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All My Children Update Tuesday 11/17/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Annie asks where all the nurses are and Jake says that they are working with other patients.  Annie asks why she is still there when she was told she could go home hours ago.  Jake says that Annie has to wait her turn.  Annie tells Jake to get her released immediately.  Jake says that if Annie is going to be released, he has to check her vitals.  Annie says that Jake was working with Ryan to prove the pregnancy was a fake and that she wants a real doctor for her real baby.  David walks in and Annie asks him to get Jake out of there.  David tells Annie that she needs to calm down because she is carrying a Chandler child.

Scott tells Adam to leave the flowers because Annie will see them when she gets home.  Adam says that he wants her to see them now.  Adam tells Ryan that they will see each other in court because Adam and Annie are suing for full custody of Emma.  Adam suggests that Scott should go get Annie while he deals with Ryan.  Scott leaves.  Ryan says that Adam trying to take Emma is a joke, but Adam says that he doesnít think a judge would agree.  Ryan says that Adam can pay the judge all he wants, but will still lose.  Adam says that they can both see which home is better for Emma.  Ryan says that the mansion is a great place to raise a child, all you have to look out for is the alcoholics and gunshots.  Adam says that he and Annie are going to raise a family there.  Ryan gives Adam something and says that it is a wedding present.

Jesse shows up to see Zach.  Zach says that he wants Kendall home now.

Aidan asks Kendall what is wrong and she says nothing.  Aidan says that he only slept there because he didnít want to blow their cover and he is sure it makes Kendall uncomfortable after what he said.  Kendall asks if Aidan is really afraid that he will lose control and that they will end up in bed.  Aidan asks if they can forget he said it.  Kendall says that nothing will happen between them because she is completely devoted to Zach.  Aidan says that he is going to go for a run.

Kat asks Aidan how it went.  Aidan says that he is done because Kendall is definitely in love with her husband.  Kat says that Aidan loves Kendall and Aidan says that she will never feel the same way.  Kat says that Aidan needs to see Zachís latest message because he has a real chance of blowing Kendallís marriage straight to hell.

Natalia, Randi and Frankie all meet at ConFusion and realize they all got the same email.  Frankie says that it was probably from Angie and Jesse wanting to talk about Madison.  Natalia says that Madisonís story checked out.  Frankie says that Madison told them the truth.  Randi says that Madisonís father threw her in the loony bin where she belongs paying for what she has done.  Natalia says that it doesnít work that way because there are laws and procedures.  Randi says that Madison tried to destroy their family and she doesnít want to know where Madison is or what has happened to her.

Annie says that she is having her baby in a different hospital in a different town because you canít trust anyone there.  David agrees with her and tells Scott that she is ready to roll.  Annie thanks David and asks Scott where Adam is.  Scott says that Adam is dealing with Ryan.  Scott says that Ryan isnít happy about the custody suit.  Annie says that Ryan will have no chance of winning against Adamís lawyers.  Scott says that Annie caught a break with the pregnancy lie turning out to be the truth because she could have walked away graciously instead of provoking Ryan.  Annie says that Ryan manipulated her into thinking that she could never have children again.  Scott says that if Annie had let it go, Ryan would have stopped pushing for Adam to confess, but she had to announce that Ryan is about to lose Emma.  Annie tells Scott to get out so she can get dressed.

Ryan says that the anger and doubt has to be killing Adam.  Adam says that it has to be ages ago because he hasnít turned the security camera on for months.  Adam says that Scott isnít the father of Annieís child.  Ryan asks what else could possibly make Scott want to stay.  Adam tells Ryan to get out.  Ryan says that some people are so good at deception it is scary and tells Adam to watch it again and he will see.

David says that Jake shouldnít be treating anyone in the hospital because he was accused of working with Ryan to prove that Annieís pregnancy was a lie.  Jake says that is funny coming from the man who switched Adamís pills and then gave him another dose of the concoction to let Ryan and Zach interrogate him.  David says that the last thing he and Amanda need is Jake giving them a hard time once the baby arrives.  Jake says that Amanda is only having the baby as part of a legal agreement.  David remembers the backseat of the car and tells Jake that the conception was purely clinical, but when the child arrives it will be the exact opposite.

