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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Damon shows up at Lizaís place.  She tells him that Bailey isnít there, but he says that he wants to see Bailey and their son.  Liza says that legally, Stuart is her son.

Randi and Frankie talk about the change of plans for their honeymoon. 

Someone sneaks into Randi and Frankieís apartment and hides in the closet.  Natalia and Brot go in to decorate for the welcome home party.  Brot asks if Natalia told Jesse about the party.  Natalia says that she was going to call Angie, but Jesse said that he wanted to handle it.

Jesse finds Angie at ConFusion.  Jesse tells Angie about Nataliaís welcome home party for Randi and Frankie, but Angie asks if it looks like she has time to party.  Jesse says that it looks like Angie is still angry with him, but she says that she just doesnít want to deal with him right now.  Jesse asks when she will want to deal with him and Angie says that she has to get back to the hospital.

Amanda tells Jake about her nightmares and Jake says that there is no reason that she wouldnít be fertile.  Jake tells Amanda that her insemination is going to go off without a hitch and then they will have all the time in the world to spend together.  Jake leaves.  David comes in and tells Amanda that tomorrow is the big day at the doctorís office.

Bailey starts talking about swinging Stuart.  Damon says that he had to hear that he was the babyís father from her parents and that she told him that she was just babysitting.  Bailey asks why she should have told him the truth when he vanished when she got pregnant.  Damon says that Liza isnít too great, but that she probably slipped Bailey some extra cash to keep her happy.  Bailey asks if Damon is there to cash in on their baby.  Damon asks if that is why Bailey is there and she says that she is there because she had to see that he was okay.  Stuart starts fussing and Bailey says that she will go change him.  Liza asks Damon if he is there to see what he can get.  Damon says that he isnít a taker and that he can see that Liza has a problem, but Bailey doesnít have to take the baby back.  Damon says that all he has to do is act interested and tell Bailey to choose between him and the baby.  Liza tells Damon to get out of her house and that she isnít selling Bailey out because they are in it together and they are doing what is best for Stuart.

Brot and Natalia decorate Randi and Frankieís apartment.  Natalia asks when Brot is going to tell her about graduating from the academy.  Brot says that he is just graduating and that it isnít a big deal, but Natalia says that he could have told her that he was graduating early with honors.  Brot says that he thought she would be pissed and she says that she is because he thought she was that insecure.  Brot tells Natalia that he doesnít think she is insecure, but actually thinks she is pretty hot.  Jesse shows up and Natalia asks where Angie is.  Jesse says that Angie wasnít able to make it because of the new job, but Natalia says that she doesnít believe him.  Jesse tells Natalia that he is in the doghouse and she asks why, but he starts looking at the decorations.

Amanda says that she is going to check on Trevor.  David says that he wants to ask her for a favor.  David says that he was thinking of doing a home makeover and has no clue about how to decorate.  Amanda says that a whole remodel will take forever and she is only going to be there for 9 months.  David says that he thought she would like to have some input since it is her home too.  Amanda says that it will never be her home because her home is with Jake.

Jake tells Angie that he canít find his prescription pad.  Angie tells Jake that he is a big boy and asks if he can figure it out himself, then apologizes.  Jake and Angie talk about why she took the chief of staff job.  Jake says that Angie will be terrific as the chief of staff because the hospital needs her.

Amanda says that she will be busy honoring their deal and then she is out of there.  David says that if it takes a few tries, she wonít be leaving there for a while.  Amanda says that she plans on being pregnant the minute they leave the doctorís office.  David says that he is just offering her something to focus on while they are waiting for the baby to arrive.  Amanda suggests that she should focus on redecorating her home with Jake.  David says that not everything he does or says has a devious motive and that he has to get back to the hospital.

Bailey asks where Damon is and Liza admits that she kicked him out.  Bailey says that it is almost time for Stuartís checkup and that she will get him ready.  Bailey confronts Liza about what being just a guest and Liza says that she had to be strong and set the parameters, so that Damon doesnít think there is anything there for him.

Frankie asks Randi if she wants to join him in the shower and she says that they would miss their plane.  Randi asks if she should turn on his cell phone in case they get another message from Brot.  Frankie tells her to leave it because he wants to keep the world outside as long as he can.  Randi tells Frankie to get in the shower and turns his phone on.

Brot says that Randi and Frankie must be having a blast because he hasnít heard from them since they left.  Brot says that they left the beer in the car and Natalia says that she will get it.  Natalia meets up with Angie and tells her that she can come to the welcome home party because Jesse isnít.  Angie agrees to go for a little while.

Jesse asks if Brot opened the window and he says no.  Jesse says that Randi and Frankie wouldnít have left it open and Brot says that he thinks that Natalia opened it.

