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All My Children Update Monday 10/26/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

David says that he would love for Trevor to have a little brother or sister.  David tells Amanda that he wants another child with her.  Amanda says that David is out of his mind if he thinks she would trade sex for joint custody.

Aidan tells Kendall that many agents use message boards to get in touch with their contacts.  Aidan says that Kendall needs to choose a site that Zach will go to that wonít arise suspicion from the authorities and make contact, then switch to a private chat room.  Kendall says that Zach loves poetry, so she could tell him how she really feels.

Adam says that he hasnít felt like this since that night.  Zach asks how Adam walks into the room like Stuart wasnít shot there.  Zach says that he needs Adam to tell him what he saw that night.  Scott comes in and tells Zach to get his hands off Adam.

Erica asks Ryan what Zach is doing to get Adam to remember.  Ryan asks how Erica got through growing up with a single parent undamaged. 

Emma tells Annie that if she marries Adam, she will tell everyone that he killed Stuart.  Annie says that Emma canít tell anyone that because if she does, they might never see each other again.  Emma says that she doesnít want to live in the scary house, and she doesnít want Annie to either.  Annie asks Emma to keep her promise.  Emma says that she doesnít want Adam to kill Annie too.

David says that he was leaning more towards artificial insemination.  David says that he would love for Trevor to have a little brother or sister because he never had it.  Amanda brings up Leo.  David says that he and Leo didnít even know each other until they were grown up.  Amanda says that Trevor has a sister, but David says that Marissa is 20 years older than Trevor.  David says that he doesnít think Marissa really wants to be part of the family.  David says that if Amanda agrees to have another child with her, he will give her joint custody of Trevor and the new child and she can go back to her husband.

Emma says that Adam shot Stuart and Stuart died, but Annie says that it was an accident.  Emma says that she doesnít want Annie to live there or marry Adam.  Annie reminds Emma that Adam was confused that night and that is why they helped him.  Emma says that Adam is a bad man, but Annie says that someone was drugging him and he is a good man.  Annie says that Adam would never hurt anybody, especially her.  Annie says that if Emma moves in with her and Adam, they can decorate her room.  Emma says that daddy wants her to tell the truth.

Erica says that many people survive their parentsí messy divorces.  Erica says that it wasnít easy, but she had a mother who loved her.  Ryan says that he never wanted Emma to grow up without her mother.  Erica says that Ryan gave Annie every possible chance and she just took advantage of him. 

Annie says that Ryan and his friends donít want what is best for Emma.  Annie says that Adam would buy Emma a pony, but Emma says that she doesnít believe her.

Erica gets a call from the designer that she sent Annie to.  Erica tells Ryan that Annie never showed up.  Ryan goes up to see Emma and finds Annie there.  Annie says that she wanted Emma to know first that she isnít marrying Adam.

Adam says that he will be upstairs.  Scott asks what Zach did to Adam and Zach says that he didnít do anything.  Scott asks if Zach put something in Adamís drink.  Zach says that the drink is fine, but he likes his scotch a little older.  Scott asks Zach what he is doing there.  Zach says that Adam told Erica that he wants to help Kendall stay out of prison by staying on the run.  Scott reminds Zach that Kendall confessed.  Zach says that he is concerned about Adam because sooner or later, Annie will put a knife in his back.

David tells Amanda to talk it over with Jake.  Amanda asks David if she has another baby if she will get joint custody and get to live with her husband.  David agrees and tells her to think about it.  David says that he has to get back to the hospital.  Amanda asks David if the offer is legitimate and he says that it is and that there is no timetable. 

Jake asks Amanda what David had to say for himself.  Amanda asks what Jake is doing there.  Jake asks why Amandaís heart is racing.  Amanda says that David wants another baby so that Trevor will have a little brother or sister.  Jake flips out and Amanda tells him that the baby would be conceived artificially.  Amanda tells Jake that if she has another baby, she gets joint custody of both kids and that she will get to move out.  Jake says that there is no way in hell that he will help David have another child with his wife.

