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All My Children Update Tuesday 11/3/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

The phone beeps and the computer chimes, waking up Kendall.  Aidan tells her to go back to sleep because it was nothing.

Tad asks Marissa where JR is.  Marissa says that JR is at the support session and is meeting her afterwards for dinner.  Tad orders a glass of sparkling water.  Tad says that Marissa is looking at her drink like it is a crystal ball and asks what the prediction is.  Marissa tells Tad that JR wants to have a baby.  Tad asks Marissa if it is a good thing and she says that it should be.

The doctor walks in to the meeting and asks JR if the group is all there.  JR says that everyone except Trent is there and the doctor tells him that Trent died this morning.

Adam says that he will finally get what he deserves and that he has nothing left to live for, but Annie walks up and says that he has her.  Adam says that he killed his own brother and canít live with himself.  Annie tells Adam that it was an accident and happened because he was drugged.  Adam asks Annie how she could know and not tell him.  Erica and Ryan show up and Annie tells them not to move.

Tad says that he knows that having children is a huge step and asks Marissa if she wants a baby.  Marissa says that she would give anything to have a child with JR, but it seems like JR wants the child because of the cancer.  Tad asks if JR has said that and Marissa explains that JR is afraid that if they wait he wonít be able to have children because of the chemo.  Marissa says that it is like JR wants to leave a part of himself for her, but he isnít dying.  Marissa asks Tad what she should do and he tells her to look on the bright side because there is always one.

A woman talks about her daughterís reaction to her illness.  JR remembers Trent talking about denying his wife a child.  The doctor says that they all need to recognize when their loved ones are reaching out and accept the help.  JR says that no one wants to die alone, but that Trent did.

Aidan reads Zachís message to Kendall.

Annie tells Scott to take Adam home.  Ryan asks Annie what she is doing.  Scott tries to get Adam to go with him.  Erica says that it is over because Adam and Scott obviously know the truth.  Ryan tells Annie to put the gun down and not make this any worse.  Erica asks Annie to give up now and let Kendall come home.  Ryan asks Annie to tell the police the truth about what happened.  Annie says that Adam was going to shoot her, so she took the gun.

Kendall wakes up and finds Aidan.  Aidan says that he was rummaging around the cellar and found an old bottle of sacramental wine.  Aidan asks if Kendall wants to try some and she says that she does.  Kendall asks Aidan if any messages came through from Zach while they were sleeping and he says that he checked and there werenít any.

Scott admits to Adam that he knew the truth too.  Adam asks Scott why he kept the secret.  Scott says that Annie wanted to protect Adam and that there wouldnít have been any justice in punishing Adam for something he didnít even know he did.

Jesse questions Erica and Ryan about the scene at the cemetery.  Ryan says that Adam was very upset and had the gun when they got there.  Jesse asks Annie to confess to killing Stuart and she says that she wants a lawyer.  Ryan says that it seemed like Annie was hurt and vulnerable at the gravesite.  Erica and Ryan talk about the look in Adamís eyes at the gravesite.  Ryan says that it all comes back to Adam and what he knows.

Scott says that Adam has to realize that he wasnít in his right mind the night Stuart died or tonight.  Adam says that he had to end his own life and that is why he pulled the trigger.

Tad tells Marissa that becoming a father again would give JR more to fight for and that makes it the next logical step.  Marissa says that she wants to have a baby with JR.  Tad says that a personís most important legacy is their children because they are a walking reminder of the love that two people once shared.

Kendall and Aidan talk about his days as an altar boy.  The conversation changes to Greenlee and Kendall says that she is going to go to the creek and clean up a little bit.  Aidan says that Kendall shouldnít go out there alone, but she says that she will be fine and asks Aidan to pray for some decent food and a hot shower.

