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All My Children Update Friday 11/13/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda and David will miss their appointment for fertility clinic because they are stuck in a broken down car. Amanda is upset because she will miss the appointment and will have to wait another thirty days. David tells her that they can circumvent that by having the baby the old fashion way. Amanda is appalled by the idea of sleeping with David to conceive another baby; she could not live with herself if Jake found out that she had sex with David again. Amanda rejects David’s idea. Jake tries to call Amanda, but cannot reach her. Amanda insists that Jake and she are in love and she cannot betray him. David reminds her that they got together because Jake dumped her, and he helped her through a rough time. Amanda tells David that he is jealous, because he will never have love. She jumps out of the car to take a walk.

Kendall awakens to Aidan playing with her hair. She looks at him in a creepy way as she awakens. Kendall tells Aidan that Zach has not contacted her in awhile. Aidan apologizes to her for being next to her when she awaken; he knows it was sort of creepy. Kendall asks Aidan for sometime to herself and he goes downstairs to be with Kat. He tells Kat that Kendall is awaiting a message from Zach. Kat is helping Aidan by intercepting messages from Zach and Kendall. All of their messages are being routed through Kat’s computer. There are numerous messages that have not been received. Kendall is upset so Kat decides that a fake message should come from Zach, but she will not send Zach a message from Kendall in order to make him angry.

Annie pretends to have a miscarriage. Adam calls an emergency vehicle and Annie panics because she is afraid of the paramedics. She tells Scott not to worry because she has had a miscarriage before and she knows how to act. Annie asks Scott to distract Adam while she is being examined so that he does not overhear patient and doctor conversation.

Jake is told that Annie Chandler is on her way to the hospital with a miscarriage and Ryan and Erica overhears the conversation. Erica is happy that they figured out Annie’s faked miscarriage and beat her to the hospital. Erica wants to celebrate Kendall coming home, but Ryan cautions her.

Zach walks up to JR at Confusion and insists that he turn Adam in for killing Stuart. JR tells Zach that he did not witness Adam shooting Stuart, and he will not lie. Zach tries to strong arm JR, but JR is not going to lie, because it would make him no better than Adam. Liza stops Zach from hitting JR. JR warns Zach not to hit him again. Zach wants to know why Liza is defending JR, and accuses her of being on the Chandler payroll. Zach later apologizes to Liza for her outburst. Liza understands Zach’s outburst and forgives him.

Aidan and Kat write a note from Zach saying that Zach and Liza worked on Kendall’s case all night and he must get some sleep so he will talk to her later. Kendall interprets his words as saying that he and Liza spent the night together. Aidan pretends to be understanding about Liza, but he sets another trap by bringing Kendall wine and she tells him to leave the bottle.

Erica talks to Scott in the hospital waiting room. He wants to know why she is there; she reminds him that his father is dead because of Adam. Scott tells her that Adam and he are family and Adam is Stuart’s twin and every time he looks into Adam’s face he sees Stuart. He cannot have him arrested.

Jake comes to Annie’s room and Ryan follows him in. Ryan is pleased with himself for figuring out Annie’s plan to fake a miscarriage. Jake asks him to leave. Ryan continues to taunts Annie. Annie now knows that Ryan set her up and she tells him that he is the sick and twisted one, because he continues to taunt and aggravate the Chandlers. She tells him to look at himself and the way he hounds and haunt her. She gets out of bed and hits Ryan in the chest, then she falls to the floor.

Amanda hurt her ankle while walking. David examines it and tells her she has a light sprain. David continues to taunt her about running out of time since she is now ovulating. Annie reminds him of Jake and tells him that Jake is the reason they cannot have sex. David tells her that he will not tells Jake, because Jake does not need to know. Unbelievably David talks dumb Amanda into having sex. He promise to cover by calling the clinic. She makes David swear on Trevor that he will not tell Jake they had sex to conceive.

Kendall's dreams show Zach and Liza kissing. Kendall starts to throw things and Aidan listens in at the door while laughing.

Erica finds Zach and tells him that Adam may soon know that Annie is faking her pregnancy. Adam’s reason for protecting himself for Stuart’s murder will no longer exist and he will likely confess to the murder. Zach leaves Confusion with Erica.

Adam comes into Annie’s hospital room to find her on the floor unconscious. He calls Jake who examines her. Ryan tells Jake that Annie is faking, but Jake informs him that Annie is out cold. Jake finds Ryan, Adam, Erica and Zach in the waiting room, then tells them that Annie is indeed pregnant. Ryan eyes bulges out of his head.

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