AMC Update Thursday 10/29/09

All My Children Update Thursday 10/29/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Emma, Lil A and other children are playing hiding-go-seek, when Adam walks up to Emma in the park and says, “Hi”. Emma is tentative at first, but Lil A runs up to his grandpa and hugs him. The children are enjoying a Halloween party in the park and are dressed in their costumes. Emma is dressed as a ladybug. Emma watches Lil A and Adam interact, and her face softens as she listens to their conversation. Adam and Lil A talk about their family and he tells Lil A that he loves Stuart. Adam continues to bond with his grandson as Emma looks on. Annie is in the park asking someone to help her find her daughter, but Ryan and Erica overhears her and asks why is she there. Ryan sees Adam with Emma and wants to know what he is saying to Emma. Annie gets a moment alone with Emma who tells her that Adam is sorry and she doesn’t think he meant to hurt his brother.

Zach is at the Chandler’s mansion with Erica and Ryan; he tells Adam that Annie canceled the wedding. Annie says the wedding is on, but now it will not be held at the casino, but at the Chandler mansion. Emma tells Ryan what Adam said and that he was crying. Annie tells Adam that he changed Emma’s mind and her fears are put away. Annie promises Adam that they will be a family soon.

Liza sees David at Confusion and she talks about the agreement papers he has signed with Amanda for a second child. David does want to talk about the agreement but Liza points to Jake and Amanda sitting at a table. Liza passes out the agreement and points out areas of concern for Amanda. David does not want Jake and Amanda to have sex after the agreement is signed nor while she is carrying the baby. Jake explains that once the baby is conceived Amanda could not get pregnant with his baby. David tells Jake that he is concerned with STD. Jake is now angry. Jake asks David to join him in the parking lot, but Liza tells them there will be no violence.

Amanda also notices that the agreement states that she must live at Wildwind until the baby is born. Amanda let it be known that she is doing the agreement to get back with her husband, Jake. David is all about protecting his interests. Amanda sees the agreement as blackmail and rejects the contract. She walks away and then speaks privately with Jake. David is not worried and thinks that Amanda will sign the contract. Jake asks Amanda to think about the agreement as a business deal. In nine months they will be through with David and get their family back. He can wait for nine months, but he wants to know if she can. He tells her the decision is hers, because it’s her body.

Liza is bothered by the contract and David’s sleazy attitude. She reminds him that he has no friends. He wants to solve her personal situation with Bailey, but she rejects his offer. Amanda comes over and asks for a new contract to sign. She leaves after kissing Jake in front of David. David is upset and wants to know where she is going. She tells him none of his business. David tells Liza that he wants a child to love him; Lisa is turned off by him, so she leaves.

Jake and Amanda make love.

Scott needs to talk to Annie. Annie tells Scott that Emma did not tell Adam that he killed Stuart. Annie thinks that Emma is relieved. Scott knows that Adam is remembering. He wants to tell Adam the truth. Annie begs him to stay strong as she hugs him. Scott is concerned that the truth would kill Adam. Scott thinks the lie is probably killing Adam.

Ryan and Erica meet at Confusion; their plan for Adam is set up. Ryan and Erica have set up their end, then Zach calls to confirm that he has set up his end.

Adam sees a sign over a family picture of Stuart saying, “Help me Adam”. He runs off to get Scott and Annie, but when they return, the sign is not there, but the picture is.

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