Scott says that Adam couldnít think straight because of Davidís drugs.  Adam says that JR accused him of murdering Dixie.  Scott says that having everyone after him was enough to drive Adam over the edge.  Adam says that he wanted to kill the hatred in him.  An officer shows up to ask Adam some questions about the confrontation at the cemetery.  The officer informs Adam that Annie is in custody.  Scott tells the officers that Adam has had a tough time since his brotherís death and needs to rest.  Scott tells Adam that he did the right thing for himself and the family.  Adam says that he did it for Annie because she didnít turn him in.

Jesse tells Ryan and Erica that Adam wonít say anything other than that he was confused and upset tonight.  Ryan asks why Adam would keep lying for Annie if he knows the truth.  Jesse says that he has to let Annie go because there is nothing to hold her on.  Erica says that if they let Annie go, then they have to let Zach go too.

Annie tells Jesse that he shouldnít be letting Zach out of jail and that she wants to press charges against Erica and Ryan for what they have done to her and Adam.

Kendall tells Aidan that she feels so refreshed and suggests that he should have a turn too.  Kendall asks what Aidan is looking at and he says that he is looking at her.  Zach sends a message saying that he is in good hands.

JR shows up at ConFusion to meet Marissa and says that his session was fine and that nothing too unusual happened.  Marissa tells JR that she thinks they should get started on having a baby as soon as possible, but he tells her that he changed his mind because it isnít a good time.  JR says that having a baby will just make things complicated and orders a scotch.  Tad slaps the glass out of JRís hand and it breaks.  JR says that he is going to find a quiet place to have a drink in peace and walks away.  Marissa asks what happened to JR and Tad says that they are going to find out.

The doctor tells Tad and Marissa that JRís friend Trent died this morning and it hit JR pretty hard.  JR walks in and asks if they are talking about him behind his back.  Tad says that they are trying to figure out what happened and JR says that he forgot his phone.  JR leaves and Marissa goes after him.  Marissa tells him that she knows what he must be going through and that she heard about Trent.  JR says that he loves Marissa, but she has no idea what he is going through.

Kendall criticizes Aidan for finishing the wine and then says that she is going to bed.

Annie asks if Ryan and Erica told him about them trapping her in an elevator with Scott and professes her innocence in Stuartís murder.  Jesse tells Annie that no one is being arrested for what happened tonight and says that Annie is free to go.  Annie tells Ryan and Erica to leave her and Adam alone.

Adam says that Annie has been paying an awful price for him.  Scott says that Annie put herself in the line of fire for Adam because she cares about him.  Scott says that he and Annie want Adam to keep quiet about what happened.  Adam asks how he can do that because Kendall is an innocent woman out there running for her life.  Scott says that Kendall, Zach and everyone else came there to kill Adam that night.  Scott tells Adam that he needs to think about the rest of the family because if he turns himself in, the family will come crashing down. 

Kendall gets a message from Zach saying that he misses her and thanking Aidan.  Kendall says that Zach isnít the only one who is grateful for what Aidan has done.

Marissa says that they are supposed to be in this together, but JR is quitting on her and she canít fight this alone.  JR says that Trent pushed everyone away so that they didnít have to watch him die.  JR suggests that he should be doing things that he has always wanted to like mountain climbing or skydiving, but instead he is ruining Marissaís life and making Tad and everyone elseís lives hell.  Marissa says that these have been the most wonderful months of her life and that she loves him, but canít stand watching him giving up.  Tad comes in and says that JRís tests came back.  The doctor says that he didnít share the confidential results.  Tad says that he grew up in a family of doctors and knows a good diagnosis when he hears one.  Tad tells JR that he is in remission.

Annie gets home and asks Adam if he understands everything now.  He says that he will never understand and asks Annie why she didnít tell him what he did.  Annie says that she loves him and wanted him to have some peace and happiness because he has been punished enough.  Adam says that the only way he can ever pay for what he did is to confess.

Jesse says that if he lets Zach out and he finds out that Adam is still covering for Annie, he will lose it again.  Ryan suggests that Annie might be telling the truth.  Ryan suggests that Annie has been covering for someone else and suggests that Adam killed Stuart.

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