AMC Update Friday 11/20/09

All My Children Update Friday 11/20/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Tad meets Zach at his home and lies about his findings. He tells Zach that he saw Kendall; Zach figures out that there is something that Tad is not telling him. Tad admits that he did not see Kendall, because Aidan would not allow it. Zach is furious. Zach tells Tad that he does not trust him, but he sent him looking for Aidan, because he knows that he is the only one who could find him. Tad tells him that Aidan has designs on Kendall. Zach asks for Aidan’s whereabouts, but Tad will not tell him because, Zach is out of control. Zach throws Tad out as Tad tries to apologize. He asks Rachel to stay with Ian, then he gets his gun out of his safe. Zach leaves his home.

Adam told Erica that he has nothing left, and he needs to admit that he killed his brother. He apologizes to Erica for hurting her family and he tells her he is sorry. Ryan arrives as Adam is heading to the police station. Ryan tells him that they are going to the police station and Adam will confess. Erica tells Ryan to wait, because Adam is in such obvious pain. Adam reminds Ryan that he feels the same way Ryan felt when he shot his brother and if he does not confess the guilt will tear him apart.

Annie talks to the video camera in the Chandler living room and tells Adam that she loves him and tried to protect him. She wanted him to forgive himself for his brother’s death. She tells Adam that their love was real and strong. Annie starts to have stomach pain as she realize that she has truly lost everything. She falls to the floor and began bleeding. Scott comes downstairs with packed bags. He looks at the closed door to the living room but does not go inside; he returns and finds Annie on the floor. He calls for an emergency vehicle.

The DA arrives at the police station and asks Jesse for Kendall, because he was told that Jesse had Stuart’s murderer. Adam walks in and Jesse points to him as Stuart’s murderer. Ryan and Erica arrive with Adam. The DA and Jesse take Adam into the interrogation room. Marissa get the call about Annie being taken to the emergency room so she tells Erica, Ryan and Jesse that Adam should know. Ryan advises her to wait until Adam completes his confession.

Kendall gets drunk, but she suddenly realizes that Aidan is up to something. Aidan get nervous. While Kendall is getting another bottle of wine, Aidan put goofballs in her wine glass.

Jake runs into David at the hospital and asks him what is wrong with Amanda. Jake wants details about the missed appointment with the insemination doctor. David lies; he sees Amanda walking into the hospital and tells Jake to speak to Amanda; she apologizes for her behavior, but she needed time to sort things out. Jake asks her about the missed appointment. She tells Jake that he is pressuring her.

Jesse comes out of the interrogation room and Erica asks him about Adam, because Adam does not look good. Erica suggests having a doctor brought in. Erica feels sorry for Adam, because Kendall will get her family back, but Adam has lost everything. Erica feels that Annie should pay for her lies and deceit.

Zach goes to the casino and sits at the card table; he ask the dealer for the right card and he is handed a card with an address on it. Zach ask him if he followed Tad like he was told to do, and did he see Kendall. The man answered yes to the first question and no to the second question. The man gives Zach photos of Kendall hugging Aidan at the indoor picnic. Zach grabs the man by the throat and asks if he is on Aidan’s payroll; the man answers no.

Aidan takes Kendall upstairs and puts her to bed. Kendall is imagining seeing Zach and she asks him for a hug and a kiss. She tells Aidan that Zach has the best eyes and the softest lips. She talks to Aidan as if he is Zach. Aidan reminds her that Zach cannot kiss her, because he is not there.

Ryan comes to the hospital and tells Scott that he knows that Annie is faking. Scott tells him that Annie is not faking and she has lost a lot of blood, which makes her situation life threatening. Scott accuses Ryan of caring about Kendall and her freedom; Ryan tells him that he cares about the truth. Ryan asks David about Annie and is told that he cannot be told personal information; David relents and tells him that Annie has lost a lot of blood and is in surgery.

Jake wants to know why Amanda switched doctors. Jake points out that David and she are behaving weird; he tells her that she won’t allow him to touch her. He wants to know was there an insemination. Jake accuses Amanda of behaving as if she was raped. Amanda gets up and leaves after telling Jake she can no longer stand his questions.

Scott returns to the Chandler mansion. Annie is still in surgery. Lucretia is cleaning up Annie’s blood, but Scott takes the brush away and cleans up the blood after sending her home. Scott yanks out the recoding device in anger.

Kat comes downstairs with her hair fixed like Kendall’s. She takes off her robe and she is naked. From behind she appears to be Kendall.

Amanda finds David and tells him that Jake thinks David raped her. David touches her shoulder and Amanda yells at him to take his hands off her. Jake walks in, hears her yelling at David, then he punches David.

Jesse takes Adam to a cell. Erica tells Adam that Annie lost the baby, and he is sad.

Zach arrives and see Aidan and Kat making out; He thinks that Kat is Kendall. Zach stands at the window and gazes at them.

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