AMC Update Thursday 11/5/09

All My Children Update Thursday 11/5/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Scott is upset that Annie is at the Chandler Mansion, while Adam is at the hospital alone; Adam may confess to someone that he killed Stuart. Annie is sure that Adam will not talk, because he thinks that she is pregnant and intends to protect their family. Jesse attempts to talk to Adam, but Adam will not confess. Scott tells Annie she is wrong if she thinks that Adam will forget he killed Stuart. He does not understand how Annie will deliver a baby in nine months when she is not pregnant now. Annie tells Scott that she plan on getting pregnant soon.

David steps down as Chief of Staff, of the Pine Valley Hospital and tells the press that Angie will be his replacement. Angie makes an acceptance speech. David plans to expand his family so he wants to be at home to help with the new baby that Amanda will have for him. Amanda arrives at the hospital and Jake tells her that David is no longer his boss, which will give him more freedom. The doctor who examines Amanda tells David that she told Amanda that the fertilization process would take a lot of time, and that she could not schedule the next insemination until a month has passed. David is again plotting against Amanda and Jake.

Marissa wakes up JR and he looks at her with a smile upon his face. JR is happy this morning, because today everything changed for him. Marisa suggests that JR and she take a break from each other but he tells her that he wants to be with her, because she makes him happy. JR and Marissa make love.

Ryan wants to get a confession out of Adam, but he will not use Emma to do it. Ryan knows that Jesse needs a confession from Adam in order to arrest Adam; he tries to pressure Adam, who is writing his vows. Ryan lets Adam know that he’s Stuart’s murderer. Ryan talks to Adam about stuffing down guilt and burying the shame of killing Stuart.

Jake congratulates Angie. Jesse and Jake want to know how did Angie get David to step down as Chief of Staff; she tells them that she made a deal with David. Jesse figures out that Angie threaten to bust David over the pills he prescribed for Adam. Angie tells Jesse details about her deal with David. Jesse did not want her to get into his mess with Zach, Ryan, Erica, and David. He realize that David threaten to involve them all if Angie spilled the beans on his drugging Adam. Angie braves up and tells Jesse to congratulate her.

Annie has no one to be in her wedding so she gets Lucretia: Lucretia demands a twenty percent raise for being the maid of honor. Lucretia tries on the gown Annie has for her. Annie tells Lucretia that she canceled the Doves for her wedding because they have no homing instincts; they cannot determine who their predators are.

Ryan tries to connect to Adam by telling him how he felt when he shot his brother, Jonathan. He tells Adam that the guilt was so bad that he drove off a cliff, because he could not live with the pain. He tells Adam that the guilt over killing Stuart will crush him. He also tells him that his family is not the only ones affected, but Kendall’s family is at stake as well. Scott shows up to take Adam home and wants to know why Ryan is talking to Adam. Ryan reminds Scott that he can protect Adam from people, but he cannot protect him from his thoughts.

David turns over all of his files to Angie who is swamped since she took over.

Jake is with the baby and David visit them. Jake teases David about losing the Chief of Staff job. David tells Jake that he can change baby Trevor’s diaper.

Scott suggests that Adam postpone the wedding, but Adam refuses to. Annie and Adam are excited about the pretend new baby. Scott wants Annie to postpone the wedding. He tells Annie about his conversation with Ryan and how he found Ryan questioning Adam.

Angie returns home to find that Jesse has placed candles throughout the apartment, flower pedals are on the floor and Jesse has a wine bottle in his hand. Jesse welcomes Angie home, and congratulates her. Angie is upset, because David has no scruples and used his position to bully and terrorize people. She is upset with herself, because she lowered herself to David’s level to take the position from him.

Ryan talks to Emma about her mom, and Emma ask him if he is OK with her mommy marrying Adam. Her tells her that Annie and he will always love her whether they are together or not. He also tells her that he know that Annie nor she killed Stuart, and that they need not talk about the shooting again.

Adam visits Stuart’s grave to talk about his wedding, his baby and the fact that he cannot take responsibility for Stuart’s death. Adam believes that now he needs to protect his family

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