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All My Children Update Thursday 11/19/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Annie goes down to the police station to bail Scott out of jail; he was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct at a bar. Annie cannot believe the charges, because disorderly behavior hardly fits Scott’s personality.

Kat takes Kendall to look at an abandon bar, because she is interested in buying it. Kendall thinks that the place is a dump that is falling apart. Kat tells Kendall that she brought her there, because Aidan is planning a surprise for her. She refers to Aidan (Tom) as Kendall’s man. Kendall explains to her that she and Aidan are friends not lovers. Kendall tells Kat that she is in love with her husband, Zach. Kat wants Kendall to know that if Tom were interested in her she would be very happy.

Tad goes straight to Myrtle’s old boarding house and finds Aidan. Tad asks to speak to Kendall, but Aidan refuses to tell him Kendall’s whereabouts. Aidan tells Tad that he wants everyone to leave Kendall alone, because he wants to keep her safe. He mentions that Zach has already led the Feds to them once, and he will not allow Zach to do it again. Tad gets suspicious and tells Aidan that everyone wants Kendall home with her boys and her husband. Aidan refuses to allow Tad to wait to see Kendall.

Adam calls JR to come over using Lil A as the ruse; he tells JR that he was right about Annie’s deception; he also tells JR about the fake pregnancy. He asks JR to return home with Lil A, but JR tells him that his family is Marissa, Colby, and Lil A. JR refuses to be Adam’s family again, and tells him that he is afraid of being alone; he rejects Adam’s offer. Adam shows Annie the tape he made of Scott and her while he was out of town. It shows Annie lying about being pregnant and lying about Stuart’s death. Annie tries to cover herself, but it is too little to late. Adam orders Scott and Annie out of his home and his life.

Zach meets Ryan at the Yacht Club and tells him that he wants Kendall home. Ryan tries to get Zach to wait for Adam’s confession. He tells Zach about his plan to get Adam to doubt that he is the father of Annie’s child. Zach is impatient. JR arrives at the Yacht Club and tells them that Adam is close to confessing since he has found out the truth about Scott and Annie. Zach will allow two hours for Adam to confess before he continues his search for Kendall.

Aidan has set up an indoor picnic for Kendall and himself. Kat brings Kendall back home and works on her bike to give Aidan and Kendall time alone. Kendall knows that Aidan wants something more than friendship and she reminds Aidan that they are just friends. He pretends that he understands.

Tad meets Zach at his home and lies about his findings. He tells Zach that he saw Kendall; Zach figures out that there is something that Tad is not telling him. Tad admits that he did not see Kendall, because Aidan would not allow it. Zach is furious.

Kendall is enjoying the picnic and she and Aidan talk about old friendships. She and Aidan decide that they need another bottle of wine and Kendall goes to the kitchen to get it. Kat comes inside and tells Aidan that he has set up a cute picnic. He tells her that he is running out of time to win Kendall, and he needs her help to speed things up. He pulls out a bag and shows her pills.

Adam arrives at Erica’s hotel room and tells her that it is time for Kendall to come home. She asks him what does he mean, and he tells her that it is time that he confesses to Stuart’s murder. Adam is ready to confess, but Erica is angry and she tells him that she though that family was everything to him, but he allowed her daughter to suffer. Erica reminds him that she broke the law to help him protect Lil A from David. Adam tells her that Annie tricked him and he could not deal with the truth knowing that he had killed his twin brother. He tells Erica that Scott and Annie did not admit to an affair, but he saw them on tape. Adam wanted the child that Annie is carrying, because it would have given him redemption for his crime. Before leaving, Adam told Erica that he has nothing left and he needs to admit that he killed his brother. He apologizes to Erica for hurting her family and he tells her he is sorry. Ryan arrives just in time to hear his confession. Ryan tells him that they are going to the police station and Adam will confess.

Annie tries to get Scott to help her win Adam back. She tells Scott that she is not leaving her home and her family. Scott tells her that her lies have caught up to her and now is the time to let go. Annie talks to the video camera in the Chandler living room and tells Adam that she loves him and tried to protect him. She wanted him to forgive himself for his brother’s death. She tells Adam that their love was real and strong. Annie starts to have stomach pain as she realize that she has truly lost everything.

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