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Kat tells Tom that he looks like he has been through a meat grinder.  Kendall leaves the room and Kat tells Aidan that she has missed him.  Aidan thanks Kat for playing along.

Ryan says that an ambulance is on the way.  Colby says that Adam has to be okay and Zach says that he wonít die until they get a confession out of him.  Jesse says that there is no pulse and JR tells Adam to stay with them.  Zach says that Adam isnít going anywhere until he clears Kendall.

Adam asks someone where he is and who the man is.  David laughs maniacally while dressed as the devil.  David tells Adam that they are on Purgatory and that they are reviewing Adamís file to make sure he is headed in the right direction.  Adam tells David to send him to hell now because he killed his own brother.

Aidan tells Kat that he will explain later.  Kendall comes out and asks if Aidan called her name.  Aidan says that he thought she was sleeping.  Kendall says that she couldnít get comfortable because she didnít know where he was.  Aidan says that he was talking to the hostess, but she doesnít say much.  Kat tells Kendall about her husband being career military and always being off on a top-secret mission.  Kat leaves to go to the corner store to get milk for Kendallís coffee and Kendall says that they have to get out of there now.

Annie asks where the ambulance is and Jesse says that they are a few minutes out.  Annie says that she will save her husband, but Colby says that the wedding was never finished, so Annie is nothing to Adam or the rest of the family.  Zach tells Jesse to call the ambulance again.  Ryan tells Annie that Zach is doing everything he can.  Annie asks why Ryan canít just let her be happy.

David asks if Adam has any interest in defending his case.  Adam tells David to get it over with because there is no defense against what he did to Stuart.  David gets a call and tells Adam that a man is determined to bring him back and someone is on their way to plead his case.  Adam asks who is coming and David says that it is Adamís angel.

Kendall says that she isnít being paranoid and that Kat practically sprinted out the door.  Aidan says that the girl is a little weird, but it doesnít mean that she is on to them.  Kendall suggests that maybe Kat recognized her and went to call the cops. 

Adam asks Annie what she wants and she tells him to go back to where he belongs.  Adam says that he has to pay for what he has done.  Angel Annie tells him that he has a chance to start over and make up for his mistakes.  Annie tells Adam to focus on the future.

Annie tells Zach to keep going because they wonít lose him and Zach agrees.  Annie tells Adam to fight because they need him.

Angel Annie tells Adam that the baby needs him and asks him to go back.

Annie asks Adam to come back.

Angel Annie tells Adam that he can make up for what he has done, but there is only one place he can do it.

Annie tells Adam to think about everything he has to live for.

Angel Annie and David argue about where Adam should go.  Angel Annie tells Adam that his children are waiting for him, but he has to want it.  Angel Annie asks Adam if he wants to go back and he says that he does.

Annie gasps as Adam sits up.  Adam says ďI doĒ as he sits up.  The EMT works on Adam.  Annie tells the reverend to pronounce her and Adam husband and wife and he does.

The sheriff asks where Kat ran off to and Aidan says that she went to the corner store for milk.  The sheriff says that Kat makes the best brew in town and that he will have to stick around.  Aidan introduces them as Tom and Sarah.  Kendall suggests that they should go back up to their room and Aidan explains that they have been driving for days.  Hank asks where they are from.  Kendall says Miami and Aidan says New York.  Hank tells them to drop the act and tell him who they really are.

Jesse tells JR that the EMTs are taking Adam to the hospital now.  Liza tells JR that she will take care of Little Adam and Emma, so that he can go be with his father.  Zach says that he is going too, but Scott tells him to stay away from Adam.  Zach says that Adam is the reason Scottís father is dead, but Scott says that everyone is the reason that his father is dead.  Scott says that he canít bring his father back, but he can make sure that nobody hurts the family again.  Zach reminds Scott that Kendall is on the run, while she is completely innocent.  Scott says that Kendall came to the house to commit murder, so he thinks that she is getting what she deserves.

Aidan tells Hank that he and Kendall are on the run from her husband because they are having an affair.  Hank says that he doesnít come around for Katís coffee and they are really good at keeping secrets there.  Kat comes back and sees Hank.  Kendall says that she and Aidan are going to their room.

