AMC Update Wednesday 11/11/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/11/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Frankie hangs up his suit in his living room closet, and finds Madison hiding. She begin to tell Frankie that her father wanted everyone to think that she was dead so that he could take her away to a new life. Randi comes home to find Madison; she immediately calls Jesse and asks him to come over. Randi ties up Madison so that she cannot escape. Jesse rushes through the door and orders Frankie to untie Madison. Randi tells Frankie that Madison is up to something and she is evil. Jesse unties Madison to take her to the station. Jesse yells in the hallway; Frankie and Randi find Jesse on the floor after he has been hit. Jesse tells them that two men jumped him, and took Madison.

Aidan talks to Kat while Kendall reads the newspaper and finds out that Annie married Adam. Kendall is upset over Annie’s wedding, because she know that the truth is not coming out. Kendall tells Aidan that she wants to rethink everything; she wants to turn herself in. Aidan refuses to let her give up; Aidan wants to know what has happened to her since she use to be so tough, but now she is giving up.

Adam is released from the hospital; he tells Annie and Scott that he does not want to be fussed over. They enter the Chandler mansion living room to find JR there. JR cannot believe that Adam married without a prenup. JR asks Adam how can he move on with a marriage, and baby after killing Stuart. Adam tells JR that he does not need him in his life, because he and Annie are starting a new generation of Chandlers. JR tells Adam that he wish that God help the new baby when he finds out his father’s nature. Annie talks against JR, and Adam hugs her. Scott tries to reason with JR, but JR tells him he is not a Chandler, but he is an adopted son of a Chandler. Annie needs to get pregnant soon. Adam is tired and wants to rest, but Annie tries to go upstairs with him. Adam refuses Annie’s offer. Annie and Scott are really worried, because now there is no baby.

Erica, Zach and Ryan meet and discuss getting Adam to confess; they decide to work together as a team. Zach, Ryan and Erica meet with JR at Confusion and try to get him to turn against Adam for killing Stuart. Zach tells JR that Kendall needs his help, but JR plays ignorant and acts as if he does not know the truth about Adam. Zach ask JR to help Kendall, because he owes her. JR tells him that Kendall and he have made their peace. JR tells them that Annie is having Adam’s baby. Zach, Erica and Ryan cannot believe that Annie is having a baby. They now know why Adam is not confessing to Stuart’s murder. Zach leaves frustrated.

Ryan arrives at the Chandler mansion and spots Annie on the patio. Ryan wants to know why Annie is drinking in her condition. Annie tells him she is drinking soda. She attempts to get security, but Ryan tells her he is talking to her before he speaks to Adam. He reminds her that she cannot get pregnant, and he knows she is faking. Ryan reminds Annie that she had a miscarriage and the doctor said that it would be a miracle if she got pregnant again. Ryan threatens to tell Adam the truth.

Marissa finds JR at their apartment sitting in the dark; he tells her he is free from the Chandlers. He calls today Independence Day. JR tells Marissa he does not need the Chandlers anymore, because he has her. He will no longer call Adam dad. JR asked Marissa to dance with him; Lil A arrives, then he joins the dancing. JR feels that his future is in front of him with Marissa.

Kat wants to know what is it about Kendall that is making Aidan cocked-eyed. Aidan tells Kat that he and Kendall were in love once. Kat tells him that she cares about him, because he was her friend when she needed one, and she fell in love with him. Kat tells Aidan that Kendall is in love with her husband. Aidan is tired of coming in second after Zach and Ryan and he wants to be a winner so he is vying for Kendall’s affection. He continues to tell Kat that Kendall is not leaving because Kendall is with him.

Zach e-mails Kendall and she tell him that she wants to turn herself in. He advises her to stay put, because he is close to setting her free. He tells her to listen to Aidan. Zach tells Kendall that it is too risky for her to return home. He tells her that Adam killed Stuart; Kendall is shocked.

Erica arrives at the mansion and congratulates Adam before he goes to bed. She reminds him that Stuart loved him. Adam is sad after talking to Erica.

Kendall tells Aidan that she will remain with him on the run. She thanks him for his help, then she gives him a friendly hug.

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