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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/27/09


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Kendall and Zach talk in an online chat room.

Trent says that he is glad JR could make it to the cancer support group meeting, even if his hair couldnít.  Trent introduces JR to everyone and JR introduces his wife, Marissa.

Amanda says that she wishes they could wake up like this every day, except for being in a bed.  Jake asks if Amanda wants to go again.  Amanda says that the only way they could wake up like this and be together is if she gives David what he wants and asks what she is going to do.

Liza asks David what the proposition is and David says that it is a legal matter.  Liza tells David that there are plenty of lawyers that he can talk to that he hasnít held a gun to their heads.  David says that Liza is the only one he knows how far he can trust.  David says that he needs Lizaís experience professionally and personally on this.  David says that it is a custody issue.  Liza says that David already has full custody of Trevor.  David says that it is about to change because he is about to be a father again.

Trent makes a toast and JR tells them about Marissa.  Dr. Kahn comes out and says that they have to get started on their session.  Dr. Kahn explains the group sessions to JR and he says that he is glad to be there.  JR admits that he is scared and a woman from the group says that she is too.

Amanda asks Jake how she is supposed to decide.  Amanda says that she wants them to have a normal life, but she knows that nothing is what it seems with David.  Amanda asks Jake if he has anything to contribute and says that she wants to know what he thinks.  Jake says that he thinks she wants him to make the decision for her.

David says that he canít wait to give Trevor a little brother or sister.  Liza says that she canít believe that David asked Amanda that.  David says that the baby will be conceived through artificial insemination and that Jake will get his wife back, if Amanda accepts his offer.  Liza says that it is generous of David to allow a husband and wife to live together.  David says that Jake and Amanda brought the situation upon themselves by keeping Trevor away from him.  David says that he is trying to offer a solution that will please everyone.  Liza asks what her part in all of this is.  David says that he needs a contract drawn up before they can proceed.  Liza asks what happened to Davidís other lawyer and David says that Amanda trusts Liza.  Liza says that David wants her to convince Amanda that playing a baby factory for her freedom is a good idea.  David says that they both know that Amanda could use a voice of reason to help her see how beneficial this is for everyone.  David says that it will be very beneficial for Liza and Stuartís college fund.  Liza asks if all she has to do is counsel Amanda and draw up a contract.  Liza agrees under one condition and David asks what the condition is.  Liza says that she wants David to tell her everything because there is always an endgame and David only plays to win.

Natalia asks how Brot can run in 120-degree weather in Iraq, but canít get through Pine Valley without collapsing.  Brot says that he got a cramp and Natalia says that it was from lack of hydration.  They start talking about maps.  Brot asks Natalia if she is planning to move or a trip and he says no.  Natalia says that she is trying to track Kendall and Aidan.

Kendall and Zach communicate through the chat room and through poetry.  Zach says that he has to go because someone is there.

Jake says that he knows the decision is tempting because it promises for them to be together.  Amanda asks if she should do it.  Jake says that the problem is that David is unbalanced.  Jake says that he is there to fight for her and with her, but the decision has to be hers.

Liza says that she wonít work with David until he tells her what he is planning.  David says that he isnít planning anything and that he just wants another child.  Liza says that she wonít help David pull Jake and Amanda apart any more than he already has.  David reminds Liza that he warned her about Bailey.  Liza says that she isnít going to discuss her son or his biological mother with him and she wonít be on his payroll while he screws over Amanda again.  David asks what it will take for Liza to believe that all he wants to do is honor the bargain.  Marissa walks up and asks what the bargain is.

Jesse asks if Zach knows where Kendall might be.  Zach says that he doesnít.  Jesse asks, off the record, if Zach was able to make contact with her on the website and Zach says that they were up all night.  Jesse says that Zach looks like the living dead.

Kendall says that she feels so hopeful and didnít want to sign off.  Aidan tells Kendall that they have to think about conserving the battery.  Kendall tells Aidan about the things that Zach said.

Zach says that he needs more than this and wants to see Kendall.  Jesse says that he knows how Zach feels because he kept a picture of his wife with him while he was away all those years because it helped to keep him hopeful.

Kendall says that she wishes she was locked in the secret room at home with Zach and the boys.

Zach says that he would give anything to go up to the secret room and see Kendall waiting to see the kids, instead of being in some abandoned building or something.  Jesse asks if Zach knows where she is.

Trent tells the group about pushing his life away.