Amanda tells Liza that she needs to see the contract again because she wants to find the deadline.  Liza says that there is no deadline and that the contract is good until she produces a baby.  Amanda asks Liza if she is stuck for months or years trying to get pregnant to get away from David.  Liza says that she is and Amanda will also be contractually bound to live with him for the duration.  Amanda asks if there is a way out of it without getting pregnant and Liza says that Amanda is in it until she produces a child.  Amanda asks what happens if she backs out and Liza says that Amanda will be in breach of contract.  Amanda realizes that if she backs out of the deal, she will never get custody of Trevor.

David tells the doctor that Amanda is suddenly worried that she wonít get pregnant the first time around.  The doctor says that it is very possible that the procedure wonít work the first or second time.  David says that they need to know what they are getting into, especially if things donít turn out as they had hoped.  The doctor asks if David will be at the appointment tomorrow and David says that his number one priority is to get Amanda pregnant.  David catches Jake listening to the conversation and confronts him.  Jake says that it was about his wife and David says that it was about the deal they made.  Jake says that the deal was only structured to try to break him and Amanda up and David asks if Jake thinks he has a shot.

Frankie asks if Randi turned on his phone.  Randi says that she was just trying to figure it out and asks what the message means.  Frankie calls the number back to find out who called.

Brot says that he could use a beer and Jesse asks where Natalia is.  Brot says that he is going to go check on Natalia.  Natalia suggests that they should call the airport to see if Randi and Frankieís plane is on time, but Jesse tells her to let them squeeze every second out of their honeymoon.  Angie shows up and realizes that Natalia lied to her.  Natalia says that she wanted both of them there so that they could celebrate as a family.  Jesse says that he messed up and deserves what is coming to him because he kept secrets from Angie.  Angie says that she is leaving, but Jesse says that she can stay.  Angie says that she doesnít want to.  Randi and Frankie walk in.

Amanda tells Liza that she has been having nightmares about how long this could take.  Liza suggests that Amanda shouldnít eat before bed.  Amanda asks how she could be stupid enough to think that it could be an easy nine-month thing and Liza says that it could be.  Amanda says that if it isnít, she is stuck under Davidís roof and asks how she can Jake can survive month after month living that way.  Liza tells Amanda to trust the love that she and Jake have.  Amanda asks what to do if love is not enough.  Liza says that she signed on to the deal to make sure that Amandaís interests were protected and protecting her doesnít end when she signed on the dotted line.  Amanda asks if Liza can help and Liza says that she thinks she has an idea.

David says that he smells nerves and asks if Jake is worried.  Jake says that David is hoping the agreement lasts longer than nine months.  David says that he obviously doesnít stand a chance of capturing even one small fraction of Amandaís heart.  Jake says that David is always around him, Amanda and now Angie.  Jake tells David that if he gives enough rope, he will hang David with it.

Frankie asks if he missed something.  Angie says that they are glad he is home.  Randi says that they werenít expecting a welcome home party, but thanks everyone.  Angie says that it was Nataliaís idea and Natalia says that she will keep her ideas to herself next time.  Brot asks how Hawaii was and Randi says that they had a change in plans, but it was perfect.  Angie suggests that they should leave before they rain on the parade.  Frankie says that whatever is going on with Angie and Jesse can wait outside so that they can party and asks what is going on with Brot and Natalia.  Jesse says that they should go.

Liza tells Bailey that she will be right back.  Damon says that Stuart has Baileyís smile.  Liza tells David that Amanda has herself convinced that it will take a long time before she gets pregnant.  David says that the deal is about he and Amanda both getting what they want.  Liza says that the only thing that would make David happier than having another child is splitting Amanda and Jake up.  David says that whatever happens, happens.  Liza says that she is going to make sure this happens for Amanda because she wonít let David get away with this.

Amanda tells Jake about David wanting her to redecorate the whole house until the baby comes.  Jake tells Amanda not to let David get to her, but she says that he is making her crazy.  Amanda asks why she went along with this because she doesnít know how she is going to make it.  Jake says that David is counting on this to destroy them, but the only way that could happen is if he killed Jake.

Bailey asks Damon if he stalked them.  Damon says that he saw them leave and followed them.  Bailey says that Damon should go before Liza comes back.  Damon tells her to watch out for Liza because all she wants is their baby.

Liza tells David that she is going to reopen the contract and put a time limit on the terms.  David says that he wants to change the custody time and restrictions on Jake.

Jake says that David wants a possession, not a partner.  Jake says that real love is stronger than anything in Davidís arsenal and that if they believe in what they have then they win.  Amanda asks if they can do this and Jake says that he is willing to bet their life together on it.

Brot tells Natalia that she meant well and that is all that matters.  Natalia says that the party was a total bust, except for what Jesse said about keeping someone out of the loop hurting a relationship.  Brot asks who said they were in a relationship.  Angie apologizes and Randi says that it is fine.  Jesse says that there will be no drama the next time they all get together.  Angie says that they have enough food there to feed themselves for a week and Randi thanks her.  Randi says that she will walk Angie to the car and be right back.  Frankie tells her to hurry back because he knows what he wants to do.  Randi leaves and Frankie opens the closet to find Madison inside.

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