Ryan asks Annie what games she is playing with Emma now.  Annie tells Ryan to leave her alone.  Erica says that Annie is supposed to be working with the dress designer.  Annie says that she isnít marrying Adam.  Erica asks what happened and Annie says that they wouldnít understand.  Annie leaves.  Ryan says that they just have to see how Zach is doing.

Kendall recites Zachís favorite poem and Aidan finishes it. 

Zach tells Scott to go ahead and shoot him.  Scott suggests that he should call the police and have Zach arrested for harassment.  Zach says that Jesse would love to come interrogate Adam again because then maybe they will find out what really happened that night.  Scott says that everyone who was there that night looking for Adam, is responsible for Stuartís death.  Zach says that sometimes their emotions get away from them.  Zach says that he understands Scott wanting to protect his family, because that is what Zach wants to do too, but doesnít understand why Scott would want to protect the person who killed Stuart.

Jake asks if their plan to have children is off the table now.  Amanda tries to explain, but Jake cuts her off and asks if she wants him to get in line behind David to have a child with her.  Amanda says that if they do this, they can be together.  Jake asks if Amanda has thought about the implications of having another child with David.  Amanda says that if it means they could be together, with joint custody and without the prison sentences hanging over their heads, then maybe it is worth it.  Amanda says that she doesnít think it would be so bad to give Trevor a little brother or sister.  Jake realizes that Amanda is really considering this.  Amanda says that she didnít say she would do it, but Jake says that she didnít say she wouldnít.  Amanda asks Jake not to leave her.  Jake says that Amanda isnít the only one that has some thinking to do or have a decision to make.

Ryan says that Emma seems fine, but wonít tell him anything else about Annieís visit.  Erica says that Annie wouldnít pull her claws out of Adam unless she had a really good reason.  Ryan suggests that maybe Emma is ready to tell the world that her mother is a killer and it put a wrench in the wedding plans.  Erica says that Emma has been upset about Annieís plans to marry Adam.  Ryan asks if Erica thinks that Emma and Annie made a deal.  Erica says that maybe Emma said she wouldnít bust Annie for murder if Annie called off the wedding.  Ryan says that Annie is being blackmailed by her own child.  Erica says that Adam is Annieís answer to everything she wants, so she didnít put the brakes on just because Emma was upset.  Ryan says that now Emma will never come forward and will continue to pretend that she doesnít remember anything in order to prevent Annie from marrying Adam.  Erica says that she wonít be able to if everything goes as planned on Zachís end.  Ryan agrees and says that then they wonít need Emma to expose Annie because Adam will do it for them.

Annie asks where Adam is.  Zach says that he is resting from the memories of that night.  Annie asks why Zach is there and why he is always causing trouble.  Zach says that the memories have a life of their own and they haunt everyone in the house.  Scott says that it is time for Zach to leave.  Zach says that grief clouds your judgment and makes you do things that donít make sense, like protecting the person who killed your father.  Scott tells Zach to shut up and Zach says that lust does the same thing.  Annie asks why Zach canít leave them alone and tells him to get out and if he comes back she will kill him.  Zach asks Scott why he is protecting the person who shot Stuart in the back.  Annie cocks the gun and Scott tells her to put it down.  A man comes in and asks what happened.  Annie says that the gun went off accidentally and has a sticky trigger.  Adam comes downstairs when he hears the shots and asks what happened.  Zach says that Annie fired the gun, but Annie says that it was an accident and nobody was hurt.  Zach says that it was lucky for him because Annie doesnít usually miss.

Kendall asks Aidan if he is okay.  Aidan says that the poem brought back memories of things he hasnít thought about in a long time.  Aidan says that Kendall and Zach are really lucky because they love each other so much.  Aidan says that all he wanted was someone to love him back and Kendall says that he will find someone.

Annie asks if Adam is all right and what happened.  Scott gives Adam something to drink.  Adam says that he had a little dizzy spell and that he should have had more lunch.  Adam says that he was concerned about Annie because Zach was upsetting her.  Annie says that she should be used to it by now.  Adam says that after they are married, Zach will never lay eyes on her again because Adam will protect her with everything that he has.  Annie says that she is taking Adam to the hospital, but he says that it is just the gunshots and the memories.  Annie suggests that Adam should go upstairs and get some rest and that she will be in to check on him.  Adam goes upstairs.

