and Candy says that she wants double the pay.  Aidan says that it isnít going to happen and Candy says that she could call the cops immediately.  Aidan says that they will just put her in prison for real this time for aiding, abetting and impersonating a wanted felon.  Kat tells Candy to get dressed.  Aidan asks what tipped Kat off and Kat says that Candy is a dead ringer for Kendall and even fooled Zach.  Aidan says that he kept Candy on call for a week because he needed a plan B in case Zach showed up.  Kat says that from the look on Zachís face he wonít be back.  Kat says that she should delete the message from Tad warning that Zach might be finding his way there.

Joe says that Adamís pulse is strong and steady.  Jesse asks why Adam almost passed out and Joe says that it was probably anxiety.  Joe says that he wants to admit Adam for some tests, since he recently had a heart attack, but Adam says no.  Joe says that he is worried about Adamís health and Adam asks why Joe would care at all after what he did to Stuart and Kendall.  Joe asks what Adam did to Stuart and Adam says that he killed his brother and is exactly where he belongs.  Joe asks Jesse to let him know if Adam has another episode and Jesse agrees and thanks Joe.  Scott comes in and tells Jesse that David doesnít think that Annie is going to make it.  Jesse asks what Scott has.  Scott says that it is a message from Annie to Adam and he needs to see it.

Ryan thanks Corrina for bringing Emma in and says that he will talk to her later.  Ryan asks Emma if she is okay.  Emma says that Corrina woke her up and asks why they are there.  Ryan asks if there is any change and Emma asks if she can talk to Annie.  Ryan agrees and Emma says hi to her mom.  Ryan tells Emma to be gentle and that it is a great idea.

Aidan asks Kendall if she is okay.  Kendall says no and asks why Aidan locked her in there.  Aidan says that the door must have been jammed and it has happened a couple of times since they have been there.  Kendall says that she heard yelling downstairs and Aidan says that he was watching a movie on Katís computer and had the volume cranked pretty high.  Kendall says that she woke up because of her dream about losing Zach after he came there.

Erica asks Opal what she is doing there.  Opal says that Zach asked her to take over for Rachel and she said that he took off a couple hours earlier without a word.  Erica says that Zach must be bringing Kendall home because she has been exonerated, since Adam confessed.  Erica asks if Opal will wait with her until Kendall and Zach get home, so they can all celebrate.  Opal says that she would love to, but Zach told her to take Ian over to be with Spike. 

Ryan asks a nurse to watch his daughter for a little while, so that he can go check on her mom.  The nurse agrees and Ryan says that he wonít be long and thanks her.

Ryan tells Annie that he is there trying to get her to wake up because Emma needs her mom.

Adam says that he wants nothing to do with Stuart and tells Jesse to get rid of him.  Jesse says that Adam should watch the tape.  Jesse says that he watched it and will stop it whenever Adam wants.  On the tape, Annie tells Adam that she will never stop loving him and will tell their child that what they had was real and strong.  Annie says no and starts moaning.  Scott gives Adam a report saying that Adam really was the father of that baby.  Scott says that he doesnít know why he kissed Annie, but knows that Annie loved only Adam and a child was created out of that love.  Adam asks if Annie is dead and Scott says that she is alive, but doesnít have long.  Adam says that they have to save Annie.

Kendall says that she wants to see if there are any messages from Zach and Aidan gives her the computer.  Kendall thanks Aidan and says that there is nothing.  Aidan tells Kendall to write Zach again and tell him that it is important.  Aidan leaves to give her some privacy.  Kendall writes Zach saying that she dreamt about him leaving for good and asks him to write back to let her know that he will never leave her.

Kat tells Aidan that Candy is on a bus back home and Aidan thanks her.  Aidan tells Kat that Kendall is desperate to hear from Zach.  Aidan says that from the message, Kendall felt that something bad was going on through her dream.  Kat asks if Kendall is psychic and asks Aidan if he is going to re-write it.  Aidan says that he is sending it as is.

Jake tells Krystal what is going on with Amanda and Jake.  Krystal asks if Amanda insists that David didnít touch her.  Jake says that Amanda swears on Trevor that David didnít rape her and says that he has to trust in her because she is his wife.  Krystal tells Jake to trust his instincts and that if he thinks David hurt Amanda in any way, he is probably right.

Amanda says that if Jake found out it would kill him.  Angie says that Amanda doesnít know for sure, but Amanda says that she does because Jake despises David.  Amanda says that Jake thinks that David is going to find a way to suck her in and make her fall in love with him.  Angie asks if David has and Amanda says no.  Angie asks if Amanda still loves Jake and she says that she has never loved anybody more.  Angie tells Amanda to trust her love and trust Jake because he will eventually forgive her.  Amanda says that every time Jake looks at her, he will see the woman who betrayed him and she canít live with that any more than he can.  Angie says that Amanda isnít giving Jake a fair shot, but Amanda says that she is doing what she feels is best for them both.  Amanda says that Angie canít say anything and Angie agrees.  Amanda says that she was consulting Angie as a doctor, but Angie says that she doesnít care because it isnít her secret to tell.

David says that he spoke with his colleague at UCLA and they want Dr. Hines to start immediately.  Dr. Hines thanks David.  Dr. Hines wishes David luck on getting Amanda pregnant and asks if he has decided on another course of action for how to deal with his motility problem.

Kendall dreams that Zach comes back and tells her to be careful of the darkness because it will swallow her whole.

Aidan says that Kendall is going to be cleared and free to go home to Zach and her kids.  Kat asks what Aidan is going to do.

Erica asks Zach where Kendall is and he says that she is with Aidan.  Erica says that Adam confessed and asks if Kendall is on her way home, but Zach says that it isnít her home anymore because she isnít coming back.  Erica asks Zach what happened and he tells her to go home.  Erica says that she is going to find Kendall since Zach wonít bring her home.

Dr. Hines tells David that the count is fine, but David realizes that the mobility numbers are low.  David says that the numbers canít be right because he and Amanda conceived Trevor with no problem.  Dr. Hines asks if David is sure that he is the childís father.

Amanda asks Krystal how Trevor did.  Krystal says that he was great and goes to get his things.  Amanda says that she didnít expect to see Jake and he says that he needed to be around his family.  Jake apologizes for what happened at the hospital, but Amanda says that he didnít do anything wrong like she did.  Jake asks why Amanda said that and she says that she should have let Jake kill David.

Erica tells Ryan that Zach didnít think Kendall would ever come home to her family.  Erica says that Ryan has to get Zach to explain or tell them where Kendall is.  Ryan says that he canít because Emma wants her mom to wake up, but he isnít sure it is going to happen.

Adam apologizes to Annie and asks her not to leave him.

Kendall asks Kat where Aidan is and says that she is free to go home with her husband.  Aidan sneaks up behind Kendall and uses chloroform to knock her out.

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