Zach says that he sent Kendall a message saying that he wanted to see her and she isnít responding.

Kat tells Aidan that Zach is getting paranoid.

Zach says that something is wrong.  Jesse asks if Zach trusts his wife.

Kat says that Kendall is freaking over Zach spending time with Liza and Zach is freaking over Kendall spending time with Aidan.  Aidan says that he doesnít know and Kat says that Zach is losing it.

Zach says that he is fine, but Kendall is out there and doesnít know what he is doing.  Jesse says that Zach and Kendall will find their way back together and Zach says that he wants her back now.

Aidan says that Zach wants to come there because he is afraid of what will happen if he doesnít, but that doesnít mean that he holds the key to Zachís broken heart.  Aidan says that he has the next move covered.  Kat says that she is going to finish working on her bike.  Kendall apologizes to Aidan and he says that he is fine.  Kendall says that she and Zach have finally moved past all the betrayal and gotten to a good place.  Kendall says that it could all fall apart in a second if Zach thought she betrayed him again because he would never forgive her and their marriage would be over for good.

Jake says that once the baby comes, Davidís control over him is over and that there will be no more deals.  Jake says that David will never have power over him.

Jesse says that if Zach goes after Kendall now it is over.  Zach says that he will bring her home to the secret room and then they will come up with a plan.  Jesse says that he canít go after Kendall because the feds are watching him too.  Jesse says that Kendall probably doesnít want Zach to know where she is and tells him to back off.  Zach says that he is going to find his wife.

Kendall tells Aidan to go home, tell Zach she is fine and get back to his life.  Kendall says that she will be fine and that she has the computer, so she can keep in touch with Zach, but Aidan says that it is ridiculous.  Kendall says that she will be safe on her own.  Aidan reminds Kendall that he gave Zach his word to see it through to the end and says that he is going to do it.  Aidan says that he is going on his run now.

Annie gets home and sees the flowers from Adam.  Annie asks about Ryan being there.  Adam says that Ryan was ranting, raving and carrying on.  Scott says that maybe they should have waited on the custody thing, but Adam says that he promised to put Annieís child back in her arms while another child was on the way.  Annie says that she wants to take a nice hot bath and thanks Scott for the ride.  Scott says that he should get back to the office, but Adam says that he wants to ask Scott for a favor.

Frankie says that Madison is messed up, but doesnít deserve to be abused.  Randi says that the only reason Frankie wants to find her is because he feels guilty over the car accident.  Natalia says that they have an obligation to help Madison if she is a kidnap victim because she could be in serious trouble.  Frankie says that Madison has come clean and wants to be published.  Randi says that Madison wants to destroy everything they have and it is working because she is tearing them apart.

Scott asks if it can wait and Adam says that he has to go tonight because there are a lot of long-term investors that he needs to put minds at ease for.  Adam asks Scott to keep an eye on Annie while he is gone and Scott agrees.  Adam says that he knew he could count on Scott.

Tad asks if there is a problem with Zachís cable.  Zach thanks Tad for coming.  Tad asks about the costume and Zach says that he didnít want Zach followed.  Tad asks where Kendall is.  Zach says that he doesnít know and that is where Tad comes in.  Zach and Tad read Kendallís message.

Kat shows Aidan what Kendall sent to Zach.  Aidan says that he told Kendall those things in confidence.  Kendall tells Zach that she will always be faithful.  Aidan tells Kat that he needs more time alone with Kendall because what happened before can happen again.  Kat asks what Aidan is going to write instead and Aidan says that he isnít, he is just going to let Zachís imagine run wild and his suspicions grow so that he imagines the worst.  Kat says that it wonít take long.  Aidan says that if he can break their trust, he can break Kendall and Zach.  Aidan says that Kendall doesnít need to cheat, Zach just needs to think that she might.

Jesse shows up at ConFusion and Randi, Frankie and Natalia realize he got the email too.  Jesse says that whatever happened with Madison doesnít concern them anymore, but Frankie says that it is clear they still care.  James shows up and says that he organized the meeting because there has obviously been a misunderstanding.  Jesse says that James needs to clear it up.