Scott asks Annie if she is out of her mind shooting a gun in the middle of a room.  Annie asks if he wanted her to just stand there while he spilled the truth about Adam to Zach.  Scott says that he wouldnít have told Zach, but Annie says that Scott was mush when she came in.  Annie says that everything is ruined and the wedding is off.  Annie says that she canít marry Adam.

Zach tells Erica and Ryan that Annie shot around him because she panicked.  Ryan says that they must be getting close.  Ryan asks if the pills are working on Adam.  Zach says that Adam was about to say something, but Scott walked in.  Zach says that next time he will get Adam alone and will get the truth.  Zachís phone rings and Jesse tells him to get home soon.

Scott asks Annie if she is not marrying Adam because Emma is afraid of him.  Annie says that Emma is her daughter and comes first.  Annie says that Emma told her if she married Adam, she would tell everyone that he killed Stuart.  Scott realizes that Emma is blackmailing Annie.  Annie says that Emma has always had the hope that her parents would get back together, so it makes Adam the enemy.  Scott asks if Annie is going to throw herself at Ryan and get him to marry her to keep Emma quiet.  Annie says that she just needs to buy some time so that she can talk to Emma again and help her understand that marrying Adam is the best thing for everyone.  Annie says that she will never get custody of Emma without Adam.  Scott says that Annie has bigger problems because Adam is starting to remember what happened.  Annie asks if Zach is drugging Adam.  Scott says that when he called Zach on it, he downed Adamís scotch to prove him wrong.  Annie says that Adam canít get his memory back and asks what they are going to do.  Scott says that there isnít much they can do about it because it is starting to bubble back to the surface.

Amanda tells Trevor about her dilemma.  Amanda says that if she gives Jake what he wants, she has to give David what he wants and then she might lose Jake.  Amanda says that she canít lose Trevor or Jake.

Jake asks David what kind of sick person he is.  David realizes that Jake has talked to Amanda and asks if Jake is on board with him and Amanda having another child.  David says that maybe Jake can babysit Trevor when he and Amanda go for Lamaze classes.  Jake says that Amanda didnít agree to anything, but David says that Amanda didnít say no either.  Jake asks if David thinks he is just going to sit on the sidelines while David forces Amanda to have another child with him.  Jake says that whatever Amanda decides and whatever crap David tries to pull, wonít destroy their relationship because he loves Amanda and isnít going anywhere.

Aidan sets up Kendallís account on the poetry website.  Aidan says that now Kendall just needs to post a message about the poem and wait for Zach to respond.  Kendall asks how Zach will know to check the message board and Aidan says that it is already taken care of.

Zach asks Jesse what is going on.  Jesse says that he got an email from Aidan about a web site called villa diodati poet society.  Zach says that it isnít from Aidan, itís from Kendall.

David calls Liza and says that he has a proposition to discuss with her.

Jake says that they have a crazy marriage and Amanda says that it isnít exactly what they planned.  Jake says that they have to make it work.  Jake asks Trevor to tell Amanda that he loves her, even if things are crazy and they do things upside down.  Amanda says that she wants them to make the decision together.  Jake says that it is Amandaís decision because it is her body.  Jake says that whatever Amanda decides, he will support.

Annie says that she would give anything to be Adamís wife, but she canít because it is her turn to protect him now.

Erica asks how Emma is doing.  Ryan says that Emma is playing with Spike like nothing happened.  Ryan says that the one thing that Emma wants more than anything is for him and Annie to get back together and he thinks that she will use the secret to try to make it happen.  Erica asks if Ryan thinks that Emma would really do that.  Ryan says that if Emma is blackmailing Annie not to marry Adam, it could be possible.

Zach reads Kendallís message about the poem.  Kendall tells Aidan that she got a response from Zach!

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