Marissa confronts David about negotiating another baby with Amanda.  Liza says that she isnít playing lawyer on this and that David needs to find someone else.  Marissa asks David why he is doing this and he says that he wants a family.  Marissa says that he has a family.  David tells Marissa that he loves his children, unlike the Chandlers who consider their children property.  Marissa tells David to shut up and slams the door.

Amanda tells Trevor that they are going to the petting zoo with Jake.  Jake says that he thinks he will pass on the goats because he is thinking that Amanda and Trevor need some alone time.  Jake says that some alone time with Trevor might help her make her decision.

Zach says that he doesnít know where exactly.  Jesse says that the more Zach can tell him, the better chance he has of stopping a search of a particular area.  Zach says that he thinks it is a deserted church in some farm country.

Kendall says that she might have hinted that they were in a church.  Aidan says that she has to be careful because the chat rooms arenít as private as she thinks.  Kendall says that all she did was ask what could be safer than a house of God.

Zach says that all he cares about is that Kendall is safe.  Zach asks if Jesse knows where she is and Jesse says that he had a hunch.

Brot asks if Natalia is working the Slater case while on desk duty.  Natalia says that she is keeping her ears open.  Brot asks if Natalia thinks she knows where Kendall and Aidan went.  Natalia shows Brot the map and points out the open country.  Brot asks if Natalia is an expert and she says that she lived it.  Brot asks Natalia what Jesse said when she brought it up to him and she says that he said he knew what he was doing.  Brot says that Natalia might want to trust Jesse on this.  Natalia says that maybe she should go for a drive because maybe she would catch a couple criminals.

Jesse tells Zach where the abandoned church is and says that if they stay there too long, they will be found.

Liza asks Jake to tell her that he talked Amanda out of having another baby for David.  Jake says that it is up to Amanda.  Liza asks how Amanda can even consider this and tells Jake to say no.  Jake says that it isnít easy for Amanda to say no to this.  Liza tells Jake to put the brakes on this because David is going to take Amandaís child and she will be left for nothing.  Liza tells Jake to stop Amanda and Jake says that he tried, but realized that acting like an ass isnít going to help Amandaís decision making.  Jake asks Liza if there are any problems with Stuart and Bailey.  Liza says that having Bailey come live with her wasnít a good idea.  Liza tells Jake not to trust Davidís agenda.  Jake asks Liza if there is a way to make the contract iron-clad, so that Amanda wonít be take advantage of.  Jake says that he needs to protect his wife with everything he has.

Tad asks how the most adorable mother-son duo in Pine Valley is doing and Amanda starts crying.  Amanda says that she has to make the biggest decision and it doesnít matter what she chooses because she could be making the biggest mistake of her life.

Kendall reads some of what Zach sent to her.  Kendall says that she feels so close to Zach after the night before when they talked all night.  Aidan says that he is going to get some food.  Kendall asks about his arm and he says that it is fine.  Aidan says that Kendall should lie down and rest while she can.

Jesse tells an officer to move the search south.  Jesse says that it might be a good idea for Zach to get some sleep, but Zach says that he doesnít have time because he has to keep going after Adam to prove that Annie shot Stuart.  Jesse tells Zach to get some sleep and leaves.

Amanda says that it has to be between her and David.  Tad says that he is going to take his cue from Jake on this one because it seems impressive and mature.  Amanda says that at first she was angry at Jake for not helping, but she understands it now.  Amanda asks Tad how she is supposed to choose.  Tad says that Amanda will figure it out and Jake will be right there with her no matter what because he loves her.  Amanda says that she loves Jake too.  Tad says that David will try to destroy her and Jakeís love because he knows he will never have anything like it.

Marissa tells JR about David wanting another child.  Marissa asks JR about group. 

Zach dreams about rescuing Kendall.  Jesse shows up at Zachís and says that Aidanís car may have been spotted by Natalia because she followed a hunch and took a drive.  Zach says that he has to warn Kendall.

Marissa stands at the window crying and sighs.

Tad tells Jake that he ran into Amanda at the park.  Jake says that he hopes Amanda will do what she has to do for their family.

Amanda says that she has made her decision.  David says that he didnít expect her back so soon or to have a lawyer with her.  Liza says that Amanda called her and she agreed to meet her there.  David asks what Amanda has decided.  Amanda says that she has decided to have another child with David because she wants to be with Jake forever.  David tells Trevor that they are going to make him a little brother or sister.

Zach says that Kendall isnít responding and tells Jesse to call off Natalia.  Jesse says that he already ordered her back to Pine Valley.  Jesse says that Natalia is going to hunt this down to the end.

Aidan tells Kendall to go back to sleep because it is just him.  A car approaches and tires screech.

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