Zach says that the feds followed him to the church, but Kendall and Aidan were already gone when the agents came.  Tad asks what Zach told the agents and Zach says that Jesse got rid of them.  Zach says that the last few messages sounded different and then they stopped.  Tad says that Aidan probably told her to lighten up on the computer so she wouldnít leave a trail for the feds.  Zach says that Kendall wouldnít just cut off their communication.  Tad says that he and Aidan used to communicate through the computer when they were working on a case.  Zach says that he wants Tad to track Aidan down because he knows how his old partner operates.  Tad says that Aidan is too smart to leave a cyber trail.  Tad says that the messages arenít going to tell them much, but he has a pretty good idea where they are.

Ryan asks where Annie is and Jake says that she is probably home because they released her.  Ryan asks Jake how soon they can do a paternity test.  Jake asks if Ryan thinks that he is the father.  Ryan says no, but Adam might not be either.  Jake asks what is going on.  Ryan says that if exposing this is the only way to keep her from manipulating Emma, then he will do it.  Jake says that they can do a test through amnio, but it is risky and can only be done from 14 to 20 weeks.  Ryan says that they canít wait that long.  Jake says that there are other tests that can be done sooner, but they are even riskier since Annie has a history of miscarriage.  Ryan asks Jake to tell him about the other tests because he could lose his daughter to a very dangerous woman.  Ryan says that he is doing this for Emma and for Kendall, so that Kendall can come home and be with her boys.  Ryan says that the only chance they have is to prove that Annie is lying about the father, so that Adam wonít have a reason to stay silent about the murder.  Jake says that he will answer all of Ryanís questions, but will not perform any procedures on Annie.  Ryan says that Jake is Annieís doctor, and asks if he will call her back for a follow-up.  Jake says that he doesnít think he is Annieís doctor anymore, thanks to David and suggests that Ryan should talk to David.  Jake tells Ryan not to go to David empty-handed.

Adam tells Annie that he will be back before she knows it and that Scott will keep the lynch mob away, so that she can relax.  Annie says that they will be fine.  Scott says that he can convince Adam to stay if Annie is afraid he will feel the need to confess.  Annie says that she is glad he is gone.  Annie says that it might be nice to have a little break, since she and Adam have both been under a lot of stress lately.  Annie asks Scott to light a fire for her because it is freezing in there.  Scott agrees and says that he is going to get some wood.

Tad says that he knows exactly where Aidan and Kendall are, but canít tell Zach.  Zach says that he isnít playing and asks where his wife is.  Tad says that if Zach runs out there half-cocked, it will be a repeat of what happened at the church.  Zach says that it will be fine, but Tad says that it wonít be.  Zach says that he has to find his wife, but Tad says that he will go find Kendall and bring her back, but Zach needs to stay there.

James says that he took Madison for her own good because she suffers from schizophrenia.  James says that this was the best solution because he could protect his familyís privacy and put Madison in a facility where they could give her the help she needs.  Natalia says that Madison escaped and James says that Madison doesnít remember any of it.  James says that he didnít know his security people would use violence, but they did.  Frankie says that he doesnít believe this and wants to hear it from Madison.  Madison apologizes to Randi and Frankie and says goodbye.  James says that this is the last they will be seeing of him and Madison and they leave.  Frankie says that Madison was drugged and that what she said was rehearsed because it was her dadís way of making them back off.  Randi says that they are going to back off and Jesse agrees. 

Zach asks Tad not to screw this up.  Tad says that he will find Kendall and asks Zach not to tell her that he is coming because it could tip off the feds.  Zach asks Tad to bring Kendall home and not stop anywhere.  Tad says that when he gets back he will upgrade Zach to HD at no charge and leaves.

Kat says that Zach is giving Aidan more time.  Aidan says that Zach wants to convince Kendall that he isnít coming.  Aidan tells Kat to put the kettle on because they will have a visitor.

Ryan walks in to leave a note for David in his office and looks at the computer screen.  David tells him that it is confidential and Ryan asks why David is looking at Greenleeís medical records.

Scott checks on Annie and then goes to get her some milk.  Annie gives Scott a shoulder rub.  Scott turns around and kisses Annie passionately, while Adamís secret camera is recording.

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