AMC Update Friday 10/23/09

All My Children Update Friday 10/23/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan wakes up and sees Kendall. He slept on the church bench for twenty- four hours. Kendall tells him that he had a fever, but it has broken. Aidan tries to stand up, but he is weak. Kendall feeds him some chicken noodle soup. Aidan thanks Kendall for taking care of him while he was ill and she thanks him for keeping Zach and she out of jail by helping her escape the police and the hospital.

Annie blames Ryan for Emma ignoring her. She tells Adam that Ryan encouraged her to talk about the wedding and Emma overheard her. Annie is afraid that Emma will spill the beans on who shot Stuart. Adam believes that Emma shot Stuart and he promises Annie that no one will know. Adam tells Annie that once his lawyer, Barry cleans up a few things he will seek custody of Emma for her; it will be Barry’s first priority.

Ryan joins Erica at the Yacht club where he told her to meet him. She wants to know if he called to apologize to her, but he tells her he has more important things at hand. Ryan tells Erica that he needs to get Adam alone so he wants her to occupy Annie with a ruse. They notice Annie and Ryan entering the Yacht Club so Erica pretends to talk, on the phone, to a designer who is interested in making Annie’s wedding dress. Annie and Adam do not believe Erica’s setup, but pretends to go along. Erica plans for Annie to meet the designer. Erica and Ryan apologize to each other for their argument.

Zach and Ryan meet with Erica at the penthouse and he tells her their plan and why they needs her help. They decide that if Annie does not buy their designer story then they will use Emma as bait. Ryan is against it. Annie calls and offer to talk to the designer if Erica is her maid of honor.

Zach ask Jake about the drug that David used on Adam, but Jake does not know the contents; he suggests that Zach ask David about the drug. Zach tries to get David to talk about the drug, but David reminds him that Nurse Gayle drugged Adam and was convicted. Zach tells David that if he drugs Adam again then he will be pay back the Chandlers, because Adam’s killer will be revealed. Zach wants to recreate Adam’s condition the night Stuart was shot in order to force him to remember.

David asks Amanda to meet him at the Yacht Club for lunch because he wants to talk to her about a proposal. Amanda brings baby Trevor to the hospital for an appointment and Jake sneaks into the room and begin kissing her. He ask Amanda to have lunch with him but she tells him she cannot have lunch, because David has a proposition for her and she wants to know what it is. Jake cannot believe that she wants to meet David instead of have lunch with him so he becomes angry. Amanda thinks that she is getting David’s sympathy and does not want to anger him. Jake feels that Amanda is blowing him off for David’s sake.

Adam has an appointment with Jake so he leaves Annie at the Yacht Club; David exchange Adam’s prescription and watches him take his pill, then he calls Zach to let him know Adam is heading home.

Kendall attempts to write Zach, but Aidan yanks the note out of her hand and reminds her that the police are probably watching Zach. She tells him that she will be careful no to mention where they are, but he warns her that the letter will have a postage stamp. Kendall does not want Zach to believe that she betrayed him by leaving with Aidan. Aidan disappears without telling Kendall where he is going. She looks for him to no avail. Aidan returns with a laptop and tells her that he stole it out of a police cruiser for Kendall to communicate to Zach. She is happy because now they can hear police reports. She asks about the danger of sending emails, and he tells her that she will not be using the laptop to email Zach, but to communicate with him.

Zach visit with Adam at the mansion; Adam is disoriented. Zach continues to talk about Stuart’s murder but he thinks Annie killed Stuart. Adam starts to remember. Zach pushes him to remember, but it is a slow process.

David offers Amanda joint custody of Stuart in exchange for her having another baby with him.

Annie sneaks into Emma’s room. Emma tells Annie that she will not go back to the big house, because Adam killed his brother. Emma tells Annie if she marries Adam, then she will tell everybody that Adam killed Stuart.

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