Zach says that he is going to get to Adam.  Ryan tells Zach to give Adam some time to recover and Zach agrees after Erica tells Zach that they want the confession to hold up in court.  Erica asks if Kendall is all right and Zach says that she wonít be okay until she gets home.  Liza asks Ryan if he thinks Adam shot Stuart.  Ryan says that Adam did it and that he interrupted the wedding to make Adam feel guilty.  Ryan says that he is getting his daughter and going home.

Annie tells Adam to hold on.  David asks the EMTs to fill him in on the patient.  David puts Adam in room one and tells everyone to wait there.  Annie says that she and Adam are married now and David says that Adam needs help from Heaven.  David tells them to get Adam ready for cath lab.  David asks Adam if he took too many little blue pills on his wedding day and Adam says that David looks better in red.

Annie tells JR and Colby that when the doctors tell her something, she will tell them.  Colby tells Annie to leave because she isnít family.  Annie says that the minister finished the ceremony, so now she and Adam are married.  JR says that he will call a judge and have the bogus marriage annulled.  JR says that Annie kept pushing for the wedding and that is why Adam is there in the first place, but Annie says that Adam wanted to marry her.  JR says that Annie pushed until Adam dropped, but Annie says that she has done nothing but protect Adam.  Marissa asks Annie if she was in a rush to marry Adam so she wouldnít have to testify against him.

Kendall tells Aidan that they were really close to getting caught, but Aidan insists that the sheriff has no idea who they are.  Aidan says that everything will seem better in the morning.  Kendall asks Aidan about the story he told the sheriff and Aidan says that he improvised.  Kendall suggests that maybe she should contact Zach, but Aidan tells her that she canít contact him anymore because it is too risky.  Aidan says that he is going to go downstairs and figure out if Kat and Hank are on to them.

Erica tells Ryan that Emma fell right asleep.  Ryan says that he pushed Adam too hard.  Ryan says that Adam should come clean, but this wasnít the way to do it.  Erica tells Ryan to use his energy to help Kendall.  Ryan says that Kendall will make it through this.  Erica asks Ryan to forget about Annie and her lies.

David says that the heart attack should have killed Adam, but apparently he is too mean to die.  Adam says that if you want and need to be here, you can come back and make up for your sins.

JR says that there is no way that Adam killed Stuart.  Annie tells him to drop it.  Colby asks Annie if Adam killed Stuart.

Annie asks about Adam and David says that he is weak, but stable.  Adam calls Annie his angel.

Kat tells Aidan that it was a coincidence that Hank showed up.  Aidan says that he knew she would be cool.  Kat says that she has always been a sucker for Aidan, but this time he doesnít seem to give a damn.

Zach asks Kendall on the message board if she is there.  She asks him what happened with Adam.  Zach asks if she is okay and she says that she would be much better if he was there with her.

Aidan tells Kat that Kendall is a fugitive, but she is innocent and he is helping her.  Kat says that Aidan is in love with Kendall.

Kendall tells Zach that she loves him.

Ryan thinks that Adam is going to be all right, but has to worry about Zach killing him.  Erica says that Zach wants Adam alive until he comes clean.  Ryan says that since Annie and Adam are married, they will probably lock themselves away and pretend it didnít happen.  Erica believes there has to be a way to convince Adam to admit what he has done.

Colby informs Liza that the doctors think that Adam will be all right.  Colby heard something crazy at the hospital, so Liza asks if she heard that Adam shot Stuart.  Liza says that Zach and Ryan claim that it is true.  Bailey calls and Liza says that she will call her later. 

Marissa regrets saying anything, but JR is glad she did because he never considered his own father as the killer.  Marissa doesnít know anything for sure, but JR thinks that Colby was right.

Annie tells Adam that she isnít going anywhere and that he should sleep.  Adam says that Annie and their child saved him.  Annie says that Adam needs to rest, but first she needs him to kiss the bride.  Annie tells Scott that Adam will be all right and Scott slips Annieís wedding ring on her finger.

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