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All My Children Update Friday 11/6/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Zach tells the FBI agents that he came to the church to pray, but the insists that he came to meet Kendall. Jesse arrives at the chapel and tells the agents that Zach tricked them to come to the chapel while Aidan and Kendall escaped to North Carolina. The agents leave to follow the lead. Zach tries to leave the church to go to Adam’s wedding, but Jesse tells Zach that Adam shot Stuart. Zach wants to go to Adam, but Jesse wants him to hold back.

Liza calls Zach wanting to know where he is. She warns him not to get arrested again. Bailey is with Stuart when her phone rings. Liza asks her why she is not answering her phone; Liza wants to know if Damon is calling. Bailey tells Liza that Damon is a pig. Liza ask Colby if she is going to Adam’s wedding and Colby says no.

JR tells Marissa that he is going to the wedding and he arrives at the Chandler mansion and tells Adam that he cannot marry Annie. Adam tells him that Annie will help him build the Chandlers because she is pregnant.

Aidan brings Kendall to a dingy room and board that has a snotty landlord. Aidan ask the landlord for a room and she tells them the room she has have only one bed. Kendall tells the landlord that is OK. Kendall is worried about Zach and wants to email him. Aidan tells her that he cannot find any information showing Zach was arrested. so he must be fine. Kendall sees a bathtub and is happy about it; she takes a bath in the tub with the door open and Aidan peeks into the bathroom.

Scott tries to get Adam to go to city hall. Annie comes downstairs and tells Adam to cancel the wedding; she also suggests that they go to city hall, but Adam insists on a marriage at his mansion. Adams wants his enemies to see him marry. Scott tries to get Annie to go to city hall and she refuses.

JR arrives at the mansion and suggests that Adam not get married, because Annie will destroy the Chandlers. He questions Scott’s relationship with Annie by telling Adam he saw Annie and Scott going at it. Scott makes Adam believe that he and Annie did nothing but kiss; he lied and told Adam that he was having personal problems and Annie sympathized with him. JR tells him family that he wants his place in the family back and wants to rebuild the Chandler family. Lil A arrives and Adam gives him a hug because he is the ring bearer. Adam pushes JR away because he hates Annie. JR cannot believe that Scott is now on Annie’s side because he moved into the mansion to protect Adam from Annie. Adam tells Scott to never touch Annie again.

Lucretia is not truly Annie’s maid of honor and lets Annie know that. Annie looks for something old, something borrowed, and something blue. Lucretia blows her nose on a handkerchief and gives it to Annie to represent something old. Believe it or not Annie takes the handkerchief without a word. Lucretia says that she brought some salad dressing, which can be used as something blue.

Ryan reminds Erica that he will not use Emma to tell them who killed Stuart. Emma runs into the room dressed as a beautiful flower girl. Emma and Erica arrive at the wedding. The Chandler mansion living room has been turned into a small wedding venue with chairs, flowers and guests. Adam thanks Erica for coming. Adam asks for Ryan and is told that Ryan was in a business meeting. Ryan tells Erica that he knows that Adam has a conscious tied to Stuart, which is why he wants to be at the wedding when Adam’s emotions are running high. Erica believe that today Adam may admit his guilt.

Ryan arrives at the Chandler mansion and tells Annie that she always made a beautiful bride; Ryan talks about Adam and Annie tells him to leave. Ryan tells Annie that he knows that Adam is Stuart’s killer and he wants the truth; he questions Annie’s love of Adam. Annie tells Ryan that Adam loves her and today he will say his vows to prove it unlike Ryan who is a liar. Ryan wants to know whose idea was it to have the wedding in the same place where Adam killed Stuart.

Liza and Colby arrive. Erica asks Liza about Zach and Liza tells her she does not know where Zach is. Erica insists on knowing where Zach is and Liza walks away. Colby is upset about the wedding and Liza hugs her. Liza offers to attend the wedding with Colby. Bailey promises to watch Stuart for them.

JR tells Marissa that Annie is pregnant.

The wedding begins and Emma throws flowers on Ryan then smiles as she walks down the aisle. The maid of honor comes down then aisle and then Annie begins her stroll. The minister begins to say his speech. Ryan and Jesse enter the room and Annie rushes to say her vows. Adam remembers shooting Stuart, and hears the voices of Zach, Ryan, and Erica telling him to tell the truth. Stuart appears and tells Adam to confess to clear his conscious; he tells Adam to admit that he killed him.

When the minister asks if anyone who thinks the couple should not be married have anything to say, Ryan stand up. Adam tells Ryan that he cannot stop the wedding and Ryan tells him he agrees with the marriage and he knows if Stuart were there he would be so happy for Adam. Scott and Annie want to throw Ryan out, but he sits down. Adam is asked to say his vows but Stuart tells him to confess. Stuart shoots Adam and tells him that he is going to hell. Adam, believing Stuart is there, falls while everyone calls him name.

Zach tells Jesse that Adam will not die until he makes a confession.

Aidan makes a bed on the floor but Kendall tells him to sleep in the bed with her, because nothing will happen. He ask her to tell him a story and she tells him Spike and Ian’s favorite story about a dog who could not find his way home. Aidan sneaks out of his room and the landlord is lying on the sofa. She calls him John and tells him it has been a long time since she has seen him; she pulls him into a kiss. Kendall wakes up and calls Aidan’s name while looking for him.

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