AMC Update Friday 10/30/09

All My Children Update Friday 10/30/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

David, Amanda and Stuart are in the park together as a family. She signed the contract agreeing to give David another baby and promising not to have sex with Jake. Amanda and Jake would get joint custody of both children once the baby is born. David wanted to know when will she set up the artificial insemination appointment and she told him that she has set up a consultation with the fertility doctor.

Jake is at Confusion. He calls Liza to meet him, because he needs her help with David. He thanks Liza for her help; Liza tells Bailey she is going out.

Ryan is in costume dressed as Count Dracula and Erica Cane is dressed as Queen Elizabeth. They talk about their plans to get Adam to remember. Erica thanks Ryan for working with Zach to get Adam to remember who shot Stuart. They are trying to get Adam to remember what happened but still believe that Annie is the killer.

Adam looks at a painting by his brother that causes him to remember Stuart. Annie wants to take Adam to a costume party at Confusion. She overheard Scott encouraging Adam to talk about Stuart’s death. She tells Scott to back off, because she does not want Adam to remember that night because he is Stuart’s killer. Scott tells her that Adam is starting to remember and she cannot stop it. Adam overhears Annie and Scott’s conversation and asks what are they talking about. They tell him that they want to take down Stuart’s painting because it reminds Adam of Stuart. He empathically tells them that they cannot remove the picture.

Zach is in the mansion tunnels listening in and taping Annie and Scott’s conversation. Annie and Scott’s conversation indicates that they know who killed Stuart.

Bailey orders pizza. Damon, Stuart’s father, shows up and makes a pass at Bailey. He freaks out when he hears a baby cry thinking it might be his baby. Bailey lies and tells Damon that the baby is Liza’s.

Jake asks Liza to be David’s date. Amanda wants to start on her deal so that she can get back to Jake. David is unhappy. David is unhappy about her attitude. He wants her to be serious about the baby. Amanda leaves him to meet Jake.

Jake is dressed as a mummy and Liza comes to the party looking like a cross between Esmeralda or Mae West. Petey is dressed at a Fantastic Four super hero and Colby is dressed as a monster. Tad is Gomez Adams and Krystal is Morticia Adam and together they are the parents of the Adam’s Family. Jesse and Angie are ghosts of Christmas past. Brot is dressed as a clown at a monster mash party, which makes him the butt of jokes. Adam and Annie arrive at the party dressed as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein, respectively. Scott comes with them dressed as Wolverine.

Natalia comes to the party in her uniform. It is obviously that she is angry with Jesse. Angie warns him to watch out. Natalia tells Jesse that she wants to handle her cases alone without interferences. Jesse wants to protect her, because she shot someone her first night out, but she refuses his protection. He tells her if she wants to be treated like everyone else then he will suspend her for disobeying an order.

Tad tells Krystal about David’s contract with Amanda and she is livid. Jake wants Liza to occupy David so that he can spend time with Amanda at the Confusion party. Liza walks up to David and slaps him. Krystal cannot believe that David would trick Amanda into having baby with him and she is mad as heck. David ignores Krystal. Krystal analyze why she is so mad, and Tad reminds her that maybe it is because she cannot have another baby.

Annie leaves the room and Ryan and Erica tells Adam that he looks green. They send him to Erica’s office to relax. Adam takes his heart pill, which causes him to remember the night of Stuart’s death. Zach wrote, “Help me Adam”, on the mirror in Erica’s office. Adam starts to remember. Erica finds Adam in her office and she offers to take him home.

Scott and Annie look for Adam and get on the elevator. The elevator suddenly stops. Annie starts to panic in the elevator after feeling caged. She panics about having an asthma attack and Scott warns her to calm down. In order to relieve her anxiety, Annie kisses Scott.

Angie feels that Jesse is keeping secrets from her and she urges him to come clean about everything.

Zach has rigged the mansion. The lights will go off and thunder and lighting will start with the flick of the computer keyboard. He has also taped Stuart’s voice saying words that will pull at Adam’s heartstrings. Stuart voice says, “Adam you must remember what happened that night. It is the only way you can help me”.

Bailey and Damon arrive at the party after leaving Stuart home with a babysitter. Colby is surprised to see Bailey at the party wearing her second choice costume.

Adam remembers killing Stuart. He falls down to his knees and cries out loud. Ryan, Erica and Zach come into the room to listen in.

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