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All My Children Update Monday 11/16/09


Written by Mandy
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Kendall reads Zachís message about working all night with Liza and throws a glass.

Kat asks Aidan how it went and he says that they need a vacuum upstairs because Kendallís wine glass is in pieces.  Aidan says that it is driving Kendall crazy thinking that Liza is spending time with Zach.  Aidan says that he knows Kendall doesnít want to doubt Zach again and Kat says that Aidan will make sure she does.

Jake tells Adam and Ryan that Annie didnít have a miscarriage and that the baby is fine.  Ryan says that he doesnít understand and Jake says that the ultrasound proved that Annie is about a month along.  Ryan says that he was sure that Annie was faking the pregnancy and Jake says that nobody is more surprised than Annie.

Annie tells Adam that their baby is fine and Adam says that it is a miracle.

Erica says that a baby means that Adam wonít confess and that means that Kendall can never come home.  Ryan says that they will find another way to get to Adam.  Erica says that there is no way that Adam will go to prison and leave his child.  Zach asks what would happen if the child wasnít Adamís.

David says that his backseat days arenít over after all.  Amanda tells David not to talk and not to look at her.

Aidan comes in the room and Kendall tells him to be careful because she had an accident.  Aidan asks if Kendall is okay.  Kendall says that she doesnít even know how to answer the question and rants about Zach spending endless nights with Liza.  Aidan says that maybe Zach was just tired, but Kendall says that Zach doesnít get tired and it seems like the message was written by someone else.  Aidan says that Kendall should be honest with Zach about feeling hurt by him mentioning Liza.

Zach asks if Erica and Ryan wonder why Scott is still around.  Erica says that Scott is Adamís family.  Zach asks if she ever wonders why he stays in the house where his father got killed.  Ryan asks if Zach thinks there is something going on with Annie and Scott and Zach says that he knows there is.  Zach says that he had Aidan working for him and Aidan found a surveillance disk that was very interesting.  Erica asks if it was Annie and Scott and Zach says that it was Annie making out with Scott and JR. 

Adam says that his baby is healthy and so is his mother.  Annie asks what makes Adam so sure it is a boy and Adam says that it is just wishful thinking.  Annie asks if Adam wants a son to replace JR, since he has separated himself from the family, but Adam says that he was hoping a son would bring JR back.  Adam talks about the things he learned from his brother.  Annie says that the baby is their second chance.

Erica says that Annie is playing Adam and asks how they will prove it because Annie wonít agree to a DNA test.  Ryan says that even if Annie did agree, the baby might still be Adamís.  Ryan says that all they need is for Adam to think there is a chance he isnít the father.

Kendall reads her reply to Zach and tells Aidan that she canít send it.  Aidan says that Kendall should get everything off her chest, but Kendall says that Zach will think she has reverted to paranoia-ville.  Aidan says that it is Zachís fault if Kendall feels paranoid because of him mentioning the time he is spending with Liza.  Kendall says that maybe Zach is trying to reassure her by letting her know that they wonít give up, but Aidan suggests that it is a defense mechanism.  Kendall asks if Aidan thinks that this is a test to see if she will run back into his arms.  Aidan tells her to send the message and they will find out.

Kat starts a new message to Zach from Kendall.

Zach says that he needs to get home and get a message to Kendall.  Ryan says that they have everything covered because they have to wait for Adam to be alone.

Scott says that he will see Adam back at the house.  Adam says that he has to see Jake about something and asks if Scott will stand guard until he comes back.  Annie asks and says that it helps having Scott there.  Scott agrees to stay.  Erica says that they got their chance.

David says that it wasnít so bad and Amanda tells him to get her the hell out of there.  David says that they canít go anywhere until the tow truck gets there.  Amanda says that she feels sick and David suggests that she should open the window and get some air, but Amanda says that air isnít her problem.  David says that it happened so that they can conceive a child as quickly as possible, so she can get back to her life with Jake.  Amanda says that is why she did it, but David is just a sadistic bastard.  Amanda says that if Jake ever finds out, she wonít be able to go back to him.  Davidís phone rings and Jake asks to speak to Amanda.  Amanda tells Jake that she forgot her phone when she left this morning and he asks if the procedure is over.  Amanda says that it is and Jake says that he will come pick her up, but she tells him that they are on their way back.  Jake and Amanda hang up.  David says that it doesnít sound like Jake suspects anything.  Amanda asks how she is going to look Jake in the eye knowing what they just did and David says that Jake will never know anything unless Amanda tells him.  David reminds Amanda that they created Trevor on a wild drunken night and asks if she could imagine her life without him.  Amanda says no and David says that it will be the same way with the next one.

A nurse asks if Adam wants her to page Jake, but he says that what he wants is for her to find some news about his wife immediately.  Erica tells Adam that he has to calm down because it isnít good for his heart. 

Scott tells Ryan that it isnít a good time.  Ryan congratulates Annie on the pregnancy.  Scott tells Ryan to get out, but Annie says that Ryan obviously has something to say.  Annie says that it killed her when she lost her baby with Ryan and asks how Ryan could lie to her and let her think that it cost her the chance to have another baby.  Ryan says that the whole pregnancy thing was a very twisted way to keep Adam in line.  Scott says that he can call security, but Annie says that security wonít stop Ryan.  Ryan says that he has done everything lately to keep Emma away from Annie.  Scott asks if Ryan thinks that Annie is a threat to her own daughter and Ryan says that he does.  Annie says that is interesting since Ryan just bullied her into a near miscarriage.  Ryan reminds Annie it would have been a fake miscarriage.  Annie tells Ryan that Adam filed the paperwork because they are suing for full custody of Emma.  Annie says that Ryan is about to lose Emma forever, but Ryan says that the only thing a judge will hand Annie or Adam is 20 years to life.

