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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

When Liza returns home from the Halloween party, she asks Stuart if he missed her. Bailey asks if he is okay. Liza says that Corrina said he was crying all night. Bailey thinks that he’s probably not used to Corrina. Liza snaps that Bailey should have thought about that before she dumped him off with Corrina. Bailey offers to take him for a little while, but Liza refuses. Bailey doesn't want Liza to snap at her, but the situation is making Liza tense. Liza suggests that Bailey leave, but she refuses.

Damon says that ConFusion is dead. Amanda walks in and Damon says that he would love to peel off one of those wrappings. David tells Damon to watch his mouth because that is the mother of his children. Damon says that she isn’t thinking about David’s kids right now and that all she wants to do is crawl into the other guys pyramid for the night.

Jake tells Amanda that he keeps thinking about last night. Amanda tells Jake to stop talking about it because last night was it for a long time. Jake says that it can’t be right because David can’t watch them 24 hours a day. Amanda says that it has to be that way because tomorrow is her first fertility appointment and they can’t have sexual relations again until after she gives David another baby. Jake says that once she is pregnant, they can do whatever they want.

Annie starts ranting about being restrained and held down. Annie grabs Scott, kisses him and says that she needs him to help her get to Adam. Scott asks how kissing him accomplishes that. Annie says that if Scott gets her out of there and to Adam and helps her save him, she will do anything for Scott.

Kendall says that she had visions of Aidan falling off the telephone pole and asks if he had any luck. Aidan says that he didn’t have to climb the pole because he bypassed the old meter box. Aidan tries the wiring and finds that it works. Aidan says that they can keep the laptop charged and won’t have to use the candles anymore, but they have to cover the windows. Kendall asks Aidan to log on as soon as he can because she has been going crazy not knowing what is happening.

Adam says that he remembers and Erica tries to get him to tell her what he remembers. Adam remembers Annie asking him what he has done.

Scott says that trying to play him like that doesn’t help, but Annie says that she wasn’t trying to play him. Scott asks if Annie is offering him pity sex to help her get home and Annie says that isn’t what she was doing. Annie says that no one ever understands her and Scott says that she sends a lot of mixed messages. Annie asks what Scott really wants from her.

Kendall asks Aidan to help her get her mind off of Pine Valley. Aidan asks if Kendall thinks the thermostat burned out or the heating element stopped it from working. Kendall says that she doesn’t think it is plugged in. Kendall says that she missed Halloween and can’t believe that Annie gets away with the things she does. Aidan says that Annie is a real piece of work.

Scott says that he has always been attracted to Annie and hates himself for it because she is engaged to his uncle. Annie says that she doesn’t want to lose Scott as a friend. Scott says that you don’t offer to trade sex with a friend for something he was planning to do anyway. Annie apologizes and says that she comes off a little strong sometimes, but Scott is the only friend she has. Annie says that Adam is the only person who won’t turn his back on her and that is why she loves him and will do whatever it takes to save him.

Jake and Amanda go in the back room to make out. Jake tries to take things further, but Amanda says that they can’t. David walks in and says that it is enough before they blow the agreement.

Liza tells Bailey that contacting the biological father and inviting him there wasn’t okay. Bailey says that she didn’t invite him, he just showed up and that it isn’t a big deal. Liza says that Bailey isn’t stupid and tells her not to play her like she is stupid because they both know that it is a very big deal.

Erica asks Adam to talk to her. Zach asks Adam to say that Annie killed Stuart. Adam remembers Annie telling him that he shot Stuart. Zach asks Adam why he is still protecting Annie. Ryan tells Zach to let Erica handle it. Zach says that Adam remembers Annie killing Stuart and needs to say it. Ryan says that Zach needs to back off or Adam won’t say anything. Erica tells Zach and Ryan to stop. Adam tells them all to leave him alone or he will shoot.

David says that it is getting late and they have an early-morning appointment with the fertility specialist. Jake says that David can’t control Amanda 24 hours a day and David says that he can only do it with the things that include his child. Amanda says that she is taking care of herself just fine and asks David to leave. Amanda promises that she will keep her side of the bargain and David says that he hopes so because they can all have what they want.

Liza starts talking about the demons that she has dated. Bailey says that it sounds like Liza has had a couple of one-night stands and Liza says that she has. Liza says that she has made her mistakes in life. Liza asks Bailey if she contacted the father because she thinks that maybe he will change and says that he won’t change because you can’t change a guy lilke that.

Aidan asks Kendall to tell him more about her wild and crazy youth and asks what stopped her from going to the dark side. Kendall says that she grew up and risked a lot for Bianca. Kendall asks Aidan why he hooked up with Annie.

Scott tells Annie to pull herself together because they have work to do. Annie asks what Scott is talking about and Scott says that he figures that they are a foot or two below floor level. Annie asks what they are supposed to do. Scott says that Annie will hop on his shoulders and he will push her through. Scott tells Annie that her high heels have to go and that her costume does too because otherwise she will get caught on something.

