AMC Update Thursday 11/12/09

All My Children Update Thursday 11/12/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

David is at Confusion asking Tad has he seen Jake; he is really looking for Amanda, because they have an appointment at the fertility clinic. Tad tells David that maybe Jake and Amanda found something better to do than give him a second heir. David blames Tad for the situation with Jake and Amanda, because he helped them hide David’s son from him. David calls Tad a moron.

Annie is talking to Scott about her fake pregnancy. She needs to beat Ryan to Adam; Ryan intends to tell Adam that the pregnancy is faked. Adam overhears Annie’s conversation and asks what is she talking about. Annie and Scott lie about the conversation they were having. Adam thinks that Annie is afraid of losing custody of Emma and he tells her that his lawyer has his permission to seek full custody.

Erica is at her suite and she tells Ryan that she is tired of waiting for a miracle to save her daughter. She intends to spill the beans to Adam about Annie and the fake baby. Erica is running out of time, because Kendall is running out of time. Ryan tries to prevent Erica from speaking to Adam, but she is tired of being careful and leaves abruptly.

Colby talks to JR about their father. JR tells her that Adam wants a new family with Annie and is not concerned about his current children. JR advises Colby to walk away form the Chandlers, but she refuses.

Tad and Liza have lunch. He berates her for helping David take advantage of Jake and Amanda by writing the contract for a second child with David.

Jake shows up and David teases him for allowing Amanda to have his child. Jake tells him that he will make his contribution in a cup and will not sleep with Amanda. Jake tells David that he and Amanda are working on a real family. David lies and tells Amanda that their appointment is at an out of town clinic.

Ryan visits Jake at the hospital and asks him to take Annie’s case when she arrives at the hospital. He knows that Annie will fake a miscarriage and he wants Jake to spill the beans on her. Ryan calls Erica and asks her to join him at the hospital; when arrives he tells her he is waiting for Annie to arrive at the hospital because he knows her next move.

Scott tells Annie that Ryan will not go to Adam with the truth about Annie’s fake baby. Scott thinks that Ryan wants Annie to confess to Adam. Annie panics and asks Scott to push her down the stairs so that she can fake a miscarriage. Scott refuses to help her because he does not want to be blamed for her losing her fake baby. He does not want to risk Adam’s hatred.

Colby arrives at the Chandler mansion to speak to her father. She misunderstands the conversation when she hears her father talking about joint custody. Adam tells Colby that he loves his family, but Colby tells him if he loved his family how can he forget about uncle Stuart.

Annie fakes a fall down the stairs. Adam and Colby run to her aid. Annie insists that she wants to go to bed and Scott offers to take her upstairs. Annie later comes downstairs and tells Adam that she is having a miscarriage. Annie is taken to the hospital.

David takes Amanda to an out of town clinic. He leaves the highway to take a short cut, but the car breaks down. Jake is worried because it is getting late; he calls the West Valley Clinic where David and Amanda has the appointment; he is told that the clinic cannot give out appointment information.

Colby leaves the mansion and tells JR and Liza that her father wants only his family with Annie, and no longer wants his other children. JR and Liza tell Colby that she has them. Liza hugs Colby.

JR arrives at Confusion to speak with Liza. He wants to get Liza to declare his father insane. Liza tells JR how hard it is to declare someone insane, and JR tells her how he did it before for his father’s sake. JR tells Tad and Liza that his father is a danger to others, because he killed uncle Stuart.

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