Adam says that if Erica had a shred of decency, she would leave Annie alone for the sake of their unborn child.  Erica asks if Adamís other children matter anymore and Adam says that his children matter a great deal to his family.  Erica reminds Adam that his children have moved out and want nothing to do with him.  Adam says that his children always come back and that he still has Scott.  Erica says that Scottís loyalty is amazing, considering the fact that Adam killed his father.  Adam says that what happened to Stuart was an accident.  Adam says that Stuart would have wanted them to move forward and take the child as a sign of new hope for their family.  Ryan says that there is a lot of hope at the Chandler Mansion.  Ryan says that if he were Scott, he would want to hurt Adam as much as he was hurt.

Aidan says that Kat went a little overboard with the last message from Zach.  Kat asks which part was overboard: the message or Aidan trying to steal a happily married woman who is on the run from the cops.  Aidan says that the message was overboard.  Kat says that it is working because Kendall is upstairs pulling her hair out.  Aidan says that the more off the messages sound from Zach, the more suspicious Kendall will get.  Aidan says that they are done if Kendall figures out that Zach isnít sending the messages.  Kat says that according to what Aidan has told her, they are playing it perfectly.  Aidan says that they are if Zach doesnít find a way to mess it up.  Kat reads the message that Kendall is sending to Zach.  Kendall tells Aidan that there is plenty of room in the bed for both of them, since he is freezing.

David tells Jake to make himself at home and Jake asks how Amanda is doing.  Amanda says that she is fine, but Jake says that she doesnít look like it.  David suggests that maybe Amanda is hungry because she probably hasnít eaten all day, but Amanda says that she isnít hungry.  David apologizes to Jake for the arrangement not being easy and says that they may have created a new life tonight, hopefully.  David says that he is going to check on Trevor and tells Jake to make sure Amanda gets some rest.  Jake asks Amanda what happened at the clinic because she and David are acting weird.  Amanda says that she was making a baby with a man she canít stand and asks Jake to stop asking her questions because she wants to forget the whole thing.  Jake asks why David would suddenly start acting civil.  Amanda says that David got everything he wanted, but Jake says that it isnít true because that would mean that he got her and that isnít happening.

Kat tells Aidan that Kendall has a new message from Zach and they read it.  Aidan tells her to delete it and Aidan tells Kat what to write.

Aidan goes upstairs and asks Kendall what is wrong.  Kendall says that Zach thinks she is jumping to conclusions.  Aidan asks what Zach said and Kendall says that Zach is just shutting down.  Kendall says that when Zach reacts like this, it means that she hit a nerve.  Aidan says that maybe Zach is just preoccupied with trying to nail Adam.  Kendall says that she wishes it would just end.  Aidan promises her that it will be all right.  Aidan says that he canít do this and leaves.

Erica asks how Ryan thinks it went with Adam.  Ryan says that the seed of doubt has definitely been planted.  Erica says that all they have to do now is wait for it to grow.

Scott asks if Ryan got to Annie and she says that she is pregnant and Ryan couldnít have gotten to her.  Annie tells Scott that when Jake told her she was pregnant she was wondering what would have happened if she had thrown herself down the stairs.  Scott says what if she had made him push her down them.  Annie apologizes and says that she never should have asked him to do it.  Scott says that it wasnít even a consideration.  Annie says that everything is finally coming together because she is having Adamís baby.  Scott says that a couple of hours ago, the baby was nothing more than a strategy move.  Annie says that the baby is a symbol of their new life together and once they get Emma, everything will be perfect.  Scott says that it will be the family that she always dreamed of and Annie says that Scott is part of that family too, but he says that maybe he shouldnít be.

Jake says that if Amanda is hungry, he could go get them something.  Amanda says that she wants to go to bed and forget the day ever happened.  Jake says that he wishes he could stay with her and she says that she does too.  Jake says that he will see her tomorrow and that things will look better then.  Jake leaves.  David asks if Amanda is all right and she asks how she could do this to Jake.  David tells Amanda that they did this for their son.

Aidan asks Kendall if this brings her back to when Greenlee and Zach were stuck in the mine shaft and it was just them against the rest of the world.  Aidan says that he doesnít want things to get complicated and for them to get put in that position again.  Kendall asks if Aidan is afraid they will have sex again and he asks if she isnít.

Zach leaves a message for Jesse saying that there is something not right with Kendall and that he wants her home now.

Scott says that Erica thinks he is in the house for his own selfish reasons and maybe she is right.  Annie says that Scott is staying there to protect his uncle.  Scott says that as long as Adam is there, in a way so is Stuart.  Scott says that he needs to take a step back and finally deal with his fatherís death alone because it is the only way he will ever move on from it.  Annie says that she needs Scott and Scott asks about what he needs.  Annie says that Scott needs hope and it is there.  Scott says that Annie has Adam to look after her and that she will be fine.  Annie says that she needs Scott to help protect Adam and the baby because she canít do it on her own.

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