Erica tells Adam to put the gun down. Adam tells all of them to leave and hits the alarm. Erica says that this isn’t necessary and Zach asks Adam not to be a coward. A guard comes in and Adam says that he caught Erica, Ryan and Zach breaking in. Ryan asks Adam not to do this and suggests that they can talk about it. Erica says that she can help Adam, but he says that he knows exactly what has to be done. Zach yells for Adam to come back.

Jake suggests that they live in the moment and Amanda says that she is worried. Amanda asks what will happen if she can’t get pregnant again.

Aidan says that he felt exposed when Greenlee dumped him for Ryan and Annie jumped in and took advantage of him. Aidan says that Annie is good at taking advantage of people. Kendall says that Annie got Ryan to fall for her too. Kendall asks if Aidan still hates Ryan for what happened with Greenlee and Aidan says that hate takes up too much energy, but he isn’t fond of Ryan. Kendall says that she is sorry that Aidan got hurt and knows that Greenlee was too. Aidan says that it is a shame that Greenlee had to go like she did. Kendall says that it seems unreal that Greenlee isn’t there. Aidan says that he couldn’t save Greenlee, and tried to save Annie, but maybe he should have went to the dog pound and saved a puppy instead.

Zach asks Jesse to tell the officers to take the cuffs off. Jesse says that he can’t until he knows what happened and asks what happened. The guard says that Adam claims that Ryan, Erica and Zach broke in. Erica tells Jesse that they didn’t break in and that they just came to talk to Adam. Zach says that Adam remembered what happened, but took off before they could get him to tell them who really killed Stuart. Ryan says that Adam took a gun with him when he left. Erica tells Jesse that there isn’t much time.

Amanda says that if she can’t have David’s baby, they can’t get back to their life together. Jake says that she needs to stay positive because he is going to be there through the whole thing and then when it is over, they will spend the rest of their lives together.

Liza says that taking care of Stuart is a full-time job. David says hi to Liza and she asks how he got in there. David says that he had every intention of knocking on the door, but then he saw the young woman running past him and she left the door wide open.

Bailey’s cell phone rings and Damon says that she came back. Damon and Bailey kiss while her phone keeps ringing.

Liza asks what David wants. David says that he was disappointed when she left the party and Liza says that she has babysitter problems. David says that he would like to continue enjoying Liza’s company.

Jesse asks Ryan about trapping Annie and Scott in the elevator at Fusion. Ryan says that he tripped the breaker. Jesse says that they got out because the elevator is empty. Ryan says that if Adam finds Annie before they do he will kill her or she will play him and then he won’t talk. Zach punches Jesse, when he stops him from leaving. Jesse says that Zach has just bought a ticket to jail.

Kendall says that there is still nothing from Zach and says that maybe that is a good sign. Aidan says that he isn’t doing a good job of distracting Kendall. Aidan shows Kendall a wedding album of the people who got married at the church. Kendall and Aidan discuss the pictures. Aidan starts criticizing Zach and Kendall starts laughing. Aidan asks if Kendall misses him. Kendall says that she misses Zach and her boys and wants to go home.

David asks if he is too much of a challenge for Liza. Liza says that narcissistic heart surgeons don’t do it for her. Liza asks why David keeps annoying her and asks if she has made it clear that she doesn’t want him there. David says that she has, but he doesn’t believe her. David asks Liza to take the challenge.

Zach tells Jesse that he has to get out of there because he has to finish this his way. Jesse says that he won’t let Zach out acting like a madman. Jesse says that Zach needs to thank him for making sure that nobody found his doctored recordings of Stuart’s voice. Jesse tells Zach to write some poetry.

Ryan asks where Adam is and Erica says that maybe he went to be with his brother.

Adam stands at Stuart’s grave. Adam explains that he wanted to kill himself and thought that Stuart was him. Adam says that he took the life of an angel and starts sobbing.

Damon says that he finally decided on the band make-up and as soon as they get enough pocket money, they leave. Bailey asks why Damon is there. Damon says that he wants to hang out and party with Bailey. Bailey says that things are different and that she had a baby, which changes everything.

David asks if he should assume that Liza is considering is proposition. Liza says that she is considering it, just like she is considering the fact that he is planning to have a baby with Amanda. David says that it will all be done clinically and Amanda is the one who can’t have sex right now, not him. Liza tells David to go to the room that you go to clinically have a baby and practice because that is all the sex he is going to get and asks him to leave. David unties Liza’s robe belt on his way out the door.

Jake tells Amanda that when he kisses her, the world stops and that it makes him happy to be alive.

Zach sends a message to Kendall while he sits in his jail cell.

Aidan gets Zach’s message and doesn’t pass it on to Kendall, but instead snuggles closer to her as she sleeps on his shoulder.

Erica says that Adam has to be there.

Adam picks up his gun and says that he will finally get what he deserves because he has nothing to live for. Annie comes up and says that he has her.

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